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Chapter 860: Script Written in Vain

    Chapter 860: Script Written in Vain

    Was Yi Yun dumb? Why did he dare be that disrespectful to Princess Purple Spirit?

    He was slower to pay his respects and he stared at Princess Purple Spirit. Furthermore, he even put on such an odd expression.

    "To be so unaware of the rules, he is indeed a bumpkin from the lower realms." Ran Xueyi sneered in his heart. The elites present racked their heads to leave a good impression on Princess Purple Spirit, but Yi Yun was such a retard to act so eccentric. He had offended the princess.

    For Princess Purple Spirit to produce such an impression, she had apparently been affronted by Yi Yun's actions. Other than that, Ran Xueyi could not think of any other possibility. If one were to say that Princess Purple Spirit had been attracted by this inferior human? That would be a joke.

    Ran Xueyi looked at Yi Yun with a faint smile, and he waited for him to make a fool of himself.

    However, a single statement from Princess Purple Spirit completely froze the smile on Ran Xueyi's face.

    "It's really you… You actually came to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven?"

    Luo Huo'er was truly feeling stumped after she saw Yi Yun.

    She may have maintained a dignified and elegant composure on the surface, but deep in her heart, it was already being trampled by 10,000 Ancient Fey beasts with mud-stained hoofs.

    What the heck was going on!?

    She knew very well that more than a decade ago, Yi Yun was still a country bumpkin in a tiny area of a lower realm! Be it his strength or knowledge, there was no way that Yi Yun could advance past the limits of that world in every possible aspect. How did he come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven in such a short period of time alone, and had even obtained first place after being far in the lead at a collective training?

    Being first place in a collective training wasn't much, but just thinking of where Yi Yun had his origins more than a decade ago was such a shocking realization!

    His cultivation speed and his speed at nomological insight were way too fast. What sort of freakish talent was this to be able to reach such a state?

    It sure was odd. This princess was clearly the genius with the most powerful Ancient Fey bloodline in the entire Luo clan and she also had exceptionally high perception. But why did she feel like she was being suppressed by this fellow the moment she saw him?

    Back in the Tai Ah Divine City, Luo Huo'er's Desolate Heaven technique had been inferior to Yi Yun's. That could be ignored since her mother had prohibited her from using the techniques from the Luo clan. She could only use the Desolate Heaven techniques from the lower realm that she learned on short notice, so there was no way that her achievements reflected her true talent.

    She could ignore the Desolate Heaven technique, but when Luo Huo'er was cultivating in a training chamber, Yi Yun had seen every part of her body. That was the most teeth-wrenching experience Luo Huo'er ever had.

    Later on, Luo Huo'er had set a trap for the fellow, but for some reason, the trap somehow backfired on her!

    Just recently, Luo Huo'er was still considering if she could ask her mother if she could make a trip to the lower realm and bring that bumpkin up to this world to broaden his horizons and let him know that the reason why she had lost to him was because she was not at all serious. If they had really come to blows, she would instantly crush him!

    Luo Huo'er would have loved to see Yi Yun's shocked expression when she brought him to the Luo clan's royal capital and see its grandeur and flourishing establishment. Especially when Yi Yun would learn that her identity was a princess of the highest identity in the royal capital, wouldn't he pay homage to her and offer to be her lackey?

    But now… despite having written the script, without any rehearsals beginning, the show's curtains had come to a close.

    This fellow had managed to climb up here himself!

    How did he do that?

    Especially after seeing the fellow's expression, Luo Huo'er really felt like her heart was being trampled by 10,000 Ancient Fey beasts with mud-stained hoofs. His odd expression was a result of a stifled laugh that he repressed because he did not want to embarrass her.

    Clearly, her identity as a princess was already within Yi Yun's expectations. He had known of it early on!

    Luo Huo'er thought that Yi Yun would be astonished after learning of the matter and he would prostrate himself before her. In the end, not only did Yi Yun not prostrate himself, but he was also thinking of laughing!

    Clearly, Yi Yun knew what sort of person Luo Huo'er was. At a glance, he knew that Luo Huo'er's elegance and dignity were faked to keep up an appearance.

