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Chapter 836: Provoked

    Chapter 836: Provoked

    As time passed, deep in Black Wind Valley, the Phoenix Firmiana State and Fire Cloud State disciples displayed their respective skills!

    In the process of them battling the Blood Dragon black gases, their physiques gradually strengthened as well. A large number of disciples had completed the second level, and they successively began to enter the third level. Many of them had gotten their footing in the third level, and some had even reached the fourth level.

    At this moment, most of them were at their limits, without any ability to continue descending anymore. Some had no choice but to sit down and cultivate, and allow their Fey race bloodline to devour the Black Wind Valley's black gas so that they could be nourished.

    And while cultivating, some of them paid attention to Yi Yun's situation.

    Seeing Yi Yun's situation, they were rendered truly speechless. When they were at the second level, they saw Yi Yun's body burning over, with all his acupuncture points sealed off. His body was hot like a boiler and he looked as though he would combust in flames.

    Now that they had arrived at the third or fourth level, they themselves could not tolerate it any further. And looking back at Yi Yun, his body was still hot all over with his acupuncture points sealed, as though his body was about to explode?

    What was wrong with this?

    "I say, how is that rascal holding on for so long? Even if he doesn't explode and die, it won't be surprising if his meridians are destroyed. Even the bodies of the Fey race cannot withstand such powerful energies." A Fire Cloud State disciple said after seeing Yi Yun's situation.

    At this moment, Lie Ya had also arrived at the fourth level. As he looked at Yi Yun, he knitted his brows. That rascal had lasted longer than he expected.

    However, no one could hold on for that long. Even if their will allowed them to hold on, their meridians would not be able to.

    When he thought about it, Lie Ya grunted and said, "It's just a result of willpower. But by doing so, his meridians will be damaged. Without a year or two, he won't be able to recover from it. He's already a spent force. I bet he will last for another two hours at most."

    "Two hours? In my opinion, it seems like he… won't be limited to that. He might even be able to last another four hours… " A Fire Cloud State disciple said with uncertainty. He too had believed that Yi Yun would not be able to persist for that long, but from the looks of it, Yi Yun appeared to be able to carry on longer

    Lie Ya chuckled and said, "It won't be more than four hours. Didn't I say before that we can bet on this? However, the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples came and interrupted us. Are you still up for it?"

    With Lie Ya saying this, the other Fire Cloud State disciples were hesitant. They were not certain on how long Yi Yun could persist for.

    However, it was unexpected that someone was really indignant. A female voice belonging to Luo Fengling came from the third level. She said, "Lie Ya, Junior Brother Yi Yun is our Fire Cloud State's disciple. Now that we are competing against the Phoenix Firmiana State, disciples from both states are in contention, trying to outdo the other, so they win glory for their own state. But for you, Lie Ya, you didn't compete with the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples and instead choose to mock our Fire Cloud State disciples. Aren't you going too far!?"

    Regardless of the matter, Luo Fengling was the one who brought Yi Yun into the Fire Cloud State. Furthermore, Yi Yun had good character, so Luo Fengling had a good impression of Yi Yun.

    Besides, Luo Fengling was a new disciple who was going to participate with Yi Yun for the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials together. Their statuses were rather similar, having been ostracized by the senior disciples, so they had a common enemy. Seeing Yi Yun being derided, she felt uncomfortable.

    Lie Ya sneered. "Of course, our Fire Cloud State has to compete with the Phoenix Firmiana State. However, it will not be relying on a human it will be a member of our Fey race that has the most concentrated bloodline! I might not be up to it, but I believe that my bloodline will be able to contribute a portion of strength!"

    "As for you, Luo Fengling, why don't you think about your role when it comes to the competition against the Phoenix Firmiana State? Don't think that just because your surname is 'Luo' and you being a Heaven Fey means anything. There are numerous people in the Luo clan with the surname 'Luo'. Some of the distant bloodlines are even inferior to my Lie clan. You haven't reached the third level up to now. I'm not even sure if you can reach the fifth level by the end of the trial. You might even be eliminated!"

    Luo clan mercilessly mocked Luo Fengling, causing her to grit her teeth tightly. The family clan that she belonged clan was an insignificant branch of the Luo clan. Indeed, her bloodline was not powerful, and it was something that she lacked the most confidence in. Cultivation techniques could be cultivated, but to supplement her bloodline, only a top treasure like the Ancient Fey bone could do so. Where was she going to obtain one from?

    Having her raw nerve struck, Luo Fengling angrily said, "Didn't you want to make a bet? I'll bet with you. What happens if I can reach the fifth level? What happens if Junior Brother Yi manages to last for more than two hours?"

    Upon hearing Luo Fengling's agreement to bet with him, Lie Ya was interested. With a twinkling light in his eyes, a teasing smile suffused across his lips. He was not confident about Luo Fengling being unable to reach the fifth level, and he did not bet on things that he had no confidence in. But for Yi Yun, even if he could last two hours, could he last four hours? Wasn't betting on four hours a sure-win? With Luo Fengling being agitated, she would probably agree if he added another two hours to the bet.

    Upon thinking about this, Lie Ya smiled and said, "You want to bet? Great! If the punk lasts for more than two hours, I will give three World Stones to you for every two hours he lasts. If he can't persist past two hours, you give lose ten World Stones to me. How about it?"

    With Lie Ya saying that, the people present secretly shook their heads.

    Lie Ya was too treacherous. If Luo Fengling made a bet with Lie Ya over how long Yi Yun could last, that was already disadvantageous to Luo Fengling. But now, Lie Ya had established a bet to scam Luo Fengling.

    Things like persisting on every two hours which meant losing three World Stones sounded like Luo Fengling had gained the advantage, but everyone knew that eight or ten hours was practically impossible. It was all carrots on a stick that could not be obtained.

    With Lie Ya saying this, he made a two hour bet become a four hour bet. Only after four hours would he begin losing World Stones. If it was less than four hours, he would win ten!

    Immediately, many people despised Lie Ya for his actions. Luo Fengling was a junior and a young lady. Yet, Lie Ya had taken advantage of an agitated Luo Fengling to change the bet, scamming a young girl for her World Stones. He was utterly shameless.

    At this moment, Luo Fengling was irrevocably committed. Having been mocked by Lie Ya, how could she take this lying? At this trial, she had suffered criticism from her identity as a new disciple and her obtaining a spot in the trial through Fairy Black Bamboo's backdoor.

    It was only ten World Stones, two year's worth of salary. Although it will be quite a pinch, Luo Fengling could still afford it.

    "Alright! I'll bet on it!" Luo Fengling said while gritting her teeth. At the same time, she secretly prayed that Yi Yun could last for more than two hours. She hoped that not only would his body be tempered, but also allow her to not lose a single World Stone. As a side branch of the Luo clan, Luo Fengling's family would not provide her with too many resources. She still had to rely on herself. Losing ten World Stones would greatly reduce her cultivation speed.

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