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Chapter 856: Get him to Call me Master

    Chapter 856: Get him to Call me Master

    "Why are you looking for me??" Luo Huo'er asked lightly.

    Luo Huo'er's light tone was understood by Chun Ye, who was beside her. She knew that the meaning behind her Princess' words were: Say whatever you have quickly. Once you are done, leave. This Princess still isn't done with refining relics.

    Xuan Junyue immediately brushed his robe, stood up and said, "Her Highness Empress Xuan invites Princess over. It’s an urgent matter, so it is requested that Princess proceeds with this lowly servant as soon as possible."

    "What's Mother calling me for?" Luo Huo'er glanced at Xuan Junyue and she felt irritated. Xuan Junyue ran to her mother all day, as though he was treating her mother as his mother.

    When she thought about this, Luo Huo'er had a headache. "If that's the case, I'll go visit Mother."

    Fenghua Palace, Empress Xuan's palace. It was one of the two larger palace in the royal harem.

    Empress Xuan and Empress Luo were both given the title of Empress, and both of them had Ancient Fey family clans supporting them. They were both extremely prominent in the Luo clan.

    Empress Xuan entered the harem slightly later, but due to her outstanding talent, her cultivation speed in the palace was not any slower than Empress Luo’s, so she was quickly on par with Empress Luo, winning the trust of Emperor Luo.

    However, Empress Luo's faction had been in operation for a long time and Prince Crimson Firmament himself had a powerful influence as well. Even though Luo Huo'er's talents were outstanding, and she was given a lot of help in various aspects by Empress Xuan, it was still extremely difficult for her to ascend to the throne.

    What made Empress Xuan dispirited was her daughter's personality. She did as she pleased and she was dedicated to studying her martial arts and Desolate Heaven technique. She had no interest in vying for the throne.

    "Arrival of Princess Purple Spirit!"

    Following that, Luo Huo'er's figure appeared by the palace's door. A tiny frown immediately appeared on Empress Xuan's beautiful face as she looked like her mind was in pain.

    "Mother, why did you have to call me over?" Before Luo Huo'er reached Empress Xuan, her pouty voice could be heard.

    "You are actually willing to come." Empress Xuan said with a sigh and shook her head.

    "Why wouldn't I come? I was planning on visiting Mother. Wasn't I just busy?" Luo Huo'er came to Empress Xuan's side like a gust of wind and sat down beside her petulantly.

    "Busy? You should be busy, but what you should busy yourself over is proper matters. Huo'er, vying for the throne cannot be stopped once it begins. Once we are defeated, no good will come out of it for us. The Luo Divine Hall trials are about to begin, and our Luo clan will have the first Luo Divine Hall trials in decades after the war ended. At the war, our Luo clan lost too many mighty figures, and no one knows how many factions are waiting for the Luo Divine Hall trials to begin."

    "Huo'er, you do not care about any of this, so you do not know that your Father thinks very highly about the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials. If our performance at the Luo Divine Hall trials surpasses Crimson Firmament’s, you will become the more appropriate candidate for the throne in your Father and his subjects' eyes.

    Saying that, Empress Xuan took out a jade slip and said, "Just now, Prince Pingnan sent a Divine Swan back with information. It lists the geniuses who were recommended by us and are likely to have promising performances at the Luo Divine Hall trials. Take a look at it."

    Luo Huo'er took the jade slip and as she probed it slightly, she immediately frowned silently.

    So many!?

    It's too long. I don't want to read it.

    Luo Huo'er's eyes turned and looked at Xuan Junyue, "Doesn't Xuan Junyue know all of this very clearly? Why don't you simply summarize it?"

    There were so many people with detailed information introducing them on the jade. Luo Huo'er could not even be bothered to read all of it.

    "You brat!" Empress Xuan frowned. How could she not know what was going on in Luo Huo'er's tiny head?

    "Forget it, Junyue, go ahead and tell her." Empress Xuan said with a headache.

    "Yes, Your Highness, Princess." Xuan Junyue answered, "Actually, amongst the geniuses here, most of them are average in my point of view. A few are worthy of attention, especially Cloud Water State's Mo Sang, Heaven Fall State's Gu Qing, and Spirit Feathers State's Ling Wu. They all have Heaven Fey bloodline and they have cultivated for more than four decades. They have long acquired their fame and are the cream of the crop."

    "Also, there is a person from the Fire Cloud State whose performance at the Mt. Azure Billow collective training was extremely outstanding. Also, worth mentioning is that he is a human." As Xuan Junyue said this, he also found it unbelievable. For a human to obtain first place, especially success in Black Wind Valley, it was extremely rare.

    "Our Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven only has a few humans. In the other Empyrean Heavens, the humans aren't weak as well. Why would it be surprising to have a human genius?" Luo Huo'er said nonchalantly. She couldn't care if they were Heaven Fey or human. All she cared about now was the cauldron in her boudoir. A new batch of relics were being refined in there, and she did not feel at ease about letting her maid servant, Chun Ye, watch it.

