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Chapter 852: Ran Yu was truly too rash

    Chapter 852: Ran Yu was truly too rash

    Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, the corners of Ran Yu's mouth twitched. His face was ashen, and he was so infuriated that his intestines were already twisted together. To pull out the raging snake out of the Ranyi Fish's belly, what sort of situation would occur with the snake still biting onto the Ranyi Fish's organs?

    Ran Yu trembled all over as Yi Yun said slowly, "Senior Brother Ran Yu, if it's not pulled out, it will continue consuming your bloodline, right?"

    At this moment, even the Luo clan disciples felt the pain for Ran Yu when they heard this, what more Ran Yu. Many of them looked at Yi Yun as an inexplicable chill shuddered down their backs.

    That Yi Yun was not someone to be trifled with.

    In fact, as a result of being weak overall, the humans gave an impression to most members of the Fey race that they were weak and easily bullied in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. However, look at Yi Yun now! Even the Fey race was not as ruthless as he was.

    Ran Yu was one of the direct descendants of the Xushui Ran clan. He was left in such a miserable state after offending Yi Yun, so if it were any of them who had done so, no one knew how much more miserable their outcome would be.

    Upon thinking of this, the Luo clan disciples present, especially Lie Ya, were covered in cold sweat. Fear had been struck deep into his heart after seeing Ran Yu's outcome. Other than Ran Yu, he was the one who had offended Yi Yun the most. Now, just recalling it made him feel like he was sitting on a cushion of needles. Would Yi Yun seek revenge on him after this?

    Yi Yun was already this ruthless before he had matured fully. Wouldn't it be worse if he matured in the future? Would messing with him be as simple as playing with a toy?

    Now, Lie Ya even felt that losing more than one hundred World Stones to Luo Fengling was a good thing. Compared to Ran Yu, it was so much more blissful. Lie Ya had made up his mind to sell everything he had after the Mt. Azure Billow training had finished to gather the World Stones for Luo Fengling. Not only would he personally deliver it to Luo Fengling, he would also speak nicely to her and hope that after she received the World Stones, she would say a few nice words to Yi Yun. In some sense, he was just buying peace.

    Just as the Luo clan disciples were having disparate thoughts, Yi Yun had already used the engulfing law to tug at the Ranyi Fish's belly!


    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, which was covered in blood, was biting on the Ranyi Fish's innards, but it was forcefully pulled out by the engulfing law!

    The Ranyi Fish's projection convulsed violently, its body was on the verge of collapse.

    And as the master of the Ranyi Fish, Ran Yu spat out a mouthful of blood and as his body convulsed, he completely passed out!

    At this moment, Cang Mang took action. If it wasn’t for him secretly isolating the black specter shadows on the sixth floor, Ran Yu's body would have been devoured clean by the black specter shadows on the sixth floor. That would definitely be fatal.

    The eight black specter shadows' mouths were filled with blood, while the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was still struggling frantically. However, none of them could break free from the binding of the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon's engulfing law.

    Finally, they were drained of their stamina and they were captured by the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon. They were sealed in the lifeblood vortex!

    A great success!

    Yi Yun clapped his hands and slowly flew back to the sixth level.

    Upon seeing Yi Yun step onto the sixth level, the so called high and mighty Luo Tian, subconsciously took two steps back. Even the zombie-like Gu Luo looked at Yi Yun with a bit of wariness.

    They were originally considered the malignant stars of the training at Mt. Azure Billow, figures that everyone feared. But now, they finally realized that there was someone more terrifying. Yi Yun, who looked harmless, was actually very ruthless.

    Luo Tian was feeling truly lucky that he did not follow Ran Yu in stepping on the landmine that was Yi Yun. If not, it was very likely that he would end up a companion of Ran Yu now.

    At this moment, Yi Yun spoke, "Everyone, this time Senior Brother's injuries was an accident. All of you saw the entire process, right? It was Senior Brother Ran Yu, who made the move first. He had some thoughts towards me but he ended up failing. The Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon was about to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, but the moment Senior Brother Ran Yu made his move, I had no choice but to summon the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon back… "

    "But once the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon was summoned, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake would escape. I had no choice but to use a heaven devouring technique in the shortest period of time, and I accidentally trapped Senior Brother Ran Yu's Ranyi Fish bloodline. Following that, Senior Brother Ran Yu ask me to stop, but under the circumstances at that time, how could I stop? I believe if you were in my shoes, you would not stop, right… ?"

