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Chapter 853: Absorbing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake

    Chapter 853: Absorbing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake

    The final outcome for Ran Yu at the Black Wind Valley trial was him quitting midway.

    With the Ranyi Fish bloodline severely damaged and Ran Yu suffering serious injuries, he had lost a great deal of his combat strength. He had chosen to quit, if not, there was no need to talk about entering the seventh level. He could only find his footing on the sixth level through Cang Mang's help.

    And it was meaningless for Ran Yu to return to the third and fourth floor to cultivate. Furthermore, Ran Yu could not stand the shame of doing that.

    However, once Ran Yu fell out, it was possible that he could not participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials, what more the Mt. Azure Billow training.

    With just serious injuries, he would only end up being overtaken by others, so what was the point of participating?

    It could even be said that Ran Yu's life had mostly been ruined.

    Everyone saw Ran Yu being carried away with an ashen expression. Looking at Yi Yun, who had now sat firmly on the sixth level, they could not help but shudder. Many people thought of approaching Yi Yun to express their well intentions in order to prevent Yi Yun from kindly ‘rescuing’ them.

    However, many people knew in that hearts that although Yi Yun was enjoying great success at this point in time, it was not wise to completely offend the Xushui Ran clan.

    His future growth was fraught with danger…

    Yi Yun finally chose to sit down on the seventh level. After being ravaged a few times on the seventh level, the blood dragon's blood energy that had taken form as beasts had long avoided him. Who would be stupid enough to provoke this malignant star?

    In front of Yi Yun was a sealed lifeblood vortex. The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was on its last breath inside it.

    The degenerated Blood Dragon aura contained in its body was extremely valuable, but it had now truly become a tiny snake.

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake had already formed some intelligence. Upon sensing Yi Yun's Yuan Qi lock onto to it, it immediately began to struggle.

    Yi Yun's eyes focused as the Yuan Qi transformed into a net and trapped the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake within.

    "Hiss!" The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake let out a hissing scream as its body was reduced to a mist of blood before being injected into Yi Yun's body in a blink of an eye.

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was the essence condensed from the black blood gases. Yi Yun had directed it into his meridians, and used his pure Yang body to temper it.


    Yi Yun immediately felt that a great deal of energy had been injected into his body.

    All his bones began to issue explosive crackling sounds immediately.

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was the greatest opportunity in Black Wind Valley. It was much more powerful than any relics Yi Yun had ever eaten.

    Yi Yun calmed his mind down and he sat in his original spot, with a lifeblood vortex swirling around him.

    Yi Yun planned on completely absorbing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake's power right there and then. Cang Mang had warned him to be careful about the Xushui Ran clan's revenge. However, Yi Yun was not afraid of the Xushui Ran clan because they could not do as they pleased in the Luo clan. As long as he showed enough value before they took their revenge, everything would not be a problem.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! The energy in Yi Yun’s body was surging around his body.

    Seeing Yi Yun consume the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake on the seventh floor, Luo Tian and company had complex expressions.

    "That Yi Yun is truly decisive! By consuming the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake now, his strength will improve once again. And by doing so, the Xushui Ran clan cannot covet the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake." Luo Tian thought in his mind.

    He silently stopped at a spot far away from Yi Yun and began to consume the black gases.

    Another person who made the same choice as him was Gu Luo.

    The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was already in Yi Yun's hands, but a large number of disciples had yet to finish their training.

    With half the allotted time passing, there were still a few who could not reach the fifth level, and some who even failed to reach the fourth level.

    As Luo Fengling looked at Yi Yun, who was on the seventh level. She took a deep breath and flew down towards the fifth level with a determined look. She began brandishing her sword and she slew several black specter shadows. She attempted to find her footing on the fifth level, but it was still very difficult…

    "Although there is no way to compete with Junior Brother Yi Yun, I have to at least surpass myself." Luo Divine Hall trained arduously. After coming to Mt. Azure Billow for the training, she realized that her cultivation time was just too little. Compared to the disciples who participated in the Luo Divine Hall trials, she was just at a disadvantage.

