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Chapter 825: Ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon

    Chapter 825: Ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon

    Yi Yun ignored the gazes of others as he slowly open the stone box.

    When the stone box opened, a chilling aura immediately emanated. The aura was like a water wave that instantly filled the entire area.

    While everyone was immersed in this aura, they could not help but quiver. They sensed a baffling sense of pressure and found it difficult to stand properly.

    What sort of aura was this?

    People were alarmed, and the reason why they couldn't stand properly was not because of the powerful aura, but mostly the pressure they felt from it.

    "What was that?"

    "That aura from just now is very odd!"

    As the aura rushed past them, they felt their bodies turn cold.

    What was stored in this stone box?

    Yi Yun opened the stone box completely as his eyes also flickered with a look of anticipation.

    He was indeed too young to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials. And it was because of this reason that he needed to grasp every opportunity he had to raise his strength, allowing him to have greater confidence in the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials.

    Yi Yun wanted to look for Lin Xintong, and if he could increase his strength by leaps and bounds through the Luo Divine Hall trials, it would be much simpler for him to traverse the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven in the future.

    The moment the stone box was opened, it appeared as though what lay inside the box did not seem particularly special compared to the cold and rugged aura.

    It was a white bone that was crystalline like jade, exuding a faint shimmer.

    The Luo clan disciples did not react when they saw this white bone, but Cang Mang, who was hovering mid air in a seating position, stood up. Even the large snake coiled around him raised its head.

    "This isan Ancient Fey bone!"

    Cang Mang could not even maintain his calm as he looked at the Fey bone.

    "Ancient Fey bone!?"

    Cang Mang's voice was heard by all the cultivators.

    A tiny phantom swirled in the white-as-jade bone, as though it contained a spirit.

    These cultivators were all members of the Fey race, so how could they not have heard of Ancient Fey bones?

    However, if it came to seeing one, this was the first time Ran Yu saw one, much less those disciples from smaller family clans.

    "Ancient Fey boneHow can it be!?"

    Ran Yu's face went pale when Cang Mang exclaimed that Yi Yun had obtained an Ancient Fey bone. As he looked at the bone, he clenched his fists tightly causing them to tremble gently.

    "It's actually an Ancient Fey bone! The Ancient Fey Edifice's twelve ancient divine columns actually prepared an Ancient Fey bone for a human!"

    The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had three major categories of Fey race — Heaven Fey, Earth Fey and Ancient Fey.

    Ran Yu was Heaven Fey, and he was considered to have outstanding talent. He was the favored child of the Heavens, but the reason why Heaven Fey were strong was because of their ancestors. They were split off from Ancient Fey, inheriting the Ancient Fey's bloodline.

    What was Ancient Fey? Other than the twelve Fey Gods— the dragons and phoenix in the skies, and the Kun Peng in the sea — from Chaos, the Golden Crow, Qilin, Musical Dragon, Baxia, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger were all Ancient Fey!

    These Ancient Fey were powerful and mighty aswere the primordial divine beasts of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven.

    Of course, there were differences amongst Ancient Fey. A pure-blooded True Dragon was thousands of times more powerful than a Flood Dragon with mixed bloodlines.

    But even a Flood Dragon's bone was invaluable because the bones contained bone runes and blood marrow!

    After Ancient Fey died, their flesh and blood would return to the world, leaving only their bones behind. The runes within the bones carved the laws the Ancient Fey practiced when they were alive.

    As for blood marrow, that was where the mighty power of the Ancient Fey's bloodline was.

    The blood marrow could be transplanted directly to the bodies of warriors, changing their physique greatly. This would strengthen a warrior's body, allowing the warrior to gain a tremendous leap in power!

    And it was this reason that the Desolate Heaven Masters of the Luo clan would find it a waste refining the Ancient Fey bones into relics, instead they would use mystic techniques to directly absorb the Ancient Fey bone.

    Why did Heaven Fey have a superiority complex from birth? It was because of their powerful bodies when they inherited the bloodline of Ancient Fey at birth.

    For example, the Xushui Ran clan, their ancestors had inherited the bloodline of the "Ranyi Fish".

    The "Ranyi Fish" was a kind of Ancient Fey. The "Ten Thousand Fey Classic of Mountains and Seas" recounts: The Ranyi Fish has the body of a fish and a head of a snake. It has six legs, and eyes that of a horse. Obtaining a scale of the Ranyi Fish allows warriors to distance themselves from dream terrors and remove mental demons.

    The Xushui Ran clan may have inherited the Ranyi Fish's bloodline, but its concentration was not necessarily high. A genius within the clan was able to awaken the ancient bloodline to obtain a scale, but for Ran Yu, he was far from awakening the ancient Ranyi Fish bloodline.

    If Ran Yu received a bone of the Ranyi Fish and absorbed it, the concentration of his bloodline would improve to a whole new level, making it more possible for him to awaken his ancient bloodline.

    However, Ancient Fey bones were too valuable. Although the Xushui Ran family clan had remnant bones of the ancient Ranyi Fish, they were all an accumulation and bedrock of the family clan, so it was impossible for them to give it to Ran Yu for his use.

    Ran Yu had eyed the bones of the Ranyi Fish in his family clan for a very long time, but he had never been able to obtain it. But now, Yi Yun had already obtained an Ancient Fey bone!

    How could this not make him envious!?

    Humans had good perception in laws, but their physical strength was bad. However, if it was reconstituted using the blood marrow in the Ancient Fey bones

    It would not be impossible for him to cultivate the "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis"!

    Previously, Ran Yu and Lie Ya had mocked Yi Yun for his weak body, and how the twelve divine columns had given Yi Yun a body-tempering cultivation technique that he could not use. However, before they could even laugh for long, the ancient divine columns had prepared an Ancient Fey bone for Yi Yun, making them nearly vomit blood.

    Yi Yun's weak body could be made up with the Ancient Fey bone!

    "Why is the Ancient Fey Edifice favoring this kid so much? To give an Ancient Fey bone to a human with such a weak body is a waste of a heavenly treasure. If it's given to me, I might be able to awaken the ancient Ranyi Fish bloodline!"

    Seeing the stone box in Yi Yun's hands, Ran Yu's entrails churned.

    The reason why he had restored his calm and regained his superiority over Yi Yun was all because of his body being much stronger than Yi Yun, a hallmark of the Fey race. But now, Yi Yun's body condition was also chasing up to him.

    The more Ran Yu thought, the more envious he became. Unknowingly, a killing intent effused from his body.

    And at this moment, a cold gaze was projected onto Ran Yu, giving him a rude awakening. Turning his head, he saw the large python beside Cang Mang staring coldly at him.

    If Ran Yu could not resist the temptation and ended up doing something rash, he would immediately be attacked by the large python.

    Ran Yu took a deep breath and remained silent.

    At this moment, Cang Mang said to Yi Yun, "The Ancient Fey bone in your hand is the tail bone of an ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon. The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon might not be considered a very powerful Ancient Fey, but even so this piece of Fey bone is something of considerable worth in the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. The tail bone of the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon is most suitable for warriors at your cultivation level. At a higher cultivation level, the effects would become increasingly weaker. This is quite an opportunity for you, so make sure you make full use of it."

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