    "As for the final outcome… I truly did not expect it." Yi Yun began shaking his head when he said this. Glancing at the half-dead Ran Yu, as though he found it regretful, he continued, "For things to have reached this stage was something I did not wish on seeing either. But there was no other choice. It was all because Senior Brother Ran Yu charged into the battlefield himself. The struggle between the Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon and the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake is fraught with extreme danger, so Senior Brother Ran Yu was truly too rash."

    "In fact, the moment that the Ranyi Fish bloodline appeared to be in danger, I immediately tried to rescue it, unfortunately, the tragedy was already ongoing. So the rescue ended up in such a state."

    When Yi Yun said all of this, all the Luo clan disciples present curled their mouths.

    This Yi Yun was too wicked!

    "No choice but to use a heaven devouring technique", "accidentally trapped the Ranyi Fish bloodline", "final outcome was truly unexpected", ""tragedy I did not wish on seeing", "immediately tried to rescue"

    Not only was Yi Yun ruthless in his actions, his shamelessness had been cultivated to a certain realm. If not, he would not have been able to say those words, full of nonsense, in such a ‘genuine fashion’.

    Thankfully, Ran Yu had fainted or he would have died from exasperation from hearing that!

    But soon, Ran Yu regained consciousness and he learned of what Yi Yun had said. As the saying goes, one did not need to be responsible for angering someone to their deaths.

    "Everyone, everything that happened to Senior Brother Ran Yu was something that I did not wish would happen. I hope everyone would be a witness, and I'll be extremely grateful."

    Yi Yun looked at the Luo clan disciples on the fourth and fifth level while cupping his hands. Everyone rolled their eyes when they heard this.

    "Senior Brother Lie Ya, what do you think?" Thinking that that was all to the matter, Yi Yun's sudden questioning confounded Lie Ya.

    Seeing Yi Yun grinning at him, he felt like he should just slam his head into a wall till he died. Why are you staring at me? I'm nothing with all these people around me!

    What else could Lie Ya say after being stared at by Yi Yun? He did not dare to offend Yi Yun, who was so ruthless. As long as he did not fall in the future, he would likely become a mighty figure in the Luo clan. He did not dare to offend him.

    As for the Xushui Ran clan, Lie Ya was even more afraid to offend it. They were a massive clan, so he would be courting death to testify for Yi Yun.

    "That*Cough*, Senior Brother Ran Yu was a bit rash… "

    Lie Ya ruminated for a long time before saying such wishy-washy words. There was no mistake saying Ran Yu was rash. If he was not rash, he would not have been caught by Yi Yun and tortured to such a half-dead state.

    Upon seeing this situation, the hovering Cang Mang's mouth formed an arc. His voice transmission rang in Yi Yun's ears. "Are you done with your acting?"

    "Uh… " Yi Yun was momentarily stumped. He felt that Cang Mang did not really think too much about Ran Yu, and Cang Mang did not seem to be afraid of the Xushui Ran clan.

    "Not bad, I had just told you to weigh the consequences, but you didn't forget to put the Ranyi Fish in such a terrible state while moving the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the black specters away. You are truly unafraid of the Xushui Ran clan's revenge."

    Upon hearing Cang Mang's words, Yi Yun smiled bashfully. "Lord Cang Mang must be joking. This junior admits that he had previously deliberately fed the Ranyi Fish to the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake and the black specters. But later on, this junior had already rescued it immediately, and this state is the limit to how much this junior can save him."

    "Enough, there's no need for me to discuss if you were deliberate or not, but there is a warning I need to give you. You have completely offended the Xushui Ran clan. Although Ran Yu is not the most valued junior in their family, you have still smacked the Xushui Ran clan in the face by doing so. Large family clans value their reputation the most. By not letting them have a chance to salvage the situation, they will not let it go."

    "Regardless of how they treat you, strength is essential. If you have the strength, they would also not easily make a move on you. It's best that you improve your cultivation level. Your strength now is too weak."

    The reason why Cang Mang said this was because he thought highly of Yi Yun. Yi Yun immediately said, "Yes, this junior understands. Thank you to Lord Cang Mang for his advice."

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