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Chapter 851: Eye for an Eye

    Chapter 851: Eye for an Eye

    With Yi Yun saying this, he had rebutted all of Ran Yu's rhetoric.

    When the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples heard this, they could not stop themselves from laughing. It was Ran Yu, who had ulterior motives to begin with, that caused the Ranyi Fish bloodline to appear in Yi Yun's range of attack. If not, how could this have happened?

    However, with the rules of the Luo clan, it was very difficult for Yi Yun to do anything to Ran Yu.

    Seeing Yi Yun high-sounding statements, Ran Yu gritted his teeth hatefully. "Cut your crap. I don't care about you capturing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. Quickly release my Ranyi Fish bloodline! I'm a direct descendant of the Xushui Ran clan. If my bloodline suffers in any way, you are doomed!"

    Yi Yun laughed in disdain. "What sort of trashy bloodline is this that you treat it as a treasure!? Are you thinking that I would take the initiative to rescind my domain to release that crappy fish of yours? The moment I rescind my domain, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake will escape as a result! After being frightened by me once, it might escape deeper into Black Wind Valley. Can you afford to pay for it?"

    While Yi Yun spoke, not only did he not rescind his domain, he had even strengthened the power of his bloodline. The Ranyi Fish was being drawn in as the lifeblood vortex grew larger. It began wailing as it could not break free at all.

    At this moment, Ran Yu became anxious.

    However, it was useless for him to remain anxious. From the looks of it, Cang Mang would not interfere. As long as Yi Yun did not directly attack Ran Yu, he would ignore them.

    Furthermore, what Yi Yun said was right. With the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake startled, it might very likely escape deeper into Black Wind Valley. What about the loss? Letting the Ranyi Fish bloodline was simple, but how was Ran Yu to compensate Yi Yun for his loss?

    Regardless of who it was, no one would stop the lifeblood vortex. Yi Yun's actions were very reasonable!

    Ran Yu also understood this. He could only grit his teeth and tolerate it. He also knew that even if Yi Yun was trying to make it difficult for him, he would definitely not really devour his bloodline. By trapping his bloodline, it was indeed not a violation of the Luo clan's rules. But even if Yi Yun devoured it directly, Cang Mang would definitely not sit idle, or he would have failed in his duty.

    Although he had acknowledged the reality before him, this did not mean that Ran Yu could tolerate it. He said hatefully, "Yi Yun, I know you are trying to seek revenge on me. It is only fair for treasures to be obtained by those with the ability. The Black Wind Valley trial is meant to be about fair competition. So how was I wrong in trying to snatch your Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake? Besides, what I did were within the confines of the rules, and cannot be faulted!"

    "Now, there is no chance for your revenge, so what can you do other than stopping my bloodline? Do you even dare devour it!? Do you believe that if you were to devour a tiny bit of my Ranyi Fish bloodline, my Xushui Ran clan would capture and ruin your cultivation, and use your Ancient Fey bloodline to compensate me!?"

    The further in the sentence Ran Yu was, the more pleasure he felt. It was as though all the anger he had had been vented out. That's right, although he had been outdone by Yi Yun in various aspects, he still had his family clan's backing!

    By using the Xushui Ran clan to threaten Yi Yun, this was the advantage of having a powerful faction behind him! Large family clans worked on the concept of reason. If Yi Yun did not violate the rules, the Xushui Ran clan would naturally not have a legitimate reason to do anything to Yi Yun. However, once Yi Yun violated the rules, they would not leave the matter at that. If not, how could the Xushui Ran clan have any face left?

    Yi Yun sneered at Ran Yu's threats. He only circulated his lifeblood's power and the engulfing force that was locked onto the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake had increased.

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake let out deafening hisses. The tiny blood snake knew that if it was sucked into the vortex, it would die. Therefore, it began struggling as the redness all over its body seemed like it was going to dropping out, as though it was already in a frenzy!

    But regardless of how much frenzy it was, it could not escape the engulfing vortex. Instead, its lifeblood was constantly being extracted.

