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Chapter 870: Final Rating

    Chapter 870: Final Rating

    A simple comment from Prince Crimson Firmament made everyone's gazes land on Yi Yun.

    The young elites present, especially those that were in Prince Crimson Firmament's camp, had looks of schadenfreude on their faces.

    For example, Ran Xueyi had lost face because of Yi Yun previously, and now seeing Yi Yun in trouble, he obviously felt great. In the present situation, it would be useless even if Yi Yun had the princess backing him!

    "Yi Yun, at this point in time, you can also use other Desolate Heaven techniques. I'm fine with it." Luo Mo suddenly said as he looked at Yi Yun.

    He felt that it was just a farce for Yi Yun to use the seventy-two introductory moves to refine a third-grade relic at his age. If Yi Yun were to use another method, there would be something worth watching at least. Only then would his win appear more valuable.

    With Luo Mo saying this, everyone praised Luo Mo for his magnanimity. He did not mind Yi Yun's deliberate act of making things difficult for him earlier on. If Yi Yun agreed to it, it would weaken his stance, but he would have a way to step down from this awkward situation instead of standing there in a silly fashion at least.

    However, no one expected Yi Yun to say, "I only know the seventy-two introductory moves. The only other things I know are methods from the lower realm. They are even worse than the seventy-two introductory moves, so there's no need to change the rules. Thank you for your good intentions."

    With Yi Yun saying this, the expressions of everyone could be as interesting as one wanted. He was truly a wonder of the ages. Even a genius like Luo Mo would dare to use the seventy-two introductory moves to refine a third-grade relic after deeply researching the Desolate Heaven technique.

    If Yi Yun only knew the seventy-two introductory moves, it meant that he was only at the level of a Desolate Heaven apprentice. And as an apprentice, he had the guts to even compete with Luo Mo…

    Even Empress Xuan's camp looked at Yi Yun with discomfort. How were they going to smoothen this situation?

    At this moment, Yi Yun began. Indeed, he was still using the desolate heaven disk array that should have been thrown in the trash. Yi Yun placed the third-grade Fey bone in an ostentatious manner.

    The hourglass was reversed and the sand began to flow downwards!

    This set of seventy-two introductory moves was a combination of hand seals for energy extraction, condensing the energy runes and finally, the relic formation.

    Yi Yun obviously began with energy extraction. This was the simplest step for him. With the Purple Crystal, he did not even need to form hands seals.

    But of course, that would be too startling if he did that.

    The first twenty-four moves of the seventy-two introductory moves were related to energy extraction.

    This step was extremely critical. Even Luo Mo had formed one seal after another, afraid that he would make a mistake.

    However, Yi Yun did not need to mind this. With his two hands together, he extended them outwards and produced a large number of seals in one go. The seals were squished together and they were just sent flooding into the third-grade Fey bone!


    People who were familiar with the Desolate Heaven technique were confounded by this scene.

    This wasn't him sending the hand seals, it was like he was throwing out the garbage.

    Compared to the seals that Luo Mo produced that were beautiful, perfect, and full of life, Yi Yun's hand seals were unbearable for people to watch.

    "What is that punk doing? Continuing in this fashion will cause an explosion!"

    In the first process of the relic, Yi Yun had used clumsy hand seals, but he had at least completed it them an orderly manner, but this time… it was unknown what there was left to say.

    Before people had the time to say anymore, Yi Yun had already begun to condense runic seals and complete the energy structure.

    He produced them rapidly as basic runic seals were formed one after another and were augmented onto the Fey bone.

    These runic seals looked unremarkable. But in fact, a number of them had been improved by the Purple Crystal.

    The essence of relic refinement was to extract energy from the Fey bone before condensing the energy into runic seals. Once they were compressed together, they would become a relic.

    The structure of these runic seals was actually the structure that allowed the best trajectories for energy flow.

    And in fact, as humans and the Fey race had limited understanding with the laws of energy, the energy trajectories that they designed were still a distant away from being perfect.

    However, with the Purple Crystal in his possession, Yi Yun had already came into contact with the trajectory methods of energy that abided to the Origins. Not only could he easily produce perfect runic seals, he could even do extremely tiny improvements to the seventy-two introductory moves!

