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Chapter 837: Lie Ya suffers a mental breakdown

    Chapter 837: Lie Ya suffers a mental breakdown

    "Hehe, since you have agreed to the bet, make the oath." Lie Ya said.

    As he said this, he flicked a drop of blood from his fingers and made a hand seal that flew towards Luo Fengling on the third level of Black Wind Valley. Luo Fengling caught the seal and also flicked a drop of blood onto it.

    This was a mental demon oath. The disciples of the Luo clan would typically use such oaths in their bets. After signing it, there was no room for regret, or the costs would outweigh the gain. Once the mental demon oath was established, the bet was established.

    Lie Ya chuckled as he began meditating on the fourth level, making his preparations to break through to the fifth level.

    It was not easy to meditate on the fourth level. He had to constantly power his Fey race bloodline to devour the black mist and if he made a mistake, the black gas would intrude into his body, causing damage to his soul sea.

    Lie Ya was accumulating his strength so that he could proceed to the fifth level.

    Up to now, his reaching the fifth level was already certain. Cang Mang had previously demanded that the disciples reach the fifth level, but he did not say that they needed to find their footing on the fifth level. This was very simple for Lie Ya. The personal goal that he set for himself was to find his footing on the fifth level and be able to last on the sixth level for a short period of time!

    Although completing such a goal would not leave much of an impression on Lord Cang Mang, it was a commendable achievement in his own family clan, allowing him to enjoy more of the family's resources.

    As Lie Ya was focused on his cultivation, someone suddenly said, "Senior Brother Lie Ya, it's almost two hours… "

    "Oh?" Lie Ya opened his eyes and used his perception to sweep the first level of Black Wind Valley where Yi Yun was. He saw how Yi Yun looked the same, with his skin glowing red and streams of energy flowing beneath his skin. As Yi Yun's pores were sealed, the energy could not surge out, and seeing the blood vessels that were bursting with energy was quite a shocking sight.

    However, Yi Yun was still persisting on.

    Lie Ya frowned slightly and said, "What's the hurry. It's only been two hours. Isn't there another two hours?"

    Lie Ya continued his meditation as he devoured the black mist, strengthening his bloodline.

    People were quite impressed with Lie Ya's nonchalant state of mind. Many of the Fire Cloud State disciples were paying attention to Yi Yun's situation from time to time as Lie Ya cultivated.

    However, Lie Ya was paying close attention as well.

    A warrior had great mental powers, so with their sense of time, they did not need things like hourglasses or incense sticks. They could silently keep track of time.

    Soon… four hours had passed.

    Yi Yun was still sitting on the first level and it looked like he was in a trance. Despite his body seemingly burning in flames, he was like a monk that was sitting amidst flames of nirvana — able to meditate and chant Buddhist verses despite the fire consuming him.

    "Senior Brother Lie Ya, it's been four hours."

    Lie Ya was already keeping track of time himself, but a junior brother, who did not know any better, reminded him.

    Lie Ya's expression sank all of a sudden. How was this rascal persisting?

    He stared at the junior brother who spoke. He wanted to scold him, but at this moment, the junior brother added on, "Senior Brother Lie Ya, you have lost three World Stones to Luo Fengling… "

    The corner of Lie Ya's mouth twitched slightly.

    "Cut the crap!"

    Lie Ya cursed. Three World Stones was nothing much to Lie Ya. However, he could not figure out what was going on with Yi Yun. To last for that long, even the bloodline of Heaven Fey could not do that

    Lie Ya coldly said, "Four hours is his limit. That lass, Luo Fengling, has pretty good luck. However, since I have lost, I will not turn back on my word."

    Having said this, Lie Ya calmed his heart down and began to meditate again.

    But following that…

    "Senior Brother Lie Ya, it's been six hours." The talkative junior brother opened his mouth again.

    Lie Ya stared with widened eyes as his face turned ugly.

    He stood up and glanced at Yi Yun in a perplexed manner. What the hell was going on?

    "It's been six hours. I don't believe that your meridians can withstand it. I want to see how long you can last."

    Lie Ya clenched his fists as he forcefully composed himself before sitting down again.

    He was still able to calm his heart down for cultivation, but following that…

    "Senior Brother Lie Ya, it's been eight hours."

    That reminder was like a devil's curse. After hearing it, Lie Ya's heart skipped a beat. He was truly afraid of hearing it, but he knew for a fact that eight hours had passed.

    His anger flared as he hatefully stared at the junior brother who had opened his mouth. He snapped, "There's no need for you to remind me!"

    "Uh… " The junior brother was taken aback and shrinking his neck, he kept quiet.

    "Eight hours! What the heck?"

    At this moment, Lie Ya no longer had the composure to continue cultivating. Every two hours, he would lose three World Stones.

