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Chapter 855: Long-awaited Familial

    Chapter 855: Long-awaited Familial

    In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, one was considered to have matured when they reached the Heaven Ascension realm as they were qualified to train outside.

    However, despite there being millions of Heaven Ascension realm warriors, the number of people who reached the pinnacle of martial arts was just a handful.

    The rest would exhaust their potential on their road to Heaven Ascension, or be trampled upon by others, becoming the accumulation of bones beneath the Heaven Ascension Great Dao.

    Yi Yun stood up and he sensed that the Yuan Qi in his body had increased by nearly 100%, as he clenched his fists.

    With a breath, Yi Yun put his feet in line with his hip and with strength going from his hip to his back, he punched out like the sudden pouncing of a tiger. Before the fist reached its target, a whistling fist wind had torn through the air and slammed into a mountain wall.

    Black Wind Valley's mountain walls had been immersed in black gases for hundreds of thousands of years, which made them extremely solid and as hard as diamond. Slashing down with a blade would not even leave a mark.


    All the oppressive forces in his body burst outward with that single punch as they slammed into Black Wind Valley's mountain wall. Large chunks of rubble blasted out and with gravel flying, Yi Yun's entire fist was lodged deep in the mountain wall!

    Furthermore, the hard mountain wall had cracks that spread out like spider webs with Yi Yun's fist at its core.

    The power of his fist was enough to cut into a mountain. That would have been nothing in the Tian Yuan world, but this was the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Black Wind Valley.

    The rocks in Black Wind Valley had been tempered by the black mist a prolonged period of time. They were extraordinarily resistant. And even if it was damaged by a fist, the mountain rock would slowly recover.

    Despite that, Yi Yun was very satisfied with the power of his punch.

    At this moment, Cang Mang looked at the time and suddenly said, "Alright, the collective training at Mt. Azure Billow is coming to an end. It's about time we end it."

    Most people had reached the fifth level in the Black Wind Valley trial. Yi Yun, who was thought to be one of the failures, had become the biggest winner.

    And the aspirant Ran Yu had ended up being crippled. It was truly a lamentable situation.

    Two spirit cruisers landed to pick up the disciples.

    "The trials at Mt. Azure Billow have ended. Following that, all of you will proceed directly to the Luo clan's royal capital! There, the Luo Divine Hall trials will be held. I wish that all of you will have good results." Cang Mang's gaze swept pass these disciples as he slowly said.

    Luo Divine Hall!

    Once the trials were mentioned, the disciples felt excited. It happened once every sixty years, and it brought honor to the family and the state they were in. There were also plenty of opportunities.

    Even if they knew that they were destined to amount to nothing, they still wanted to give it a try.

    "Junior Brother Yi, on our trip to the royal capital, just stay in the residence and do not go out. Cultivate in peace inside." Luo Fengling suddenly walked over and told him.

    Yi Yun knew that Luo Fengling was worried about the Xushui Ran clan, so he nodded and said with a smile, "Don't worry."

    "Alright." Luo Fengling did not know if Yi Yun was truly listening. He came from the lower realm and he lacked a background. It was extremely dangerous to face off against a behemoth like the Xushui Ran clan…

    The spirit cruisers lifted off separately a day apart, carrying the Phoenix Firmiana State and Fire Cloud State disciples away towards the Luo clan royal capital

    In the endless starry cosmos, a vast continent was shrouded by numerous bands of light. Large spirit cruisers shuttled through the bands of light, and amongst these spirit cruisers, the smallest was the size of a mountain, with numerous pavilions on it.

    There were also gigantic flying Fey beasts that were flying slowly.

    On the continent, the geological features were precipitous, with a countless number of immortal mountains springing up from the ground. They were like sharp swords that reached the sky. Above the immortal mountains, clouds circled them, and there was no lack of opulent palaces.

    This continent was where the Luo clan royal capital was situated. It was also the largest continent in the entire Luo clan.

    The Luo clan royal family that had been passed down for more than a hundred million years had lived on this continent for generations.

