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Chapter 826: Protective Charm

    Chapter 826: Protective Charm

    With even Cang Mang saying so, the other Fire Cloud State disciples looked at Yi Yun with even greater jealousy.

    This was an Ancient Fey bone!

    "It's such a waste of treasure to give this Fey bone to Yi Yun. With a human's physique, absorbing an Ancient Fey bone would result in a lot of waste. If it were given to us, it would be put to full use. What a pity." Someone said while clenching his teeth. And the moment he said that, another light curtain burst forward.

    "It shot out from the Extreme Yang Illumination divine column."

    "There's still more!"

    Everyone watched as Yi Yun reached his hand out to grab the light curtain.

    As the light curtain landed in Yi Yun's hand, it seemed like it had spiritual intelligence to it. It burst open, revealing a small burning fire plume that was golden in color. Upon seeing this flame, Ran Yu, who was the closest to it, immediately felt his scalp tingle as he hurriedly took a deep breath to resist the urge of dodging.

    The other cultivators also had their faces change as they moved their sights away. Why did that small fire plume resemble a tiny golden crow? Looking straight at it made their eyes hurt. Even those standing on the stone bridge furthest from the Empress Earth Dao Tree stone bridge felt as though the hair on their bodies were being burnt to a crisp.

    The golden crow appeared only for an instant before it disappeared, eventually reducing to a charm. This charm looked bland, but the scene from before made everyone feel like all the energy from before was stored inside that thin charm, adding a hint of danger to it.

    Yi Yun had also obtained a charm!

    Ran Yu's fist immediately clenched even tighter. They had both received charms, but it was obvious that Yi Yun's charm was of a higher grade than his.

    Previously, receiving a charm had made Ran Yu feel relieved, but now, there was no way he could compete with the charm Yi Yun obtained.

    This was likely a protective charm. The main reason for the Ancient Fey Edifice to give a protective charm was to prevent a genius from dying before having fully matured. There was a body-tempering cultivation technique, an Ancient Fey bone, and now, there was a protective charm. Its protection and care for Yi Yun was too thoughtful!

    "This Yi Yun always gets items that don't match his strength at all!" Ran Yu said hatefully in his heart.

    And at this moment, Yi Yun happened to glance at Ran Yu. As though he had seen through Ran Yu's thoughts, he said with a smile, "Senior Brother Ran, it seems my luck isn't too bad either."

    Ran Yu immediately felt his chest turn stuffy as he snorted and said, "Your luck is good, but it's such a pity for those treasures!"

    With Yi Yun's cultivation realm and his body as a human, how much of the Ancient Fey bone could he absorb? It was already much harder for humans to absorb Ancient Fey bones when compared to the Fey race. This meant that a large portion of the Ancient Fey bone would be wasted!

    It could be ignored if it was just wasting ordinary medicinal items, but if it was wasting an Ancient Fey bone, it would be a great pity!

    As for that charm, it also needed one's Yuan Qi to activate it. The stronger one was, the stronger the effects of the charm. If one was weak, the effects would naturally be smaller.

    In terms of cultivation realm and physique, Yi Yun was far inferior!

    This was not only Ran Yu's thoughts, but the other Fire Cloud State disciples also had similar thoughts.

    In that case, even if Yi Yun improved his body, it would also be severely limited. It would still not be sufficient compared to their bodies as Fey race.

    Gu Luo opened his only eye and also stared at Yi Yun constantly, only turning his head away when Yi Yun sensed his lifeless gaze.

    Cang Mang glanced at the cultivators on the stone bridge with a faint smile that did not look like one. Yi Yun's talent in laws was indeed amazing, and he was truly outstanding this time. At the same training, Yi Yun had not only obtained a high rating, but the opportunities he received were also very good. Furthermore, his strength and age was the lowest amongst the other disciples. So how could the disciples who always thought so highly of themselves be able to remain nonchalant?

    It was normal to feel jealous and be unbalanced over this matter. For this, Cang Mang did not interfere as this was what the Luo Divine Hall trials acquiesced.

    Geniuses were never rare, and there was no lack of geniuses who died. Only a genius who could truly mature was worthy of being nurtured and valued.

    However, Yi Yun was indeed too young and his cultivation realm was too low. Although the items he received were good, they did not suit him.

    For example, if Yi Yun absorbed the Ancient Fey bone at the Heaven Ascension realm, the results would be much better than if he absorbed it now. But even at the Heaven Ascension realm, he would still not be able to match the effects if it were a Heaven Fey that absorbed it.

    But, what if he waited till he broke through to the Heaven Ascension realm? By then, Yi Yun would probably have been eliminated at the Luo Divine Hall, and might have even died

    Thinking of this, Cang Mang's eyes glanced at Ran Yu once again.

    Although Yi Yun had stolen the limelight, he would not be able to lead the coming days well.

    After Yi Yun, no one paid any attention to the opportunities received by the rest.

    Quickly, all the rewards from the twelve Fey divine columns were in the cultivators' hands. Deep in the chasm down below, a sound that sounded like a tsunami was heard.

    Yi Yun was startled before he recalled that the area beneath was a blue hole of an endless sea. It was unknown what massive marine animal had produced the stir from before

    "You can go out now!" Cang Mang said

    After they came out of the interspatial space, Bai Chen walked over.

    His expression did not look too good. Seeing how the cultivators that had come along with him enter the interspatial space, while he had to wait outside, there was naturally extreme bitterness in him.

    Bai Chen saw Yi Yun from afar and walked towards Luo Fengling and asked, "Junior sister Fengling, what opportunities did you and Junior Brother Yi Yun receive?"

    Luo Fengling's face revealed an envious look as she said, "What I received is not worth mentioning, but for Junior Brother Yi Yunhe received an Ancient Fey bone"

    "What?" Ancient Fey's bone!?"

    After hearing Luo Fengling's description, Bai Chen felt as though he had heard wrongly, but when he saw how all the other Fire Cloud State disciples, including Luo Fengling, did not have any other reaction, they were clearly giving unspoken acknowledgment. Bai Chen finally confirmed the fact as he squeezed a smile that looked uglier than crying.

    "Congratulations to Junior Brother Yi."

    Bai Chen also noticed that the cultivators that walked out were either intentionally or unintentionally looking at Yi Yun. At this moment, Yi Yun was just too striking.

    "Truly far behind"

    Bai Chen shook his head and did not speak any further. He walked to a side himself as he felt that standing beside Yi Yun made him feel uncomfortable.

    Luo Fengling too had mixed emotions. Just as she was about to walk towards Yi Yun, she saw him take the initiative to walk over.

    "Junior Brother Yi Yun" Luo Fengling sighed as she looked at Yi Yun. Back then, she had saved Yi Yun from the void of space, thinking that Yi Yun could be made a steward disciple. She had never paid much attention to Yi Yun, but who knew that in such a short period of time, she had been flung far away from Yi Yun.

    However, Luo Fengling was resolute in her own way. She might have suffered a crushing defeat in the Ancient Fey Edifice, and not considering Yi Yun, she might be considered below average amongst all the cultivators present, but at the true Luo Divine Hall trials, she would still put in her best.

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