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Chapter 869: Seventy-two Introductory Moves

    Chapter 869: Seventy-two Introductory Moves

    Typically, only Desolate Heaven apprentices at the Yuan foundation realm or those lower would use the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique' to attempt to refine a first-grade Fey bone. And most of the time, they would not even be able to do well at refining one. Desolate Heaven Masters that were slightly better would not even use such a technique.

    Seeing the Fey bone that Prince Crimson Firmament provided, it was most likely one of the best third-grade Fey bones. It was impossible to use such introductory methods to refine such high-grade Fey bones. The failure rate was nearly 100%!

    Was Yi Yun trying to increase the difficulty to make Luo Mo fail?

    As people had such thoughts, they saw Luo Mo reveal a look of interest. "Interesting, let's compete in that!"

    Were they truly going to compete?

    The people were somewhat taken aback when they heard hearing Luo Mo's agreement. Luo Mo must truly have confidence while daring to accept the challenge of using only the 'Introduction to Luo Clan's Desolate Heaven Technique' to produce a top-ranking third-grade Fey bone!

    If the relic could be refined, it would be shocking, even if it only had a 'poor' rating.

    "Yi Yun is doomed. I guess he had deliberately posed a tough problem so that the both of them would fail together and it would be considered a tie. Unfortunately, Luo Mo is a genius. He even has the confidence in such an absurd competition. Now with Yi Yun irrevocably committed, it's too late for him to go back on his word."

    "Using the seventy-two introductory moves to refine a top-ranking third-grade relic is unimaginable!"

    As people broke out into a flurry of discussion, Luo Mo had already begun. He beckoned with his stretched out hand, attracting the third-grade Fey bone in Prince Crimson Firmament's hand to make it land directly in his palm.

    Following that, the tiny golden cauldron above his right hand's fingertip rapidly spun and it increased in size. Soon, it was about three feet in size. With the lid open, Luo Mo threw the Fey bone into it.

    Luo Mo glanced at Yi Yun as he had a confident smile on his face. He was certain that Yi Yun was trying to stump him, but he enjoyed this. It would only be considered a challenge for him if he could use the seventy-two introductory moves to refine a third-grade relic. Just beating Yi Yun alone was meaningless.

    "Shall we set the time limit to thirty minutes?"

    At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly spoke out. Thirty minutes was too short!

    Luo Mo frowned slightly. It was a difficult competition with such a short period of time. Yi Yun was truly trying to prevent him from succeeding. Unfortunately, Luo Mo was confident when it came to his speed at using the Desolate Heaven technique.

    "Thirty minutes? Sure!" Luo Mo put his hand out, causing his desolate heaven cauldron to flare up with golden light. The runes on the cauldron began to light up as Luo Mo began forming hand seals. Indeed, they were the hand seals of the seventy-two introductory moves. However, the ones that Luo Mo formed were somewhat different.

    Did the hands of Luo Mo give life to the somewhat ordinary hand seals? It was like they had come alive.

    A Heaven Eminence seal was condensed as it danced in the sky like an alacritous butterfly.

    A Fire Willow seal burned like a small fire plume like it was filled with spirit.

    As for the Sun Moon seal, it produced a sun and a moon projection that slowly revolved mid-air.

    Luo Mo perfectly condensed every hand seal!

    Upon seeing this scene, people could only watch with utter amazement. Was it possible to condense the seventy-two introductory moves in such a manner? If not for them seeing Luo Mo's hand seals today, they would never imagine that it was possible to reach such a standard with the most basic hand seals when one's Desolate Heaven technique reached the peak of perfection.

    At this moment, an hourglass with markings was placed in the hall.

    The sand rapidly flowed downwards as thirty minutes was not a long time.

    Luo Mo had already begun, but Yi Yun had yet to make his move.

    "Yi Yun, why aren't you beginning?" Prince Crimson Firmament asked, as a derisive grin suffused on the corners of his mouth.

    He had asked while knowing the answer. How was it possible for Yi Yun to use the seventy-two introductory moves to extract the energy of a top-ranking third-grade Fey bone?

    Yi Yun lightly answered, "There's no hurry. I'll let Young Master Luo go first. I'll begin after he is done."

    Yi Yun chose to let Luo Mo go first mainly because Yi Yun did not have a clear understanding of the Luo clan's seventy-two introductory moves.

    The information was recorded in a book after all, and it would be different from what he could see.

    Previously, Yi Yun had only seen Tao'er use them, but he had never seen the talented Desolate Heaven Masters of the 12 Empyrean Heavens use the seventy-two introductory moves. Yi Yun could not confirm that his own assumptions had already been perfected.

    Now, Yi Yun was planning to affirm his hypothesis with the seventy-two introductory moves used by Luo Mo. He was becoming more and more convinced that using the Luo clan's seventy-two introductory moves derived through the Purple Crystal would be perfect in form. It would even be better than the seventy-two introductory moves that had been honed for countless years!

    However, Yi Yun's answer made people disdain him when they heard it. He was still insisting on being tough with his words at such a moment in time.

    Slowly, more than half the time had passed.

    Luo Mo's motions were still as graceful as ever, as though he was showing a beautiful dance. The energy seals that he condensed appeared perfect, and everything had been done to their best.

    But in Yi Yun's energy vision, he could see that the energy extracted from the Fey bone in Luo Mo's desolate heaven cauldron was not flawless. There was 30% left at least.

    After all, it was only the seventy-two introductory moves used to refine 'poor'-rated first-grade Fey bones. Using it to refine a top-ranking third-grade Fey bone was something even Luo Mo could not do as well as he wished.

    Using such hand seals to extract the Fey bone's energy was just too difficult! Although Luo Mo looked unperturbed, he was actually consuming a great deal of mental strength. It was not apparent because he had a lot of mental strength to begin with.

    Seconds changed to minutes and the thirty minutes were nearly coming to an end.

    At this moment, Luo Mo finally completed his final hand seal. Luo Mo still had some mental energy left, despite such a draining procedure. He precisely controlled more than seventy hand seals as he bound them together.

    Relic formation!

    Luo Mo also completed the final step perfectly.


    A golden beam flashed as the desolate heaven cauldron violently trembled. The cauldron's lid flew open as a crystalline third-grade relic shot out of the desolate heaven cauldron, and accurately landed on Luo Mo's hand.

    Upon seeing this scene, everyone was astounded.

    He had truly managed to refine it!

    The third-grade relic refined using the seventy-two introductory moves definitely did not look like it had a bad rating from its luster!

    People believed that it would already be amazing if he could refine a 'poor'-grade relic. But in Luo Mo's hands, he could make the ugly beautiful.

    "Quality evaluation, quasi-refined!"

    At this moment, Empress Luo gave her answer. As the Empress of the Luo clan, she too was proficient in the Desolate Heaven technique.

    The 'quasi-refined' rating was above 'ordinary', but compared to a true 'refined'-rating, it was still a distance away.

    However, considering the refining conditions for Luo Mo, this outcome was already incredulous.

    "It's truly my dear Firmament's fortune to have such a talent assisting him." Empress Luo muttered to herself and she was very pleased with Luo Mo.

    Prince Crimson Firmament also nodded lightly at Luo Mo.

    At this moment, Prince Crimson Firmament suddenly looked at Yi Yun and a teasing smile suffused on his lips . "Yi Yun, it's your turn!"

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