    "This human is truly different from the humans from other Empyrean Heavens. His name is Yi Yun, and he is a newly recruited disciple of the Fire Cloud State's Earth Fire Hall. As his performance in Fire Spirit Palace was outstanding, he was recommended to Prince Pingnan. He was not a member of our Luo clan prior to that, and he was rescued by a Fire Cloud State Heaven Fire Hall disciple." Xuan Junyue said.

    Upon saying this, Xuan Junyue suddenly realized that Luo Huo'er's expression had apparently changed.

    "Yi Yun?" Luo Huo'er was taken aback slightly. That name left a deep impression on her.

    "It should be impossible that it's that darn rascal… " Upon thinking about this, Luo Huo'er ground her teeth hatefully.

    As a princess of the Luo clan, one of the heirs to the Luo empyrean throne, she had been bullied by a country boy in a lower realm…

    Once she thought about Yi Yun's mature ways beyond his age, and his composed look, Luo Huo'er was infuriated.

    Xuan Junyue noticed Luo Huo'er's nasty expression and was greatly disturbed.

    "Does Princess know of this Yi Yun?" Xuan Junyue asked.

    Luo Huo'er said, "It's probably only a person who shares the same name."

    That punk was definitely still in some corner in the lower realm like a frog in the bottom of a well. Back then despite losing to the punk, this princess was just being a dragon in a puddle of shrimps. If it wasn’t for Mother preventing me from using the Luo clan's cultivation techniques or mystic techniques, because she was afraid that my identity would be revealed, what sort of problems would there be!?

    Luo Huo'er surmised that the punk, Yi Yun, was probably just at the Yuan Opening realm. At this realm, he was already considered a sage in the lower realm. However, in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, he was barely a foot soldier.

    Maybe she should find an opportunity to return to the Tian Yuan world and bring that rascal, Yi Yun, to the Luo clan to show him her prowess, letting him know how noble this princess' identity is.

    She wanted to show the punk that to go far in martial arts, it was not enough to stay in those tiny worlds. There was a need to come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and rub shoulders with this princess. If he were to prostrate himself in front of this princess, this princess shall be kind and accept him as a lackey. When the time comes, he would understand that his strength was nothing at all.

    "Hehe, that guy is obsessed with martial arts. He definitely would want to cultivate my Luo clan's cultivation techniques. When the time comes, I can get him to call me master! That would definitely feel good!"

    With this thoughts in mind, Luo Huo'er could not help but reveal a sinister smile.

    However, this smile surprised Xuan Junyue.

    Even though it had a touch of sinisterness, as long as Luo Huo'er smiled, it would be like the blooming of flowers, dazzling others.

    Obviously, this smile would not appear for no reason, so it was clearly because she thought of another Yi Yun…

    "That Yi Yun, who is he?" Xuan Junyue suddenly felt alarmed and was wary.

    Although he was extremely respectful to Luo Huo'er, he had already considered himself a suitor of Luo Huo'er in his heart.

    In the future, if Luo Huo'er were to ascend the throne, as her husband, he would definitely be a dragon amongst people. And with Xuan Junyue being born into Empress Xuan's family, he was a top genius in the family, so he had cultivated with great effort.

    No one knew who the person Luo Huo'er was referring to that could leave such an impression on Luo Huo'er. Just thinking of that smile, that person was probably a genius from a prominent family background. Naturally, it could not be the Yi Yun on the name list. Although he was talented, it was only decent. In terms of background, it was not worth mentioning at all.

    Xuan Junyue felt an urgent sense of danger.

    "Oh right, how did this Yi Yun perform?" Luo Huo'er suddenly asked out of curiosity.

    "First at the Mt. Azure Billow collective training. He obtained the Dao Tree and Extreme Yang Illumination divine columns' rating of Hibernation Awakening in the Ancient Fey Edifice. At Black Wind Valley, he captured the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake." Xuan Junyue answered.

    "Oh, that's pretty awesome." Luo Huo'er nodded.

    "Huo'er, This human's performance is already not bad. He came from a lower realm, but he has two Aspect Totems. And after he absorbed an Ancient Fey bone, he obtained a Heaven Devouring Flood Dragon bloodline. In my point of view, he is quite a diligent fellow." Empress Xuan said.

    Xuan Junyue echoed, "It's not easy to have such performance for a human from the lower realm. However, his foundation is too weak, so he might not be able to amount to much in the future… "

    Xuan Junyue was haughty, so he was naturally more reserved when he rated other geniuses.

    Empress Xuan said, "The people who did quite well for the collective training are already on their way to the royal capital. Soon, I will be summoning them, and Huo'er, you should meet them when the time comes."

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