    Other than the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, there were eight black specter shadows locked onto by the lifeblood vortex. The black specter shadows’ lifeblood was also extracted and they gradually became weaker.

    They roared maniacally, but with them becoming weaker, how were they able to escape the suction of the lifeblood vortex?

    Yi Yun looked at the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the black specter shadows as his mind turned slightly heavy.

    He glanced at Ran Yu, who was already standing on the sixth level, before his eyes flashed with a cold beam.

    Upon sensing the killing intent in Yi Yun's eyes, Ran Yu gave a disdainful smile with an expression that goaded Yi Yun.

    "It's time to stop. What's the point of restraining my bloodline? This kind of revenge that does not do anything to me will only reveal your incompetence. You are like a hag cursing on the streets that will be laughed at by others in contempt!"

    Ran Yu derided Yi Yun, but suddenly, Yi Yun sent a Yuan Qi voice transmission that echoed in his ears. "The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake seems to be rather drained. I guess it's hungry. What do you think?"


    Ran Yu was greatly alarmed as he suddenly realized that Yi Yun was manipulating his engulfing forces to gather the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the black specter shadows together. And his Ranyi Fish bloodline was slowly approaching the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and black specter shadows near the vortex!

    Upon seeing this scene, Ran Yu broke out into cold sweat! He finally realized what Yi Yun's goal was. Yi Yun was going to put his Ranyi Fish bloodline, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the black specter shadows together. If the Ranyi Fish bloodline was torn apart, that had nothing to do with Yi Yun. That was because he was not the one doing it, so it did not violate the Luo clan's rules!

    Seeing an irreversible scene about to happen in a split second, Ran Yu did not even manage to say anything. He directly sent a voice transmission to Yi Yun —


    But just as his voice transmission was issued, his Ranyi Fish bloodline had been thrown into the mix of the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the eight black specter shadows!

    Be it the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake or the eight black specter shadows, they immediately entered a frenzied state!

    In a battle of trapped beasts, a beast in a cage was the most intense. They fought without any regard for their lives. Furthermore, Yi Yun had deliberately drained their lifeblood, so they no longer had the strength to escape from the lifeblood vortex.

    At this moment, with the Ranyi Fish phantom image appearing in front of them, how could they miss out on fresh food that could restore their strength?

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake's reaction was the fastest. It was the first to rush forward and with its powerful penetrative power, it directly pierced through the Ranyi Fish's mouth!

    "Ah– "

    The Ranyi Fish let out a scream as it struggled violently, but how could it escape the binding of the engulfing forces?

    After the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake's first move, the black specter shadows from the eighth level also rushed forward and bit the Ranyi Fish's body!

    A black specter shadow clung onto each of the Ranyi Fish's six legs, while its head and tail were being crazily bitten by the other black specter shadows!

    "No—— !" Ran Yu bellowed as his eyes turned bloodshot!

    The Ranyi Fish bloodline was connected to his lifeblood, so an intense pain overwhelmed him, nearly causing him to faint.

    Painful! It's too painful!

    It felt as though his soul was being torn apart, and his blood marrow was being extracted out!

    "Yi Yun! How dare you!?"

    Ran Yu's body was trembling as blood seeped out of his pores. He was struggling crazily as though he wanted to rush onto the seventh level and fight Yi Yun!

    But at this moment, with such excruciating pain and the Ranyi Fish bloodline he had depended on so much was being restrained by the engulfing force and being bitten by the black specter shadows and the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, how could he rush onto the seventh level? That was just courting death!

    He could only watch helplessly as his Ranyi Fish bloodline was being consuming!

    Upon seeing this scene, the Luo clan disciples on the fourth and fifth levels were dumbfounded!

    Ruthless, just too ruthless!

    Yi Yun was definitely doing it on purpose!

    By using the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the black specter shadows to devour the Ranyi Fish, it was similar to how Ran Yu had attracted the black specter shadows to devour Yi Yun's main body. It was the diversion of danger and killing by proxy!