    Decades ago, they had entered a huge war with the enemy invading the entire continent all the way to the capital. They nearly succeeded in invading the capital. It also caused the royal heirs of the Luo clan to be evacuated.

    But now, after the war was over, the traces of war had already disappeared.

    At this moment, a Fey beast with a wingspan of more than ten meters suddenly called out sharply in the distance. It moved as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, it transformed into a red shadow that sank into a nebula band and flew towards the tallest immortal mountain.

    "It's the Luo clan royalty's Divine Swan." Someone on a spirit cruiser said.

    A Divine Swan had nearly zero combat strength, but it was the fastest Fey beast in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It was used as a messenger beast amongst the Luo clan royalty.

    Seeing the Divine Swan land on an immortal mountain, no one knew what important news had been passed from other states.


    The Divine Swan flew towards the immortal mountain and flew straight to the mountainside, where a huge palace was.

    Princess Purple Spirit’s Residence.

    This mansion was a residence that was second only to the Emperor and Empress' imperial palace in the Luo clan's royal capital. It was superior to many kingly residences.

    It was located on the same stretch as Prince Crimson Firmament's residence, so its importance was obvious.

    To the people in the Luo clan royal capital, these two people were important figures. One of them was bound to ascend and step into the empyrean palace.

    But at this moment, Princess Purple Spirit, who was one of the heir candidates to the Luo clan throne and a proud daughter of heaven that numerous Luo clan citizens could not even look at in reverence, was baring her feet and busying herself in her boudoir.


    A loud explosion boomed, but the old servant outside the boudoir did not move, as though she did not hear a thing.

    Amidst the black smoke, a yellow-dressed girl with a round face was coughing as she said, "Princess, how many times has it been!? If this goes on, you will blow up the entire building!"

    "Hmph, there are array formations here, so how can it blow up? A little servant girl like you only knows how to speak nonsense," said another girl while waving her hand nonchalantly. Instantly, a refreshing wind blew over and swept the black smoke away.

    The girl in the black smoke also revealed herself. If Yi Yun was here, he would immediately recognize her to be Luo Huo'er!

    More than ten years had passed, and Luo Huo'er had a more refined look. She had an extremely noble air to her that flowed naturally from her brows. Most of the Luo clan royalty inherited good looks, and Luo Huo'er's beauty was considered stunning even in the royal family. She had the charm of her mother, Empress Xuanhou.

    Luo Huo'er was only wearing a tight-fit heavenly silk shirt. The light linen softly adhered to her skin, accentuating her figure perfectly. Her breasts were ample and she had a thin waist. Her legs were long and slender, while her black hair cascaded down her back, as though it was the most beautiful satin.

    "Princess, I heard that Prince Crimson Firmament has recently been roping in several family clans, aren't you worried? Why do you keep researching the Desolate Heaven technique? Her Highness Xuanhou is worried to death. I heard that Her Highness Xuanhou has delegated Prince Pingnan to rope in geniuses from everywhere to make preparations for the Luo Divine Hall trials. Princess, how can you not care?" The maid servant said with a pout.

    "Why should I be anxious? I'm not the one who wants to ascend to the throne. If I was given the throne, wouldn't I have to write royal decrees daily? Just thinking of it irritates me to no end!" Luo Huo'er ran over to look at her Desolate Heaven Cauldron and said nonchalantly.

    "But… "

    "You dare to carry on!?" Luo Huo'er turned around and stared at the maid servant with her beautiful eyes. "Nice going, Chun Ye. Were you bribed by Mother? Look at Dong'er and how well-behaved she is. She doesn't nag."

    When Luo Huo'er said this, she pointed at Dong'er, who was dozing at a corner. If Yi Yun was here, he would definitely be surprised that despite although more than a decade had passed, Dong'er still looked like a eleven or twelve-year-old loli. She did not grow up at all.

