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Chapter 843: Powerfulness of Blood

    Chapter 843: Powerfulness of Blood


    On the sixth level of Black Wind Valley, under the combined attacks of the Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate aspect totems, the black-misted shadows that pounced on Yi Yun exploded, emanating large amounts of energy that the Nine Neonate and Golden Crow sucked clean!

    And at this moment, there were more and more black shadows encircling Yi Yun on the sixth level.

    Other than Ran Yu, Gu Luo and Luo Tian had simultaneously distanced themselves from Yi Yun, causing him to be fully exposed to all the black-misted shadows on the sixth level.

    The entire sixth level's black gases were stirred up, turning it chaotic like a turbulent sea.

    The combined pressure that Gu Luo, Ran Yu and Luo Tian faced was not even half of what Yi Yun faced.

    Every person who entered the sixth level for the first time would experience the relentless attacks of the black-misted shadows. This was nothing surprising, but the number of black-misted shadows around Yi Yun was exceptionally large. This was because the Nine Neonate and three-legged Golden Crow had immense auras. The three-legged Golden Crow could cover a large stretch of mountains when it spanned its wings. Even the black-misted shadows that were far away were attracted to it.


    The pure Yang flames swept everywhere wantonly as large swaths of black mist were burned. At the same time, be it the three-legged Golden Crow's three sharp claws or its blade like golden wings, all of them were terrifying weapons. Many black figures that charged at Yi Yun were immediately slayed!

    And beside the three-legged Golden Crow, the Nine Neonate was like nine flood dragons that stirred the seas. A large number of black figures that were injured by the Golden Crow were directly bitten to death by the Nine Neonate!

    A steady stream of black gas fused into the Nine Neonate and Golden Crow totems and Yi Yun's body. Yi Yun sensed that the power in his blood was increasingly more powerful, as though his body was a simmering volcano that would erupt at any time.

    "What powerful strength!"

    Yi Yun clenched his fists tightly as he looked at them.

    "Body-tempering is truly fascinating. In the past, I focused on energy training, so my body was very weak. Although with Yuan Qi filling my body, I was still able to experience the surging of energy, this energy is Heaven Earth Yuan Qi after all. It can be considered to be an exterior power. It's not as powerful as the body and blood's strength. It also gives me a feeling of being stronger. It's no wonder that the Fey race thinks so highly of body-tempering!"

    Actually, a majority of the Fey race in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven focused on Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as well. To the Fey race, body-tempering was just a supplement. After all, they were not like the ancient powerful Fey with pure bloodlines, who were able to resist the Heavenly Dao laws using just their bodies of flesh and blood.

    To be able to reach that standard, only existences like the Five Claw Dragon, the Undying Phoenix or the Nine Tribulations Nine Neonate could accomplish that.

    As for using a human's body of flesh and blood to attain a divine beast's level of strength, that was just unimaginable.

    Many thoughts flashed in Yi Yun's mind. And at this moment, the foul black shadows on the sixth level began to subside on their offensive.

    A Nine Neonate could be ignored, but with the three-legged Golden Crow, they were no match at all. Many black shadows had become food for the Nine Neonate and Golden Crow.

    "Why does Yi Yun have two Aspect Totems?"

    Some of the Fey race present did not know much about human cultivation methods. They did not know what it meant to have dual Aspect Totems.

    Furthermore, not only did he have two of them, the totems were ancient Fey beasts and they were extremely powerful. One was a Golden Crow and the other was a Nine Neonate. Just summoning them was an impressive show of might!

    "Looks are useless. So what if it's a Golden Crow and a Nine Neonate. They are Aspect Totems after all, so how can they compare to the power of our Fey race's bloodline. However, that human is rather crafty. Up to now, he has yet to use his body or the power of his bloodline, and he has managed to reach the sixth level. He's not much different to Luo Tian and Ran Yu!"

    Many of the Luo clan disciples felt aggrieved. Cang Mang had clearly said that Black Wind Valley was a test of the power of the Fey race's bloodline. But now, they who had truly used the power of their bloodlines were still inferior to Yi Yun, who did not.

    "It's a bit too over the top to say that he's not much different to Luo Tian and Ran Yu. Although Yi Yun has summoned his Aspect Totems, he is actually inferior to Luo Tian and Ran Yu on the sixth level." A Fire Cloud State disciple suddenly said.

    Previously, while the Golden Crow and Nine Neonate were battling the black figures, they saw that despite the Golden Crow and Nine Neonate being ferocious, they were inevitably bitten by the black-misted figures very clearly. However, they were fierce and powerful, so it did not matter if they were bitten once. However, the black-misted figures were devoured after a single bite.

    Hence, such arduous means had allowed Yi Yun to find his footing on the sixth level.

    This difference was not evident on the sixth level, but it would become extremely obvious in the seventh level.

    Luo Tian, who was able to easily cope with the sixth level, was unable to stand on the seventh level for more than a minute. Furthermore, Luo Tian had spent a long time in the sixth level to accumulate his strength.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    As the black-misted shadows took the initiative to avoid Yi Yun, the pure Yang flames also gradually shrunk in size. Yi Yun stood in the sixth level of Black Wind Valley, with the Golden Crow and Nine Neonate by his sides as though they were two guardians protecting Yi Yun. The black figures did not dare attack Yi Yun's body.

    Luo Tian looked at Yi Yun with an ugly expression. Even though Yi Yun had managed to barely find his footing while he did so easily, they were still standing on the same level after all.

    Luo Tian was a very proud person. He had previously been repressed by Yi Yun at the Ancient Fey Edifice, so how could he be reconciled with the fact that Yi Yun had chased up to him in Black Wind Valley?

    "Yi Yun, you are truly not bad! I thought you would end up in a bad position at Black Wind Valley, but I never expected you that you would also stand here on the sixth level. However, it's useless. The seventh level will still be mine!"

    With that, Luo Tian roared loudly and he jolted his palms. Yuan Qi exploded as the palm winds howled, clearing all the black gas around him.

    Even those disciples several levels away could sense the shocks from the strike. If the strike had struck them, they would probably be killed instantly! This was the difference between them and a state's top genius.


    Luo Tian conjured the ancient Gigantic Demon Ape and fused it with his body. This allowed his body to manifest the talent of the Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline, making him extremely violent.

    "Watch carefully Yi Yun. You have been cultivating all this time, so let me show you how horrible the seventh level is!"

    With that said, Luo Tian jumped towards the seventh floor once again!

    Black Wind Valley was his home turf, so how could he let Yi Yun catch up to him on his home turf? Furthermore, Luo Tian was planning to push himself to his limits to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. Hence, he was overdrawing on his potential so he could make a breakthrough during the training experience!

    "Luo Tian is going down again!"

    Seeing Luo Tian jump down to the seventh level once again, the rest of the disciples were astounded. They had been rather drained when they entered the seventh level. Ran Yu and Gu Luo were most likely still resting, but Luo Tian had already charged onto the seventh floor alone. As such, one could tell who was better immediately.

    "Senior Brother Luo Tian is awesome. The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake will either not be captured by anyone, or if someone manages to capture it, that person will definitely be Senior Brother Luo Tian!"

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