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Chapter 831: Consuming the Fey Bone

    Chapter 831: Consuming the Fey Bone

    Lie Ya did not have any confidence when it came to the seventh level, but even so, he could not tolerate that a physically weak human could use an Aspect Totem to reach the same level as him!

    This way, his derision from before had transformed into a slap that smacked him right back in the face!

    The other cultivators also had expressions that did not look much better than Lie Ya.

    At this moment, Yi Yun moved again.

    "The third level is too difficult for a One Tribulation Nine Neonate to withstand." Yi Yun stood in the third level for a moment before finding it meaningless to stay on in the third level. He was still two levels away from the fifth level.

    Every level down had an exponential increase in difficulty.

    Although Yi Yun had yet to come to the end of the road with every means used, he had already had a good understanding of the danger that lurked in Black Wind Valley.

    Standing in the third level, he needed to give his all to resist the black Fey that had taken form. He could not pay attention to other things, and if he were to wait for the Nine Neonate to slowly mature and for him to gradually adapt to the environment, it would take too long a process.

    If he was given a few years time, he could slowly reach the fifth, sixth and even the seventh level. However, Cang Mang had only given them a short period of one month.

    The Nine Neonate possessed the blood of Ancient Fey, and was a Heaven Fey of noble blood descent. Its growth would be slower than ordinary Heaven Fey or even Earth Fey. The more powerful a life form was, the more difficult it was for them to breed and mature. This was an unspoken rule of the Universe.

    A month's time was too short for Yi Yun and for the Nine Neonate.

    "I'll stop the attempt here. It appears that without enhancing my physique, there is no way to pass this." Yi Yun looked indifferent as he looked up. With that, his body moved as it immediately flew upwards.

    "Oh? Why is this human returning?"

    The cultivators were feeling shocked because they never expected Yi Yun to suddenly fly back.

    Furthermore, he did not return to the second level, but returned directly to the first level.

    Ascending was much easier than descending. After reaching the first level, Yi Yun found a cave and sat in there.

    "What's going on?" The Fire Cloud State disciples looked at each other in confusion.

    Yi Yun had shown off his Aspect Totem and appeared to be indomitable. He had stunned them by directly going from the first level to the third level. Why did he suddenly return?

    They clearly could tell that Yi Yun was able to withstand the third level, and although this fact was something that irked them, they had to admit that the Nine Neonate Aspect Totem was indeed powerful!

    This human had a few tricks up his sleeve too!

    But now, with Yi Yun returning, what was going on?

    "A human's Aspect Totem is after all not a natural bloodline. He can't last too long!" A cultivator suddenly said.

    "Probably. Yi Yun uses a Nine Neonate as his Aspect Totem, but compared to the bloodline of us natural Fey, it's still inferior." Another cultivator nodded his head too.

    An Aspect Totem was after all a cultivation technique that humans mastered, how could it be compared to their natural birthright as Fey race?

    "From the looks of it, it's not that the Aspect Totem is too weak, but it's Yi Yun, who can't handle it!" The person who spoke was Lie Ya. His voice entered the ears of other members of the Fey race. "The Aspect Totem can withstand it, but Yi Yun's body can't. At the third level, he had to constantly withstand the foul aura's invasion. How can a human's body be able to withstand such pain?"

    What Lie Ya said was the truth. He had indeed seen the foul aura drill into Yi Yun's body.

    The other cultivators nodded their heads in succession. They had also seen it.

    "He can't even withstand that bit of pain? What's the point of practicing martial arts!" Someone shook his head.

    If Yi Yun could withstand the pain, he could naturally continue staying on in the third level.

    However, he had returned just like that, if not for him being unable to withstand it, what other reason could there be?

    "Don't say it in that way. Humans are after all inferior to us from the Fey race. Junior Brother Yi Yun has such delicate skin and tender flesh, it's natural he can't withstand the foul blood aura." Lie Ya said with a sneer.

    The Luo Divine Hall trials were far more brutal and dangerous than Black Wind Valley, so how could the foul blood aura compare with it? Yi Yun could not even withstand the pain from this stage, so how was he able to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials in the future?

    The other cultivators shook their heads and no longer focused on Yi Yun. One by one, they entered Black Wind Valley and began consuming the Blood Dragon black gas.

    Ran Yu heard the commotion above him and also shook his head lightly.

    This trial was ultimately prepared for Fey race with powerful bloodlines like them.

    And at this moment, Gu Luo also moved.

    Like a corpse, he plummeted straight down and reached the third level in a blink of an eye!

    "Gu Luo has yet to stimulate his bloodline!" The looks in the cultivators' eyes changed.

    Gu Luo's body was truly tough!

    "Gu Luo is also a Heaven Fey with an extremely powerful bloodline. The difference between Fey race bloodlines is evident here." The cultivators were filled with envy.

    "The power of the Fey race's bloodline is indeed very advantageous here."

    Sitting in the cave, Yi Yun also heard the discussion regarding Gu Luo. The Nine Neonate phantom image behind him were still digesting the Blood Dragon black gas that it had previously consumed.

    At the first level, Yi Yun could hold on just with his Nine Neonate Aspect Totem.

    The Nine Neonate could absorb the black gas to grow stronger, while he also had something to do.

    "Although I lack the benefits of a bloodline, I have the Nine Neonate phantom image, as well as this item."

    Yi Yun's eyes flashed as something flew out from his interspatial ring.

    The ancient plain stone box quietly floated in front of Yi Yun.

    Ancient Fey's bone!

    This Ancient Fey bone was something that even Ran Yu coveted.

    "That Lie Ya mocked me for being human and having a weak body, but that is indeed the case." Yi Yun's eyes seemed to glaze over.

    Who knew how strong his physique would become after he absorbed the Ancient Fey bone.

    "I will first finish absorbing the Ancient Fey bone here on the first level!" Yi Yun's eyes focused as he opened the stone box. The white piece of bone immediately rushed out with its desolate and terrifying aura!

    The Ancient Fey's power lasted for eons! Even a piece of bone sent shivers down the spine!

    The Ancient Fey's life force was extremely immense. Even after its death, after it being reduced to bone, Yi Yun could still sense that eternal will coming from within the bone.

    As Yi Yun looked at the Ancient Fey bone, he could even hear the sound of blood flow that resembled a surging river resound in his ears.

    "Si!" Yi Yun held his breath.

    It was no wonder Ran Yu was tempted to commit murder for this item. The Ancient Fey bone was indeed extraordinary.

    "I'll absorb it first." Yi Yun reached out his hand and pointed at the Ancient Fey bone, immediately wrapping the Ancient Fey bone in Yuan Qi.

    Surging life force poured out, causing Yi Yun's face to immediately turn white.

    The Ancient Fey bone's aura was too powerful, just maintaining the Yuan Qi wrappage alone was not easy.

    Yi Yun's Yuan Qi wrapped around the Ancient Fey bone in an incessant manner, as he slowly extracted a bit of the surging life force.

    Extracting a strand of the life force was as difficult as taking a portion of a surging river.

    And what would happen if an entire river was plunged into his body?

    Yi Yun looked at the Ancient Fey bone energy he had extracted. It was snow-white in color, and contained immense power within.

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