    Upon seeing Dong'er, Chun Ye stared at her grumpily. "That rascal would do fine just having buns to eat. Other than that, all she does is sleep. How would she say a thing? She doesn't even have any thoughts, but Princess… "

    "Enough, are you even done? If you keep continuing on, I will send you to watch the gates. And it’s perfect that you are a descendant of a primordial Fey beast, using you to watch the gates is quite classy."

    "Watch… watch the gates? Princess, I've served you for quite a long period of time. I've done hard work even if I have not performed any meritorious deeds. To think you want me to watch the gates… " Chun Ye stared widely as she felt aggrieved.

    Upon seeing that Chun Ye was about to cry, Luo Huo'er impatiently snorted and said, "Enough, enough. I knew you must have been listening to Mother. No wonder you have no end to it. Fine, I'll ask about it in the next few days."

    "Thank you, Princess! Princess, I'm doing it for your own good. That Prince Crimson Firmament doesn't seem like a good person in any way. How can the Luo throne be given to him? It has to be yours!" Chun Ye said.

    At this moment, the old servant's voice suddenly sounded from outside the door. "Princess, Young Master Xuan Junyue wishes to seek an audience."

    Luo Huo'er frowned and wanted to reject him, but she noticed Chun Ye beside her looking pitifully at her.

    Luo Huo'er took back her words as she said, "Then, let him wait."

    Saying that, Luo Huo'er knocked the dozing Dong'er’s head and said, "Stop sleeping. Your saliva is dripping onto the table. Hurry up and help me change. It's been so many years, and you have not improved at all. All you know is sleep and eat!"

    Luo Huo'er rolled her eyes at Dong'er.

    Dong'er rubbed her head and said in an aggrieved manner, "But I grow slowly… "

    "Enough! That Xuan Junyue comes visit me every other day. It's so irritating. I wonder what's the matter this time."

    "I heard that the Divine Swan just returned. There must be something important." As Chun Ye said, she dragged the slow Dong'er and helped Luo Huo'er change.

    In the middle of a wide and grand hall, a man dressed in white was standing up straight, as he stood conscientiously.

    His handsome face had sword like eyebrows and star-like eyes as he carried a sword on his back. He stood there, faintly exuding a sharp aura, as though he was a sword that was about to be unsheathed.

    At this moment, extremely light footsteps could be heard outside the door. This sound was like a gentle breeze, and every step sounded like a beauty was dancing towards it.

    Upon hearing this sound, the man's eyes flashed with a smile as he looked at the door.

    Ding Ding Ding… As the sounds of jade being gently hit sounded, a stunning beauty came in from outside the door.

    Princess Purple Spirit's beauty was known by everyone in the Luo clan, but few had the chance to glimpse her face.

    The girl was dressed in a red dress, and her black and long satin-like hair reached down to her waist. Her skin was crystalline as though it was the highest grade of white jade. Her eyes were like water and her sharp nose gave her a radiant look. It was filled with an intense sense of dignity, that made one involuntarily feel ashamed of themselves.

    This was not only because of her status as the Luo clan's royalty, but it was also because of the nobility of her Ancient Fey bloodline.

    Under Dong'er's companionship, Luo Huo'er walked into the hall.

    "Greetings to Princess Purple Spirit." Xuan Junyue hastily bowed.

    Although he was part of Empress Xuanhou's family, and he was considered to be Luo Huo'er's cousin, he was only a genius from a family clan, while she was a heir to the Luo clan throne. Xuan Junyue did not dare breach etiquette.

    "Yeah." Luo Huo'er acknowledged tersely and sat down at the seat of honor. She then slightly frowned and said, "What are you standing for?"

    "Thank you Princess Purple Spirit for conferring me a seat." Xuan Junyue said.

    Conferring a seat? This Princess just finds you an eyesore standing!

    However, Luo Huo'er would not say this out loud. Xuan Junyue was from her mother's family clan. He was one of the top geniuses in the younger generation that even Her Highness Xuanhou thought highly of. For the sake of her mother, she could not be too nasty to him.

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