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Chapter 868: Rules of the Competition

    Chapter 868: Rules of the Competition

    "Everyone, let me introduce him. This is Young Master Luo Mo." Prince Crimson Firmament stood up and toasted Luo Mo from a distance.

    This simple action was an indication that Luo Mo was one of his men.

    Luo Mo gave Prince Crimson Firmament a slight bow. With a glass in hand, he drank the wine in one gulp.

    Luo Mo's behavior had an indescribable free and easy grace. Many of the girls present had a brilliance in their eyes when they saw Luo Mo.

    They had also heard of Luo Mo's name when they were in their own states. Although they did not go as far as worshiping him, they would still feel ripples going through their hearts when they encountered such a handsome man who stirred waves in the royal capital.

    After drinking the wine, Luo Mo's gaze landed on Yi Yun. He had learned of the situation through a Yuan Qi voice transmission and he was aware of the reason why Prince Crimson Firmament had summoned him.

    "Friend, I'm Luo Mo." Luo Mo smiled at Yi Yun.

    "Yi Yun." Despite knowing the person opposite him was an enemy, Yi Yun did not lose any form of decorum.

    "So it's Young Master Yi. I like to be frank. I heard you that defeated Luo Kui in the Desolate Heaven technique using 'very interesting' means. I am curious as to how Young Master Yi did it, can you teach me?"

    Luo Mo was suspicious that Yi Yun had used some unknown technique to rip Luo Kui off.

    However, what would Yi Yun tell Luo Mo? He said with a smile, "I wouldn't call it interesting. I used a technique called the '36 Basic Hand Seals'. In the lower realm, this is the most basic technique of the Desolate Heaven technique. Don't think lightly of the 'basic' in its name. It actually contains hundreds of alterations. Why? Is Young Master Luo interested in the Desolate Heaven techniques of the lower realm? I can lend it to you if you would like to peruse it."

    Yi Yun said ‘very generously’. When everyone heard this, they rolled their eyes. Who the hell would want to learn your lower realm's '36 Basic Hand Seals'? It was a something used to teach kids. They didn't want it even if it was free. A few hundred alterations? A few hundred my ass? Didn't it still refine a 'poor' quality relic!?

    Many family clans would willingly take out their best Desolate Heaven technique heritage to attract Luo Mo's service, yet Luo Mo might not even think highly of them.

    "Young Master Yi, you really like to joke."

    Even though Luo Mo was cultured, he was rendered speechless to the point that his mouth slightly twitched when he heard Yi Yun's words that bordered on absurdness.

    He even suspected that Yi Yun was playing dumb. Hence, he suddenly looked at the third-grade relic that Yi Yun had just refined.

    It was a gray-colored relic, like a glass ball dug out of a ditch.

    He was hoping that he could see something peculiar about it, but no matter how much he examined it, it was the most standard of standard 'poor' quality relic. Even the impurities were not cleaned away.

    Luo Mo was greatly disappointed. Against such a person, he could not be bothered to compete with him. It was like an adult sparring with a child. There was nothing much to talk about it, and even if he won, people would say that he was a bully.

    "Young Master Luo, what do you think about this relic?" Someone noticed Luo Mo's expression and asked with a look of interest.

    Luo Mo sighed and said, "If it's meant to feed cattle, it's still passable."

    When Luo Mo said this, many people could not help but laugh.

    Luo Mo glanced at Yi Yun and he felt that Yi Yun probably truly did not know how terrifying the standard of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven technique was.

    However, since his competition with Yi Yun was ordered by Prince Crimson Firmament, he could not refuse it.

    With a snap of his fingers, a golden desolate heaven cauldron jumped out from the middle of his palm. It was a tiny golden cauldron that was the size of a chicken egg and it began to playfully spin on his fingertip.

    With the desolate heaven cauldron taken out, it was clear that he was going to showcase his skill.

    Everyone was immediately intrigued. Luo Mo had used music and paintings as his foundations into martial arts. His Desolate Heaven technique accomplishments were extraordinary. Few people his age could match him, and compared to Luo Kui, Luo Mo was much better.

    If it was a person like Luo Mo, even if Princess Purple Spirit was the one opposite him, it would not be demeaning for her status.

    But if it was Yi Yun Everyone looked at Yi Yun with odd expressions.

    Yi Yun was also someone who did not like to continue engaging in meaningless nonsense. Seeing Luo Mo take out his tool, Yi Yun took out his desolate heaven disk array very naturally.

    When Luo Mo saw Yi Yun's desolate heaven disk array, he faltered for a moment. He had only heard a brief description of Yi Yun's victory over Luo Kui. He did not know that Yi Yun had been using a tool of such 'supreme-grade'.

    Using that?

    Luo Mo's impression of the disk array was that even if it was given to him, he would probably give it to his servant and make sure that it was used as a shovel to throw out the trash.

    "What shall we compete on?" Yi Yun ignored Luo Mo's strange gaze.

    "Anything will do." Luo Mo said without much interest. "Let me warn you on one point. If you are hoping that I will blow my cauldron while refining a relic, that is impossible."

    Yi Yun laughed. He was also not planning on causing Luo Mo's cauldron to blow up. He could tell that Luo Mo's Desolate Heaven technique was extremely strong. With him being wary, it would not be easy to nudge the energy structure inside Luo Mo's desolate heaven cauldron. Besides, if he did it time and again, it would be suspicious.

    Therefore, Yi Yun planned on competing with Luo Mo fair and square from the beginning. He said, "Then let's compete on the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven technique!"


    When Yi Yun said this, everyone present was astounded. Competing in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven technique? Did Yi Yun know it?

    Could it be possible that they had made a mistake? Was Yi Yun truly acting the pig to eat a tiger?

    Yi Yun said with a smile, "I actually know a thing or two about the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven technique. Back when I first arrived at the Fire Cloud State, I was assigned to a Heaven Fire Hall disciple's mountain. I met a maidservant named Tao'er, who was practicing the Desolate Heaven technique, and there, I read the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique'. Let us compete using the seventy-two techniques recorded in the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique' and judge it based on the refined quality?"

    Yi Yun had never learned any of the advanced methods of the Desolate Heaven technique, so if he were to compete with Luo Mo on those, it was unrealistic.

    But back then, he was only a miscellaneous chores disciple at Mt. Fengling. He had been recuperating while guiding Tao'er on the Desolate Heaven technique for half a month. Yi Yun had seen everything about the Desolate Heaven technique that Tao'er had practiced. Hence, Yi Yun understood the seventy-two introductory methods.

    He had probed into the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique' with a maidservant?

    Upon hearing that Yi Yun wanted to compete on this, many young elites looked like they had just swallowed a fly. To think they they had believed that Yi Yun had unknown skills What Yi Yun mentioned was the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique'!

    Compared to the profound Desolate Heaven techniques of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the seventy-two introductory methods were not even a drop in the bucket. Yi Yun dared to say that he knew a thing or two after reading an introductory book!

    Forget it. It could not be forced. With Yi Yun's standard, he was indeed only worthy of the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique'.

    However, the methods described in the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique' were extremely easy, but the refinement ability was severely limited. But now, Yi Yun had said that he wanted to use the methods described in the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique' to refine a third-grade Fey bone?

    How could this be possible!?

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