    Luo Huo'er hated such banquets with numerous people the most. However, for her mother, she had to maintain her image and tolerate maintaining a front that she hated to do, but this fellow was actually mocking her!

    It was infuriating!

    Having been seen through, Luo Huo'er didn't even feel like acting any further. She forced herself to hold back on the urge to beat someone and she said to Yi Yun with a smile, "Yi Yun, it's really you. It's truly been long time no see."

    Yi Yun stifled his urge to laugh and clasped his fists. He said with a straight face, "Yi Yun greets the Princess. It has been so many years. Meeting you today, Princess Purple Spirit is truly of unsurpassed beauty and glamorous."

    Although Yi Yun's words were highly respectful, how could the smiling intent in his eyes escape Luo Huo'er? Clearly, this fellow did not show any signs of veneration because of her identity as princess.

    Their conversation absolutely lacked the joy of a reunion that close friends should have after a long period of time. However, this conversation sounded completely different in the ears of others.

    Every elite in the Luo clan, including Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu, was dumbfounded!

    The princess knew this fellow, and… they appeared to be very familiar!

    How was this possible? What sort of noble status did Princess Purple Spirit enjoy? How did she get to know a lowly human punk who lacked any form of background?

    For Princess Purple Spirit to say the words ‘long time no see’ that bordered on affection, that meant that Yi Yun was a friend of Princess Purple Spirit!

    A human had become Princess Purple Spirit's friend? That was unthinkable!

    At this moment, Ran Xueyi, who was standing beside Princess Purple Spirit, probably had the ugliest expression. Yi Yun and Luo Huo'er truly knew each other! Furthermore, Luo Huo'er apparently did not pursue Yi Yun's lack of etiquette.

    In Ran Xueyi's impression, Princess Purple Spirit was always composed. But today, after meeting Yi Yun, there was a rare loss of her cool. Although it was not obvious, Ran Xueyi had managed to notice it because of his close distance. Princess Purple Spirit's eyes, which spoke volumes, had flashed a look of surprise and coquetry.

    Who was this punk who could make Princess Purple Spirit experience such emotional swings?

    "Yi Yun, sit at this table then!" Luo Huo'er pointed at a table and said with a ‘cordial’ expression.

    Upon seeing the table, the corner of Ran Xueyi's mouth twitched. Donglin Yu also had a wry smile on his face.

    This table was the closest table to Luo Huo'er's seat!

    In Luo Lucid Springs, the arrangement of the tables was a fastidious show of political intrigue. The closer it was to the middle, the more noble the seat was. Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu were already considered close to the middle, but now, Yi Yun’s seat was even closer than theirs!

    How could Ran Xueyi feel pleasant about this?

    He was one of the four great young masters of the royal capital. Yet, a human punk had come and sat at a spot more closer to the middle than his. It was even closer to Princess Purple Spirit! What the heck was this?

    "Thank you Princess for conferring me a seat."

    Yi Yun did not think too much of it and without standing on ceremony, he sat at the designated seat.

    This immediately made all the young elites present envious.

    They finally realized what was going on.

    Princess Purple Spirit and the punk probably had an unusual relationship. Compared to Yi Yun, they were practically passers-by that did not matter. She did not even glance at them.

    Just moments ago, they had been mocking Yi Yun for his presumptuous and foolish behavior of daring stand up against the Xushui Ran clan and Ran Xueyi.

    But from the looks of it, the people who were truly foolish were them.

    Could it be… that Princess Purple Spirit was Yi Yun's backer!?

    That would be ridiculous! If that fellow truly had a good relationship with Princess Purple Spirit, just that alone made him enjoy a background much better than many!

    Seeing Yi Yun sit down, Luo Huo'er maintained a smile. On the surface, she did not look at Yi Yun anymore, but her voice transmission had rung in Yi Yun's ears.

    "Not bad, little Yun for you to have the ability to come here. You even got first place in the collective training. Your wings have indeed hardened. Come on, tell this elder sister of yours how you came to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven."

    Luo Huo'er's words rendered Yi Yun somewhat speechless. Luo Huo'er wasn't young anymore, but she still insisted on gaining a sense of superiority when it came to words.

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