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Chapter 828: Blood of the Blood Dragon

    Chapter 828: Blood of the Blood Dragon

    With Cang Mang saying this, many people looked at Yi Yun with faint smiles that were void of any good intent. Yi Yun was a human with much weaker physique. In the previous training segment, Yi Yun had stolen the limelight, but this timethis was the Fey race's home turf.

    Luo Fengling walked over and said, "Junior Brother Yi, are you alright? Shall we go together? At least we can look out for one another."

    Luo Fengling had said that because she was afraid of any misfortune that might befall onto Yi Yun.

    "Alright." Yi Yun nodded.

    At this moment, many Fire Cloud State disciples were flying towards the Black Wind Valley.

    Ran Yu also took a deep, meaningful glance at Yi Yun. He was destined to shine at this trial. He wanted to let everyone know how powerful the Xushui Ran clan's bloodline was.

    He wanted to let Cang Mang see his strength and potential. He was still holding a grudge from being constantly ignored by Cang Mang.


    Ran Yu flew down rapidly, reaching straight to the fourth level of the Black Wind Valley!

    Ran Yu began right at the fourth level. The Fire Cloud State disciples present only attempted the first level for starters.

    "Ran Yu chose the fourth level immediately, but Gu Luo only chose the second level?"

    "Gu Luo doesn't like to show off. It would probably not be difficult for him to directly reach the fourth level too."

    Many people felt mixed emotions. Many of them were Earth and Heaven Fey. However, despite being Heaven Fey, the difference in bloodlines was different. Powerful bloodlines made others extremely jealous.

    Having just landed at the fourth level, Ran Yu felt the black mist around him seem to suddenly come alive. They bared their fangs and brandished their claws, turning into the forms of various Fey beasts or haunting ghosts, before they pounced at Ran Yu.


    Ran Yu's protective Yuan Qi burst forward around him, forming a jade-colored halo.

    Some of the black gases were immediately reflected by the halo, but the black gas that transformed into Fey beasts and haunting ghosts were able to directly penetrate Ran Yu's jade-colored protective Yuan Qi, as they continued pouncing at Ran Yu!

    "Indeed, the Black Wind Valley's black gases are very strange. They can absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here, slowly transforming their bodies. Some of the black gases can even give rise to intelligence. And these black gases that have some form can penetrate protective Yuan Qi without any effects. That is to say, there is no way to withstand the black gas by just using one's protective Yuan Qi!" said one of the Fire Cloud State disciples who knew about the Fire Cloud State.

    As the Fire Cloud State disciple was saying this, the black gases had already penetrated the protective Yuan Qi barrier as they headed straight for Ran Yu. Just as it was about to enter Ran Yu's body, Ran Yu suddenly let out a shout.


    Behind Ran Yu, an intense bloodline aura burst out. The red bloodline aura was like a spurting flame, burning through the void!

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The black gases were burned by the bloodline aura, melting away like snow under intense heat.

    Behind Ran Yu, the bloodline aura finally transformed into a six-legged strange fish. It had a fish body and a snake head. Its scales were engraved with mysterious water runes.

    "It's the Ranyi Fish." Someone said enviously.

    The Ranyi Fish was an Ancient Fey that lived in the water. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, there was a myriad of Ancient Fey, and the strengths between different Ancient Fey varied greatly.

    The Ranyi Fish did not have outstanding strength amongst the wide variety of Ancient Fey, but the Xushui Ran clan had inherited the pure bloodline of the Ranyi Fish which made it no trifling matter. Many Heaven Fey liked to boast about the bloodlines of dragons or phoenixes that their ancestors possessed. It may sound amazing, but in fact, they had very low concentration of those bloodlines. The strength left behind for their descendants were naturally much weaker.

    If a Heaven Fey's bloodline concentration was high enough, they could form the phantom image of an Ancient Fey using their own body's blood aura, just like Ran Yu.

    This was a technique that made many Heaven Fey envious.

    If one was a little stronger, they would have the ability to summon the Ancient Fey, which was to gather the real power of the Ancient Fey from the cosmos, and was also known as "bloodline awakening"!

    Now, Ran Yu was still a good distance away from this awakening. Heaven Fey that possessed the power of awakening were greatly vied for, even in the Luo clan royal capital.

    After Ran Yu condensed the Ranyi Fish phantom image, the red blood aura appeared to be without resistance. It raged wantonly in the black mist as large numbers of the Fey beasts and haunting ghosts formed from the black gas were torn apart and devoured!

    "The bloodline phantom image formed by Ran Yu is devouring the black mist?"

    Upon seeing this scene, people were amazed. "That bloodline phantom image appears to be devouring the black mist to strengthen itself?"

    "That's right." At this moment, Cang Mang nodded. "This is the opportunity the Black Wind Valley provides. There's no harm in me telling you this. Hundreds of millions of years ago, an extremely powerful Ancient Fey, rumored to be a degenerated Blood Dragon had its corpse torn apart in the Black Wind Valley. The degenerated Blood Dragon's blood that flowed out dyed the Black Wind Valley red, before turning into the black mist that remains present to this day.

    "The black mist went from its initial birth till they took up form, eventually generating intelligence. Over a long period that spanned tens of millions of years, their bodies have been able to accumulate pure Heaven Earth essence. If you can devour them, it will strengthen the power of your bloodline. However, if you fail to devour it, you might end up being devoured by the black mist. In more severe cases, your soul might be wiped away; hence, cultivation in the Black Wind Valley is actually very dangerous!"

    When Cang Mang said this, he gave a meaningful glance at the Fire Cloud State disciples in front of him.

    The weaker ones turned slightly pale in the face.

    The blood left behind by a degenerated Blood Dragon had produced the black mist? Then, it was no wonder that absorbing the black mist would strengthen their own bloodlines.

    However, the black mist was too terrifying. If one wasn't careful, one's consciousness could be devoured by the black mist, turning them into retards. Then, it was truly no different from being dead.

    "Look, Ran Yu has already reached the fifth level!" Someone suddenly said amongst the crowd.

    Already the fifth level!?

    Previously, when Ran Yu came to the caves at the fourth level, he had suddenly conjured the Ancient Fey bloodline in his body, devouring large amounts of black mist. The beings in the black mist had intelligence so knowing that they were no match for Ran Yu, they escaped.

    Hence, Ran Yu went straight for the fifth level!

    After the fifth level, the pressure increased sharply.

    And this level was the threshold Cang Mang mentioned. If one could not reach this level by the end of the Black Wind Valley trial, Cang Mang could directly eliminate them from participating in the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    Many Fire Cloud State disciples were still worrying over their entrance into the fifth level, but Ran Yu was already at the fifth level from the very beginning.

    And from the looks of it, Ran Yu was still able to hold up at the fifth level.

    Ran Yu was at the fifth level, while Gu Luo was still at the second. As for the others, they had only just begun at the first level in an attempt to adapt to the intensity of the black gases.

    The situation was clear at a glance.

    Although Gu Luo was at the second level, he had yet to stimulate his Ancient Fey bloodline. He was resisting the black mist only with his powerful body!

    It was terrifying just to think of using one's body to resist the black mist.

    "It's just a matter of time before Gu Luo reaches the fifth level. He might even have the ability to reach the fifth level now, just that he is no hurry. But for us, we can't not be anxious about it, or we might be eliminated before we reach the Luo Divine Hall. It would be a waste of the chance the Fire Cloud State has given us!"

    "Junior Brother Yi, let us go down too. Let's begin from the first level and take it slow. Maybe you can approach the first level from a distance and not be in a hurry to descend. At least, there will be an adaptive process."

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