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Chapter 847: Devouring the Black Specter Flood Dragon

    Chapter 847: Devouring the Black Specter Flood Dragon

    “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

    The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon and the black specter shadow snapped their jaws at each other. The battle between the two flood dragons caused turmoil on the seventh level, and everywhere their bodies passed, rocks were shattered, with the black mist quickly filling the void left behind!

    The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon was extremely terrifying. It had a smoke-like body, but it contained tremendous amounts of power. Its every strike could invoke the powers of the Heaven and Earth, as though the source of Heaven and Earth energy was wherever the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon was!


    The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon bit at the black flood dragon, issuing the sound of metal being hit. The black flood dragon grimaced in pain, as one of its claws was ripped off!

    Dragon scales and dragon blood was splattered everywhere. The black flood dragon roared fiercely, but it no longer had the strength to battle the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon. Hence, ignoring its injuries, it tried escaping deeper into Black Wind Valley!

    "Don't you leave!"

    Yi Yun's eyes flickered. Although the black flood dragon was a fake flood dragon, it was the embodiment of a large amount of black-misted energy essence on the seventh level of Black Wind Valley. Be it for the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon or himself, it was a great supplement.

    "Stay behind!" With a thought from Yi Yun


    The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon's tail swept down like a heavenly pillar that collapsed. It struck the black flood dragon's back heavily.


    The sound of joints breaking resounded like thunder. The black flood dragon's back had been fractured by the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon's tail strike!

    The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon looked like smoke, but it was able to crush mountains, that was the proof of its heaviness. With it striking down like that, it was like a divine mountain crushing down on the black flood dragon’s back. There was no way for the black dragon to withstand it!


    The ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon opened its jaws and a black vortex appeared in its mouth once again. This black vortex distorted space, and the surrounding black mist was all sucked towards it!

    Heaven devouring laws!

    The legendary true ancient fey was able to devour an entire world. Hence it's name, Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon!

    No one knew if the legends were true. But now, the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon phantom image that Yi Yun conjured was more than enough to devour the black flood dragon.

    The black flood dragon struggled with all its strength, but it was completely meaningless. It was eventually devoured by the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon.


    After devouring the black flood dragon, the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon let out a satisfied growl.

    The black flood dragon was completely digested into essence energy to replenish itself. As a result, its fuzzy body also became slightly more corporeal.

    And far behind the ancient Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon, Yi Yun suddenly felt his blood vessels go into turmoil. His body felt like it was a drum being hit, as it issued explosives sounds!

    The black flood dragon's essence energy had mostly been absorbed by the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon, but there were still some portions that were injected into Yi Yun's body.

    The violent force surged into Yi Yun's meridians and it moved around crazily.

    Yi Yun's meridians had been widened several times after he absorbed the Ancient Fey bone. Furthermore, their resilience was far stronger than before. If not, just the surging of the energy through his meridians would be something that Yi Yun's meridians could not withstand. He would have needed to use the Purple Crystal to suppress the energy.

    How could the pleasure derived from the energy’s forceful impacts and cleansing of his body be compared to absorbing the energy from the Purple Crystal stores?

    "It feels great!" Yi Yun shouted out loud as he clenched his fists.

    He felt as though all his energy was filled with inexhaustible energy. The energy was like a roaring tsunami, that swept across wave after wave in an incessant manner!

    "Yi Yun… he devoured the black flood dragon on the seventh level!"

    Seeing Yi Yun's aura change and the lifeblood stirring in his body, all the Luo clan disciples present could only stare helplessly.

    They had seen how powerful the black flood dragon was, but now, it had been devoured. Although it was mainly devoured by the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon, as its master, Yi Yun benefited greatly from it.

    At this moment, the Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State disciples were filled with jealousy and envy. At the same Black Wind Valley trial, they could only drink a figurative soup, while Yi Yun had managed to eat all the figurative meat!

    After devouring the black flood dragon, Yi Yun began to meditate on the seventh level and he began to refine the black flood dragon's power!

    And some of the energy had been distributed to his two Aspect Totems — the Nine Neonate and three-legged Golden Crow, allowing them to begin to recover from their injuries.

    They were not seriously injured, so it was very easy for them to recover.

    With that, Yi Yun began to cultivate on the seventh level of Black Wind Valley.

    This was cultivation on the seventh level of Black Wind Valley. People had previously believed that Yi Yun's body was weak, so it would be pretty good if he could find his footing on the fifth level and be able to probe the sixth level for short periods of time. But now, Yi Yun had found his footing on the seventh level, and he was leisurely cultivating.

    And most ironical of all was that they had guessed correctly. Yi Yun's body was indeed not powerful enough, but his bloodline was heaven-defying. So what if his body wasn't strong enough? Yi Yun did not even need to use his body to withstand the black specter shadow. Just his bloodline alone was enough!

    At this moment, Luo Tian was still opposite Yi Yun. He felt like he was a stake erected on the seventh level and he was extremely embarrassed.

    He seemed to be an indomitable force and the center of attention, but now, he did not even know what he should do.

    "How was Yi Yun able to absorb the Ancient Fey bone to such a degree?"

    Luo Tian was left in wonder. Yi Yun, a human, was even better than the geniuses at the Luo clan's royal capital after absorbing an Ancient Fey bone.

    At Black Wind Valley, they depended on stimulating their Heaven Fey bloodline to withstand the black mist, while Yi Yun had stimulated an Ancient Fey bloodline. How could they even compete with that? This was already on two disparate levels!

    Luo Tian found it excruciating to stay on in the seventh level, so he dejectedly returned to the sixth level.

    And at this moment, the seventh level was beginning to produce more black specter lifeforms.

    These black specter surged from all directions to the seventh level to occupy it.

    Previously, the black specter flood dragon had occupied the entire seventh level. And probably because it was too powerful, it had demarcated its own territory.

    And now, with an increase in the number of black specter shadows, it became chaotic. However, these black specters did not dare to approach Yi Yun. They had previously seen how the black flood dragon, which was much more powerful than them, had been devoured by Yi Yun and the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon. They wouldn't be silly enough to serve themselves up as food!

    In time, Yi Yun began to casually sit down on the seventh level, with no black specter shadow daring to mess with him.

    As time passed, the black flood dragon's essence in Yi Yun's body was mostly digested. And at this moment —


    A bright red beam flashed in the thick depths of the black mist. It was like an agile fish that was swimming and twirling quickly in the black mist!

    Yi Yun, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes as he looked at the red beam hidden in the black mist.

    Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

    Compared to the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, the black flood dragon was worth nothing!

    If he could capture the intermediary spirit blood snake, his body would improve once again! Furthermore, his energy cultivation was directly tied to his body. Yi Yun's overall strength would undoubtedly make a quantum leap!

    Yi Yun took a deep breath and he slowly stood up.

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