    Taking revenge in the confines of the rules, paying him back in his own coin!

    Ka-cha! Ka-cha!

    At this moment, the sounds of bones tearing apart could be heard. The Ranyi Fish's six limbs were torn apart by the black specter shadows!

    Ran Yu collapsed to the ground as his face was twisted. His eyes filled with madness!

    His lifeblood was the mark of the Heaven Fey bloodline that he was always proud of was now on the brink of utter destruction. Even with top treasures given to him and several years of recuperation, he would only be able to recover a tiny portion of the lifeblood that he lost!

    And although the Xushui Ran clan had such treasures, they would not use it on Ran Yu. Although Ran Yu kept saying that he had the Xushui Ran clan backing him, it did not belong to him alone. He was just one of the many juniors of the Xushui Ran clan. Besides, he was not the best either.

    According to the unspoken rules of a large family clan, how could such treasures be wasted on a junior, who was not the most excellent to begin with, after his bloodline was crippled?

    "Lord Cang Mang! Save me!"

    Ran Yu was sprawled on the ground and he reached out his hand futilely to the hovering Cang Mang. Blood was flowing out of every pore. He was worse than a dying dog that had eaten poison!

    Cang Mang pondered slightly. The Luo clan's trials were meant to be a ruthless competition. At the Black Wind Valley, it was not uncommon for juniors to die during the trial, what more being crippled of their bloodlines.

    Although the Luo clan had instilled rules, there were always Luo clan disciples who would engage in cut-throat battles within the confines of the rules. Previously, Ran Yu had done the same to Yi Yun, and now Yi Yun was doing the same to Ran Yu!

    When Ran Yu harmed Yi Yun, Cang Mang did not intervene.

    Now if Cang Mang intervened when Yi Yun harmed Ran Yu, that would be unfair. Besides, according to the rules of the trial, he was not meant to intervene. He was just a bystander.

    Noticing how Ran Yu looked like a broken blood bag, his body shivering and face pale, Cang Mang frowned slightly. This savage method of extracting his lifeblood was equivalent to sucking the marrow of mortals dry. If it was any more serious, it would end up fatal.

    "That should be enough. Ran Yu harmed you, but you were able to end up unharmed. With you harming Ran Yu, he has lost nearly half his life, and even if you were to stop now, Ran Yu would be mostly crippled. Your revenge would also be achieved. Although it's within the confines of the rules, don't cause his death. If so, the Xushui Ran clan will not be able to salvage the situation and theywill end up finding fault with you."

    Cang Mang's Yuan Qi transmission suddenly resounded in Yi Yun's ears.

    Although it appeared as though he was saving Ran Yu, Cang Mang was actually being thoughtful towards Yi Yun. After all, the Xushui Ran clan was a powerful faction. How could Yi Yun with his measly power offend them?

    In fact, Cang Mang actually appreciated Yi Yun's eye for an eye ruthless method to a certain extent. A warrior had to act as such.

    "Thank you, Lord Cang Mang, for your advice. This junior understands."

    Yi Yun first slowly answered Cang Mang before making a pose. Without any hurry, he used his engulfing law to pull the black specter shadows apart.

    However, the black specter shadows were still biting on the Ranyi Fish's flesh, so with this pull

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The Ranyi Fish let out a scream as large swaths of flesh were torn off by these black specter shadows!

    Ran Yu nearly fainted from the pain!

    He looked angrily at Yi Yun, but he did not dare say a single word. He was afraid that if Yi Yun was unhappy, he could continue letting the black specter shadows feast on the Ranyi Fish's flesh.

    As Yi Yun looked at the Ranyi Fish ‘that did not look like a fish anymore’, he rubbed his chin and said slowly, "Uh… sorry about that. Senior Brother Ran Yu. I used a bit too much force just now, but that was out of no choice. Bear with it a little. There's still a tiny snake in the Ranyi Fish's belly. Don't worry, I'll pull it out immediately."

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