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Chapter 857: Empress Luo’s Banquet

    Chapter 857: Empress Luo’s Banquet

    "Yes, Mother… " Luo Huo'er answered with a clear lack of interest and she was rather reluctant to do so. Luo Huo'er also knew that the reason why her mother had requested for her to show up was to further draw in the geniuses, and show the world her love for talent. If she did not do so, how could more geniuses and the family clans behind them be willing to join their camp?

    Empress Xuan glanced at Luo Huo'er and she sighed in her heart. Luo Huo'er might not put these matters at hard, but Prince Crimson Firmament had already established a massive force, and it was constantly expanding.

    If they did not adopt vigorous measures, even those family clans and factions that stood on their side might even end up being convinced by Prince Crimson Firmament to switch camps.

    The abdication of the throne was at hand, so Empress Luo and Prince Crimson Firmament were using every means possible.

    At this moment, a flash of light appeared as a voice transmission charm appeared in front of Empress Xuan.

    After hearing the information in the voice transmission charm, Empress Xuan frowned slightly.

    "A voice transmission charm from Empress Luo?" Xuan Junyue inquired. Empress Luo had a unique voice transmission charm, so standing nearby, he could recognise it at a glance.

    "Yes… " Empress Xuan nodded. "Empress Luo has set up a banquet and has invited us, as well as the geniuses partaking in the trials to attend it. It looks like she plans on showing a display of force."

    "Then what are we to do?" Xuan Junyue found the matter somewhat tricky. Their present forces were naturally far inferior to Empress Luo's.

    "We shall go. The geniuses we have attracted must have been invited as well. If we do not go, those geniuses might think that we are afraid of Empress Luo. When the time comes, they might end up being roped in by them."

    Empress Xuan crushed the voice transmission charm and she looked at Luo Huo'er. "Huo'er, you are not to fool around at Empress Luo's place. A princess must act like a princess. Your nonsense can be ignored at home, but when you are out, if you were to embarrass yourself, no one knows how others will think of you. Please give me peace of mind!"

    "Yes, Mother." Luo Huo'er spat out her cute tongue, but no one knew if she heeded Empress Xuan's exhortations

    "We are almost arriving at the Luo clan's royal capital." On the spirit cruiser, a Fire Cloud State disciple said excitedly.

    Even Luo Fengling's eyes immediately flashed with a hint of excitement.

    She had been arduously cultivating in pursuit of martial arts. She had rose up with difficulty, and now, she finally took that solid step forward, arriving at the holy land that she had always longed for — the Luo clan's royal capital.

    The Luo clan royal capital was not a place that anyone could go to as they wished.

    The numerous nebula bands revolving around the Luo clan royal capital were an array protecting the capital. Unless they received the permit to enter the capital, it was impossible to enter.

    Normal disciples might never have a chance in their entire lives to enter the Luo clan royal capital.

    "Right in front of us is the Luo clan royal capital. You will be directly sent to the Luo Divine Hall and you will stay there. However, don't be in a rush to be too happy. Look around you." The Fire Cloud State person-in-charge of leading them said coldly.

    The disciples on the two spirit cruisers looked around and they saw many other spirit cruisers docked in the vicinity of the royal capital's nebula band along the perimeter.

    They saw many spirit cruisers that came from other states.

    These spirit cruiser had flags of different states.

    “That's the Rain Immortal State’s spirit cruiser, and that spirit cruiser, it's the Earth Desolate State’s." A disciple said.

    At a glance, they saw at least twenty state flags.

    The numerous flags fluttered as more than a hundred spirit cruisers headed towards the royal capital.

    Even though they knew that the Luo clan had a total of 196 states, and that some of the states were several times larger than the Fire Cloud State and the Phoenix Firmiana State, it still gave everyone a startling feeling.

    Other than the 196 states, there were also ancient family clans with deep heritage. For example, the Xushui Ran clan was one such family clan. It also independently nurtured geniuses from the family and sent them to the Luo clan's royal capital! These large family clans would typically nurture the truly exception geniuses themselves. Only the slightly weaker ones, like Ran Yu, were sent to other states for training.

    Therefore, it was destined for the royal capital to be filled with outstanding elites!

    Despite knowing this, the feeling that one got from truly witnessing the scene of densely packed spirit cruisers, so large in size that their ends could not be seen, was truly phenomenal.

    The Fire Cloud State present could not help but sigh and realize their minuteness.

    They knew that to compete with people like these, many of them were destined to be green leaves that only accentuated the flowers…

    "Oh? That's the Heaven Fall State's spirit cruiser!" A disciple suddenly said.

    The Heaven Fall State was one of the top five states ranked amongst the 196 states!

    As for the Fire Cloud State, it was only ranked in the middle, so the disparity in strength between the two states was non-trivial.

    Although the Heaven Fall State's spirit cruiser was a standard spirit cruiser, its size was several times bigger than the Fire Cloud State's. There was no doubt that the number of young elites that their spirit cruiser carried was many more than the Fire Cloud State's. It was only natural that such a large state would be given more spots.

    Yi Yun looked at the Heaven Fall State's flag that comprised of a bursting flame. Its fiery redness was harsh on the eyes.

    "At the Luo Divine Hall trials, the competition will be immense. The lot of you may be the best in the Fire Cloud State, but amongst the geniuses from 196 states, you might not attract as much attention. Besides, don't forget, there is still the strongest faction, the Luo clan royal capital! The Luo clan royal capital's strength far exceeds any state and family clan! You will have to depend on your efforts in order to obtain a good result at the Luo Divine Hall trials."

    The person-in-charge of leading them said and with a wave of his hand, the two spirit cruisers passed through the nebula band and headed for the Luo clan's royal capital.

    As the spirit cruiser passed through layers of nebula bands, it quickly approached an immortal mountain, which stood erect like a sharp sword.

    Yi Yun looked down and he exhaled lightly.

    This competition was truly intense!

    However, this made Yi Yun feel a surge of emotions. He had just made a breakthrough and he was thinking of testing his own strength!


    As the wind howled, the spirit cruisers carrying the geniuses who were going to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials from the 196 states had arrived at the royal capital.

    They landed on a large mountain, which had a wide platform built on it. The platform was almost flush with the other divine mountains around it, as though it was a flat piece of land that suspended in mid air. Even a large spirit cruiser was like a speck of dust when it landed on the platform.

    Around the platform, there were large and opulent palaces and Yi Yun was assigned to one of them.

    The palace was bright and spacious with well-equipped facilities, and there were more than ten servants to serve him. And on a table in the middle of the palace, there was an invitation.

    Upon opening it, Yi Yun realized it was a banquet invitation and it was signed by — Empress Luo!

    Yi Yun pondered for a moment. He naturally knew that Empress Luo was Prince Crimson Firmament's biological mother. The reason why the Luo Divine Hall trials raged like a storm was mainly because of the competition between Prince Crimson Firmament and Princess Purple Spirit.

    "Empress Luo did not only invite us to the banquet, she has also invited Empress Xuan… " Yi Yun read the introduction in the invitation and he was slightly surprised. However, regardless of anything, he was now a Luo clan disciple, so there was no reason for him to reject a banquet invitation from an Empress.

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