    Just a simple improvement was trivial, but with it accumulated, it would be different!

    "Yi Yun has made mistakes in his seals!"

    Amongst the young elites present, there were a few who were accomplished in the Desolate Heaven technique. Even though Yi Yun had made the slightest modifications, they could tell at a glance.

    "The few seals that Yi Yun formed appear to be somewhat deformed. It's somewhat different from the orthodoxy of the seventy-two introductory moves." Another person said.

    As they discussed it, a smile suffused on Prince Crimson Firmament's lips. Prince Crimson Firmament had never learned the Desolate Heaven technique, so he already felt that it was pretty remarkable that Yi Yun had managed to come this far. After all, Yi Yun could still form hand seals. Although the seals that he produced had numerous flaws, which would result in an eventual explosion, it was still much better than sillily standing there doing nothing.

    Time had quickly passed and about fifteen minutes was over. Yi Yun's energy seals were almost done. The speed at which he formed seals was two times faster than Luo Mo!

    Of course, this was because Yi Yun had dumped all the seals on the Fey bone, saving him a great deal of time.

    However, speed alone was useless. The perfection of the relic refinement depended only on the final outcome. If the energy structure was flawed, these runic seals would eventually explode.

    And previously, many of the Desolate Heaven Master had assessed that Yi Yun had many flaws in his technique!

    In a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had finished forming the final runic seal.

    No one noticed that when more than seventy runic seals were brought together, the tiny modifications that Yi Yun made had resulted in a chain reaction. They merged together and even possessed a hint of a charm.

    This was the aura that belonged to the Origins of energy. It was the result of a Great Dao that existed at the formation of the Universe!

    However, Yi Yun's cultivation realm was limited after all. Together with the limitations of his technique and the grade of the Fey bone, this formation of Great Dao only appeared for a fleeting moment before it vanished.

    Yi Yun sighed slightly. Even with the Purple Crystal, he found it difficult to explore the Origins of the Universe. That level was just too high for him.

    Yi Yun's hands clasped together —

    Relic formation!


    A purple beam flashed and shot straight to the ceiling! People involuntarily narrowed their eyes, unsure of what had happened.

    Why was there such an intense beam of light?

    But there was no doubt that this was definitely not an explosion.


    Under the intense purple light, a round bead burning with purple flames flew onto Yi Yun's hand. It appeared to have a spirit in it as it floated to the middle of Yi Yun's palm.

    The round bead was bluish-purple in color. In the middle of the bead, there was a beautiful texture that meandered like a tiny snake.

    Upon seeing this bizarre scene, people did not even manage to react in time.

    "That round bead is… a relic?" A Desolate Heaven Master present suddenly said.

    The crystalline relic was burning with a purple flame at the moment of its birth.

    Yi Yun had actually managed to refine a finished relic? Was this reality!? Wasn't it said that Yi Yun's hand seals were problematic?

    Also… what was the rating of this relic? Many people present were unable to come to a judgment. But Empress Luo, who was an expert in the Desolate Heaven technique, had already stared with her widened eyes as she stood up from her seat.

    As empress, Empress Luo seldom lost her composure in such a manner.

    She looked at the Fey bone relic in Yi Yun's hand with eyes of surprised doubt.

    Empress Xuan and the Desolate Heaven Masters present, including Luo Kui and Luo Mo, who was competing with Yi Yun, were stunned as well.

    Luo Mo drew a gasp. His handsome face was already turning slightly pale. He mumbled to himself, "A third grade Fey bone relic with the appearance of a runic pattern… 'outstanding' grade!?

    Runic pattern?


    The young elites present knew the classification of the grades of relics, even if they were not Desolate Heaven Masters.

    It was the emblem of an outstanding grade relic to have a runic pattern condensed on it!

    A third-grade relic could only be given the four grades — poor, ordinary, refined and outstanding. Outstanding was already the highest, and higher grades, such as transcendent and spiritual emergence, were only reserved for higher-grade relics.

    Refining an 'outstanding' third-grade relic was not difficult for a truly talented Desolate Heaven Master, but… using the seventy-two introductory moves to refine an 'outstanding'-grade relic? Was that even possible?

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