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Chapter 835: Seamless Body

    Chapter 835: Seamless Body

    "Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake… " Ran Yu's eyes flashed a hint of desire and greed.

    Previously, he had failed to obtain the Ancient Fey bone. So now, he had to get the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake at all costs!

    However, his enemies changed from Yi Yun to Luo Tian and Gu Luo!

    But this was just perfect. Luo Tian and Gu Luo were famous opponents with true strength. It felt better competing with such enemies!

    Unlike Yi Yun… a human rascal who was unknown. Winning against him did not win any glory, but once he lost, as he did previously at the Ancient Fey Edifice…

    That feeling was so embarrassing that he felt like immediately committing suicide.

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake only revealed its head before swimming back into the rolling black gases.

    "Alright, begin." Cang Mang said lightly.

    "Haha, then I shall begin." Luo Tian whipped the tail behind him before leaping into the Blood Dragon black gas.

    "Ze ze. The bunch of you came here a day earlier, but the majority of you are still only at the second level! What weaklings."

    The moment Luo Tian descended, he did not hold back on his derision. The faces of the Fire Cloud State disciples turned ugly when they heard this.

    But it had to be said that Luo Tian was indeed powerful!

    Luo Tian was agile like an ape. The foul aura emitted by the Blood Dragon black gas surged at him, but with a wave of his long tail, they were all absorbed by his tail.

    It was so easy it was like he was playing.

    Of course, this was just the first and second level. Even Luo Tian could not be that relaxed if he went lower.

    "Gu Luo! Ran Yu!" Luo Tian noticed Gu Luo and Ran Yu, who were beneath him, at a glance. His eyes focused, but following that, he started looking around and he was somewhat taken aback.

    "Why don't I see Yi Yun?"

    Luo Tian had jumped down into Black Wind Valley with an aggressive posture, but he did not see Yi Yun's figure.

    However, with a sweep of his perception, he found Yi Yun on the first level. At this moment, Yi Yun was sitting in a cave. The skin all over his body looked as though it was roasted, and deep inside his body, there were roaring sounds that resembled an airbox.

    "What is Yi Yun doing?"

    Luo Tian was momentarily shocked.

    "Oh? Ancient Fey aura? All his acupuncture points are sealed?" Luo Tian realized that something was unusual about Yi Yun. Even his acupuncture points for his ears and heart were sealed, so Yi Yun could not hear anything from the outside world.

    "Don't… don't tell me that he is absorbing the Ancient Fey bone here?" Luo Tian was deeply startled. Was Yi Yun dumb? The Black Wind Valley trial only lasted a month. His cultivation level was still extremely weak, yet he was absorbing the Ancient Fey bone here!?

    "What's so surprising. A human's body is lacking, and Yi Yun's powerful nomological insights are useless here. He can't even pass the fifth level, and the outcome will be him not being able to attend the Luo Divine Hall trials." Ran Yu said nonchalantly from the fifth level of Black Wind Valley. His voice pierced through the black mist and into everyone's ears.

    "Weak bloodline… The bloodline of humans is indeed weak… However, using a last-minute effort of absorbing the Ancient Fey bone in order to pass Black Wind Valley is just too naive." Luo Tian did not know why Yi Yun was so dumb. But it was good. Previously, he had been trampled on by Yi Yun, and he nursed a grievance against him. Now that he saw Yi Yun digging his own grave, he also felt his mind ease up.

    "A last-minute effort was done because he was out of options. If he doesn't do so, he won't be able to join the Luo Divine Hall trials."

    Ran Yu said nonchalantly and glanced at Luo Tian. "Ignore him, I am your opponent!"

    Upon saying this, Ran Yu's aura exploded as a black gas snake the thickness of a bowl was dispersed by Ran Yu's punch that was augmented with his bloodline power. It was immediately devoured after that!

    "Hahaha, Ran Yu, you think too highly of yourself. Do you think you are worthy to be my opponent?"

    Luo Tian suddenly plummeted straight down!

    Third level, fourth level, fifth level!

    Luo Tian instantly reached the fifth level, the same level as Ran Yu.

    Ran Yu's eyes focused as his bloodline power burst out!

    His nomological insights were weaker than Luo Tian, but the test of bloodline at the Black Wind Valley trial was his forte. He had to obtain the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

    "Ran Yu is heading to the sixth level!"

    "It looks like Luo Tian has given Ran Yu some pressure. He is prematurely rushing for the sixth level."

    "No hurry. It is not that easy to descend to the sixth level. Look at Ran Yu, he is only probing it."

    Ran Yu did not move, but the Ranyi Fish phantom image behind him began swimming to the sixth level.

    However, just as it reached the sixth level, thick black gas surged over, and in it, there was a humanoid shadow.

    The humanoid shadow held a long saber which it brandished and it slashed at the phantom image.

    Ran Yu immediately felt his scalp tingle and he hurriedly made the Ranyi Fish phantom image dodge and then swing its tail at the saber.


    A loud bang reverberated as the shadow saber was parried. However, the Ranyi Fish also retreated out of the sixth level. The humanoid shadow sullenly took a step back before disappearing into the Blood Dragon black gas.

    "Could that humanoid black gas have devoured a warrior in the past? It seems to possess a certain amount of intelligence and it can use cultivation techniques!"

    Ran Yu's face turn solemn. The degenerated Blood Dragon's blood was extremely odd. The degenerated Blood Dragon had devoured thousands of living beings to begin with, so it was natural that the blood it left behind could devour Fey race warriors to strengthen itself.

    When the other disciples saw this scene, they shuddered.

    The black gas was terrifying to begin with. If it was able to inherit a certain amount of intelligence of the Fey race, it would be much harder to deal with!

    They had also seen that there were several humanoid shadows lurking in the black gas. If Ran Yu truly descended into the sixth level, he would be immediately encircled.

    If the sixth level was already this difficult, the seventh level was obviously even more terrifying.

    However, levels below the fifth were the stages for powerful freaks. They just needed to reach the fifth level.

    Everyone began working hard. Although they could not compare with freaks like Ran Yu, they did not want to lose to the others at the very least.

    Instantly, everyone began giving their all to battle the black Fey before devouring the black gas. The rest of the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples also began from the first level.

    And as this scene happened, Yi Yun, who was still in cave, was experiencing a different scene.

    Phew! Phew!

    Yi Yun's glabella rose up high as every acupuncture point and meridian was filled with energy.

    Although the energy was tempestuous, with the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was able to evenly distribute the energy to every minute spot in his body. He wrapped every cell in his body with energy, preventing any leakage.

    Typically, during the body-tempering of humans and even the Fey race, there were always ‘leaks‘. Certain muscles and blood vessels were difficult to temper, and even the most ingenious cultivation techniques would have leaks. And these leaking points would become the warrior's weakness in the future. As their strength reached the next realm, the points would become obstacles that formed bottlenecks.

    And at this moment, by relying on the Purple Crystal and the Ancient Fey bone, Yi Yun was unwittingly tempering every minute part of his body. Over time, Yi Yun would possess a Seamless Body. Of course, he was just at the beginning, and he still had a long way to go.

    As he inhaled and exhaled, Yi Yun seemed to become one with the heaven and earth.

    His flesh, blood, meridians and organs were like an iron block that was repeatedly forged. It was heated to a red-hot color as it was brutally tempered. During this tempering process, impurities were expelled, leaving behind parts that were more transparent and solid.

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