    However, Yi Yun was even more disadvantaged than her. Although his cultivation time was very short, he had still managed to trample on the experienced senior disciples. Unknowingly, Luo Fengling had already treated Yi Yun as her role model

    Xushui Ran clan.

    As one of the few large family clans in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the Xushui Ran clan possessed an entire floating continent.

    The entire continent was filled with lakes. The largest lake in the middle was as vast as a sea. This lake was different from the other mist-covered lakes, because it had huge waves that reached as high as the skies. The lake's water was as black as ink. Warriors of insufficient cultivation level would be washed away by the huge waves.

    In the middle of the black lake was a large island with pavilions dotted around it. It was where the Xushui Ran clan's mansion was.


    A gigantic bird of prey landed in front of the mansion and a figure landed appeared atop the bird.

    "Come on down." The person was a middle-aged man that looked like he was in his forties. He had a grim expression on his face, and he did not look like he was in a good mood.

    Following that, a teenage-looking man leaped off the bird. When he landed, he let out a low grunt as he nearly stumbled.

    The middle-aged man immediately frowned and said, "You can't even stand properly now?"

    "No, I'm standing very firmly, Fourth Uncle." Ran Yu whispered, but he bit his lips as his fingernails sank deep into his palm.

    Yi Yun!

    It was all thanks to Yi Yun for him becoming no different to a prodigal dog!

    He had returned to the Xushui Ran clan and he needed ten days before he could barely get out of bed. Indeed, as the middle-aged man said, he still could not stand properly. At least to jump down from such a high height from the mount was something that he could barely do.

    "Go back and recuperate well." The middle-aged man glanced at Ran Yu and said with a sigh.

    Ran Yu suddenly looked up and a look of indignation flashed in his eyes. "Fourth Uncle… but my injuries… "

    "The family already knows about your injuries." The middle-aged man shook his head.

    Seeing the middle-aged man's expression, Ran Yu's heart shrank. He felt short of breath as he lowered his head. "Is the family planning to… give up on me?"

    "Giving up is being overly serious, but if you wish that the family will use treasures or even an Ancient Fey bone to treat you, that's impossible. In the future, just stay in the family clan. You will be manning the estate in the south-west."

    Manning the estate!?

    Ran Yu's heart sank as though the last breath in him had been extracted. In the Xushui Ran clan, only those children that had no future would be sent to out to man the estates. They were basically given no hope to continue cultivation!

    Ran Yu was once a top genius in the family clan. With the exception of the top few people, he was the best. But now, he had been reduced to handling the family estates!

    "Fourth Uncle, I… "

    "Enough! Tomorrow, I will prepare some pills and relics for you. Speak no further. You attempted to harm that human, but you ended up crippling your Ranyi Fish bloodline… That person was only an Earth Fire Hall disciple, a human that had cultivated for only thirty years. He even came from a lower realm! What you have done has shamed the Xushui Ran clan! Do you think that the family clan will replenish your bloodline? Ran Yu, you have disappointed me too deeply in the trials!"

    The middle-aged man's voice turned harsh and Ran Yu felt dejected as his heart was filled with despair.

    He knew that his martial path might have come to an end. There was no chance for him to achieve much in the future. He had basically been abandoned by the family clan.

    His fourth uncle was one of the elders who was more fond of him, but for him to also say that…

    "Ran Yu, peacefully recuperate. As for that human from the lower realm, I'll remember him. Punishing you was alright, but he had gone too far when he destroyed your Ranyi Fish bloodline! When has a lowly human been able to destroy the bloodline of our Xushui Ran clan!? It's a slap in our Xushui Ran clan's face!"

    Upon saying this, a cold beam flashed in the middle-aged man's eyes.

    Ran Yu was infuriated as he clenched his fists till their trembled slightly. His eyes were already bloodshot.

    The middle-aged man said, "Go back. That won't be the end to this matter. I will definitely give you an answer for it!"

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