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Chapter 871: Rewards and Conferment

    Chapter 871: Rewards and Conferment

    Although the young elites who were present found it unbelievable, the outcome was announced by Yi Yun's opponent, Luo Mo.

    They looked at the relic in Yi Yun's hand. It was bluish-purple in color and it looked like a dazzling glass bead. In the middle of it, there was a naturally-formed runic pattern, also known as a Dao pattern.

    Dao patterns were the manifestation of the condensation of laws. It was common for them to typically appear in high-grade relics, but they were nearly never seen in low-grade relics.

    The seventy-two introductory moves might be described as the Luo clan's technique, but it was prevalent in the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Similar techniques could be found in any lowly-tier sect or family clan's library. It was not even worth mentioning.

    This so-called poor technique actually managed to allow him to condense a Dao pattern in the relic?

    As the people looked at the relic, before looking at Yi Yun again, they subconsciously moved their Adam's apples.

    They even began suspecting that the seventy-two introductory moves that they had learned were faked.

    Yi Yun had used the seventy-two introductory moves to refine an 'outstanding'-rated third-grade relic that had condensed a Dao pattern, and it made people feel like a child who had only learned the 'Three Character Classic' had defeated the top scholar.

    "I've lost… " Luo Mo looked at the relic and sighed.

    In fact, he felt that from the appearance of the relic that Yi Yun refined, it was barely at the 'outstanding' rating. However, the Dao pattern was as clear as it could be. It was a manifestation of Yi Yun's nomological insights.

    "What you used was not purely the Luo clan's seventy-two introductory moves, right?" Luo Mo asked. Previously, Yi Yun's technique appeared to have several 'flaws', but from the looks of it now, they knew that their assumptions from before were them being too dumb.

    Luo Mo's question was also the question on many people's minds.

    Yi Yun nodded and said, "Months ago, when I was researching the Luo clan's Desolate Heaven technique at Mt. Fengling, I felt that there were some spots where there was room for some experimentation. So I attempted it."

    Attempted it?

    Everyone was rendered immediately speechless. Are you serious!? Just a few nonchalant attempts made him produce an 'outstanding' relic with the seventy-two introductory moves?

    "Junior Brother Yi is a genius. I admit my inferiority… " Luo Mo sighed and shook his head.

    Luo Mo admitted defeat and left. At the banquet, everyone watched Luo Mo's departing back, especially Luo Kui. He felt his face turn hot, yearning for the ability to simply vanish from the palace.

    Previously, he had insisted that Yi Yun had defeated him through luck, so he was extremely indignant after losing. But from the looks of Yi Yun's Desolate Heaven technique, how was he even able to compete with him? Thankfully, he did not continue to compete with Yi Yun. If not, Luo Kui felt that he might as well have torn the skin of his face.

    However, didn't Yi Yun only cultivate for only about thirty years? Where did he have the time to practice the Desolate Heaven technique?

    After his win over Luo Mo, no one dared to doubt that Yi Yun had won through luck. In fact, there was no one who dared to foolishly challenge Yi Yun anymore.

    Yi Yun was one of the rare Desolate Heaven technique geniuses in the Luo clan!

    Prince Crimson Firmament looked at Yi Yun, while his lips moved. He then looked at Princess White Fox. With Luo Mo being defeated, the only person on his side who could compete with Yi Yun was Princess White Fox.

    Prince Crimson Firmament knew that Princess White Fox's talent was astounding, and it was not only limited to the Desolate Heaven technique.

    However, Princess White Fox only smiled and shook her head slightly.

    A look of disappointment flashed in Prince Crimson Firmament's eyes, but it was just fleeting.

    He smiled at her, before turning his head to look at Yi Yun.

    At this banquet, not only had he failed at suppressing Princess Purple Spirit and Empress Xuan, he had also embarrassed himself!

    This lower-realm punk, who appeared out of nowhere, had never been thought highly of by him from the very beginning.

    But now, Yi Yun was standing in the middle of the banquet, winning fame for himself in a single match!

    Princess White Fox also looked at Yi Yun. An odd brilliance flashed in her eyes that seemed to be covered with a thin layer of snow. The seventy-two introductory moves used by Yi Yun as well as the Dao pattern in the relic had left a deep impression on her. This human youth was very special…

    At this moment, Empress Xuan suddenly got up. Her slender fingers held up a glass of spirit wine and said, "Elder Sister, this time, Yi Yun, Luo Mo and Luo Kui's performances have already helped add excitement to the banquet, so why don't we end it here?"