    Could that punk really persist on all the way?

    "Nice going kid. I'll have to hand it to you. I would like to see how long you can last for. If you have the ability, try making me lose all my fortune!"

    Lie Ya had quite a fortune. After all, he was older than Luo Fengling. The salary of the Heaven Fire Hall and the support from his family clan allowed him to come up with thirty World Stones.

    "World Stones? I have lots of them. Even if I need to produce twenty to buy an explosive death of yours, I'll be willing to produce them."

    With this thought in mind, Lie Ya felt his mind ease up.

    But following that, the tenth hour, the twelfth hour…

    As the river of time flowed, Lie Ya could no longer sit still.

    "It's been sixteen hours. Is something amiss?" A junior brother said.

    "Holy shit, there must be a problem!" Someone said as more and more people paid attention to Yi Yun.

    They couldn’t believe that Yi Yun had persisted for so long.

    And at this moment, Lie Ya's face had gone green. His net worth could not withstand such a big loss. Since he had had already signed the mental demon oath, he could no longer go back on his word. Even Ran Yu would feel the pinch if he lost so many World Stones, much less himself.

    But that was not the end. Time moved to the twenty-fourth hour as an entire day passed.

    Lie Ya was becoming extremely anxious. It meant that he would lose thirty-three World Stones. He did not even have that many World Stones on him. He might even need to sell some of his treasures to produce the rest of that amount!

    And following that, thirty hours and then, thirty-two hours. Soon, it was almost halfway past the second day.

    Lie Ya was on the brink of a mental collapse. Why did Yi Yun look as though he could persist on further!?

    Soon, the sun set. Mt. Azure Billow had an array formation that maintained the rising and setting of the sun. Seeing that the sun had set while Yi Yun was still fine and dandy, Lie Ya felt himself go dizzy. He could only see blackness as he nearly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

    He felt completely defeated. He no longer dared to say things like "if you have the ability, make me lose my fortune", because… he had already lost all his fortune.

    Now, he wished that he could kneel down in front of Yi Yun and beg him — Big Bro, please don't hold on any further, I myself can't hold on any longer.

    However, Yi Yun apparently did not hear Lie Ya's prayer. The second day passed as the sky lit up. Yi Yun remained unfeeling, while Lie Ya passed the night in a tensed up state. His eyes were already red.

    The matter was just too strange. Yi Yun looked like a simmering volcano and he looked like he would erupt at any moment. But for some unknown reason, he remained as calm as ever.

    And the most unforgivable matter of all was in the morning of the third day, Yi Yun's body suddenly floated up.

    He had closed off his five senses, but he flew from the first level slowly onto the second level!

    There was no one left in Black Wind Valley's second level. Even Bai Chen had barely managed to reach the third level.

    Hence, Yi Yun was the only person on the second level.

    No one laughed at Yi Yun's slow speed because Yi Yun had flown to the second level while absorbing the Ancient Fey bone's energy.

    Behind Yi Yun, the Nine Neonate phantom image emerged. It wandered about, devouring the black mist to strengthen itself, looking extremely carefree as it went on its merry way.

    Not only did Yi Yun dislike the lack of intensity of the black mist on the first level, he was even able to withstand the second level’s black mist while absorbing the Ancient Fey bone's energy!

    Yi Yun was absorbing the Ancient Fey bone's energy, while the Nine Neonate Aspect Totem was absorbing the black gases!

    When he saw this scene, Lie Ya truly wanted to kneel before Yi Yun. He believed that regardless of how long Yi Yun could persist for, there would definitely be a limit. Now, with Yi Yun coming down to the second level, it meant that he still had ample room for more.

    Are you kidding me!?

    Lie Ya's face was drenched with sweat as his eyes turned bloodshot. He wanted to just pass out or jump off Black Wind Valley's cliff.

    What was going on!? He would rather be beaten to death than believe that a human could absorb so much of the Ancient Fey bone's energy!

    "That's not right! That's not right! Something must not be right!"

    Lie Ya bellowed. At this moment, there were numerous Fire Cloud State disciples who were looking pitifully at Lie Ya.

    They also knew about how Lie Ya had attempted to scam Luo Fengling, but now, he had ended up losing 70–80 World Stones.

    And from Yi Yun's situation, it did not seem like it was a problem to break past a hundred.

    By losing more than a hundred World Stones in one fell swoop, whatever Lie Ya gained had previously at the Ancient Fey Edifice might even have to be vomited out.

    At this moment, even Cang Mang was startled as he looked at Yi Yun. From not paying any concern to Yi Yun from the beginning to noting with interest, and finally to amazement.

    There were not many juniors that could amaze Cang Mang.

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