    With Empress Xuan saying this, it was equivalent to giving Empress Luo a way out of the awkward situation.

    In fact, she had to give the way out. Although Yi Yun had used his Desolate Heaven technique at the banquet to help regain her pride, in a battle of true strength, Empress Xuan was still too weak.

    Just a single Yi Yun allowed her camp to be peerless in the Desolate Heaven technique, but at the Luo Divine Hall trials, it was a competition of strength, not the Desolate Heaven technique!

    Hence, although Empress Xuan was greatly delighted seeing Empress Luo and Crimson Firmament suffer the setback, she had no choice but to take the initiative to provide such a gesture.

    Empress Luo had already sat back on her seat. Due to the loss of her composure from before as well as the defeat at the banquet, any discerning person could tell that she did not look happy.

    After hearing Empress Xuan's words and then looking at Empress Xuan's obvious good mood, Empress Luo's mood turned even more sullen.

    "Younger Sister is right. We should end it here." Empress Luo said.

    At this moment, Empress Xuan glanced at Yi Yun and said with a smile, "Yi Yun's performance was not bad and it should be worthy of a reward as a form of encouragement."

    "That is natural. Our Luo clan has always had a love for talent. Such a Desolate Heaven technique genius obviously has to be rewarded." Empress Luo said with a nod.

    "This Empress shall award Yi Yun three hundred World Stones, twenty fourth-grade relics, and ten fifth-grade Fey bones." Empress Luo said.

    Luo Huo'er secretly rolled her eyes. What stinginess!

    How do you even have the nerve to give such a tiny reward?

    Following that, Luo Huo'er looked at her mother.

    "Mother, you must award him more!" Luo Huo'er said with a Yuan Qi voice transmission.

    Empress Xuan smiled and said, "Yi Yun is not one of Empress Luo's men after all. It's reasonable for her to give such a small reward. As for me, I will not be stingy. Yi Yun has truly helped us a lot. Huo'er, you are also lucky to have met such an amazing person in the lower realm."

    "Hehe, thank you, Mother… " Luo Huo'er said with a happy smile. It was rare for her to be praised.

    At this moment, Empress Xuan looked at Yi Yun and said, "This Empress has yet to think of a good reward for you at the moment… Seeing how you are only a normal civilian, This Empress shall confer you a title of nobility. You shall be a first-ranked viscount, withXuan Ye Spiritual Mountain as your fief!"

    Xuan Ye Spiritual Mountain was a fief that belonged to the Xuan family. Since Empress Xuan was an empress, she naturally had the right to make the decision of conferring Yi Yun with nobility.

    And this superior-grade spiritual mountain had been used by the Xuan family as a cultivation ground for their descendants.

    But now, it had been awarded to Yi Yun!

    A superior grade spiritual mountain, and a first-ranked viscount title!

    When they heard this, the young elites present were amazed and they were also filled with envy.

    Previously, Luo Kui had derided Yi Yun's lack of status to sit beside Luo Huo'er. But now, Yi Yun was a first-grade viscount!

    Looking at Luo Kui again, although he came from a large family clan, he did not even have the lowest nobility ranking.

    Just having a nobility title, despite the annual salary being low, Yi Yun's status in the Luo clan would be greatly different most importantly!

    After all, the brilliance of one background was a result of one's ancestors. However, once one was conferred with nobility, it was because of having a true ability of their own right. Many disciples of the large family clans would never be conferred with nobility in their entire lives.

    People who were conferred with nobility had done enough to earn their respect. Just having a first-grade viscount title forced anyone who wanted to deride Yi Yun's background to rethink if they had the qualifications to even do so!

    By giving such a reward, Empress Xuan had clearly taken this point into consideration.

    People mocked Yi Yun for his lower realm background, Empress Xuan gave him a superior-grade spiritual mountain. Others felt that he had a lowly status, she gave him a first-grade viscount title.

    Through Empress Xuan's light and calm actions, she had smacked the faces of many people present.

    "The Xuan Ye Spiritual Mountain can be given to you now. As for the first-grade viscount, it requires Emperor Luo to approve of it before an edict is issued."

    The so-called approval of Emperor Luo was just a mere formality. Empress Xuan's family clan had the rank of a duke, so it was nothing to give the title of viscount.

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