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Chapter 872: Summoning from Empress Xuan

    Chapter 872: Summoning from Empress Xuan

    Empress Luo's banquet had ended in a way that was completely unexpected. As for Yi Yun's name, it became well-known amongst the circles of the top elites of various states as well as the upper echelons of the Luo clan.

    He had come from a lower realm, but he had managed to obtain first place in a combined training of the two states, the Fire Cloud State and the Phoenix Firmiana State. This achievement might not have been astounding, but defeating Luo Mo with his Desolate Heaven technique, he had truly vaulted into prominence!

    Now, Yi Yun was at the zenith of attention. Especially for him being in his thirties, his future was beyond promising.

    At this moment, in a particular hall of the Xushui Ran clan.

    Ran Yu was lying prostrate on the ground. Both his hands were held to the ground. Due to using excessive force in his fingers, his veins began bulging out.

    In front of Ran Yu sat a middle-aged man. In his hand was a book that he was reading in silence.

    This middle-aged man was one of the Elders of the Xushui Ran clan, and he was also Ran Yu's Fourth Uncle, who had always been Ran Yu's backer.

    But just a while ago, the middle-aged man had informed Ran Yu of the matters regarding Empress Luo's banquet. Ran Yu's heart was palpitating when he heard the information. The details of the matter were unbelievable, but how could his uncle deceive him?

    Yi Yun also knew the Desolate Heaven technique!

    Ran Yu did not have a single bit of understanding of the Desolate Heaven technique. He had focused his heart and mind on cultivation. The Desolate Heaven technique was extremely time consuming, but even so, his attainment in cultivation was inferior to Yi Yun’s.

    The gap was just too great…

    "Don't provoke Yi Yun any further. You can't afford to. The family has decided to no longer target Yi Yun."

    The middle-aged man had extinguished Ran Yu's hopes with a figurative basin of cold water, causing Ran Yu's body to jolt.

    "But our Xushui Ran clan's reputation… " Ran Yu said in disgruntlement.

    "Hmph!" The middle-aged man coldly snorted and said, "Reputation is relative. If Yi Yun was an ant, even if he had bitten you gently, it would be easy to trample him to death. But now, he is no longer an ant. Our Ran clan isn't afraid of Yi Yun obviously, but Yi Yun is currently thriving, and with his close relationship with Princess Purple Spirit, our Ran clan may be able to deal with Yi Yun, but the cost would be too high. It's not worth it!"

    Once the middle-aged man said this, Ran Yu's fingers nearly tore the ground open while he was kneeling…

    Why was this happening? Just a month ago, Yi Yun was just like an ant in his eyes.

    But now, be it his identity, status, and fame, they were all far inferior to Yi Yun’s. Even his family clan had chosen to avoid the cutting edge with the situation in front of them!

    The middle-aged man added on, "Now, Yi Yun is living in a viscount residence. In the future, he will often be in the royal capital. As for you… Choose any one of the Ran clan's other state's mundane estates, and I will do my best at arranging it for you."

    The middle-aged man stood up while speaking, and he left the hall, leaving Ran Yu slumped to the ground. Minding the family estate and slowly die of old age? Was this his outcome… ?

    The Luo clan's royal capital was a sacred land of the Luo clan, where many elites stayed.

    Not everyone was eligible to have a residence in the Luo clan's royal capital, much less the breathtaking price of its land.

    Being able to own a house in the royal capital was itself a badge of honor.

    And now, Yi Yun had obtained a mansion that occupied a circumference of nearly half a mile.

    This was the Xuan family's estate in the royal capital, and now, it had been conferred onto Yi Yun as his viscount residence.

    When Yi Yun first entered the viscount residence, a number of people had sent him congratulatory gifts, but it was not bustling with visitors. On the contrary, the number of people who visited Yi Yun were very few in number.

    After all, Yi Yun was on Empress Xuan's side. During the crucial period of the vying of the throne, the factions in the royal capital had to be very cautious in their dealings with people on both sides.

    On the first night that Yi Yun stayed in the viscount residence, a visitor came. He was a golden-armored guard from the royal palace. He had come with news — Empress Xuan wanted to meet Yi Yun.

    It was understandable that Empress Xuan wanted to meet Yi Yun after the banquet.

    After packing his things slightly, he accompanied the golden-armored guard straight for Fenghua Palace.

    This was the first time that Yi Yun had visited the Luo clan's royal palace. Looking ahead, it was littered with immortal mountains, with palatial buildings all over it.

    The core royal palace was shrouded by a large array and it was invisible. The lofty Emperor Luo lived in the core vicinity of this area.

    As for Fenghua Palace, it was located to the back of the royal palace, and similarly, it was protected by a powerful array. Under the escort of the golden-armored guard, Yi Yun successfully entered the palace.

    Most of Fenghua Palace was covered with red glass tiles. From afar, Fenghua Palace looked like a fire phoenix that lived in the deep mountains. It was beautiful and brilliant.

    "Little Yun!"

    The moment that Yi Yun stepped into Fenghua Palace's main hall, he heard a pleasantly surprised voice. It was Luo Huo'er.

    Yi Yun turned his head and he saw Luo Huo'er wearing a red tunic as she walked towards him with a grin. Fenghua Palace's main hall was covered with down feather carpet, so Luo Huo'er simply walked bare-footed. Her fair toes looked like a string of white pearls.

    And behind Luo Huo'er was Empress Xuan.

    As empress, she was elegant and had esteemed deportment. However, when Empress Xuan looked at her daughter, she shook her head.

    Usually, Luo Huo'er would bear with it and barely act like a princess when she was out of the palace. But in the palace, there was no inkling from her actions that she was a princess.

    Now, in front of Yi Yun, Luo Huo'er was behaving as such.

    "Yi Yun greets Your Majesty Empress Xuan, and greets… "

    "There's no need for formalities." Seeing Yi Yun about to seriously call her Princess Purple Spirit, Luo Huo'er found it awkward, and she hurriedly cut Yi Yun off. Although Yi Yun called her princess, he was probably holding back his laughter deep down.

    "It's been a while since we have met. Little Yun, you have made quite a lot of progress. Not bad, not bad at all. This Princess is very pleased! Thinking of the times back in the lower realm, you had a lot of talent in the Desolate Heaven technique. Back then, This Princess had already thought highly of your talent." Luo Huo'er walked up to him and said with a giggle.

    When Yi Yun heard this sentence, he somehow found it somewhat weird…

    "When you return to your residence, you need to grasp the opportunity to cultivate. The Luo Divine Hall trials are around the corner, so you should be entering reclusion." As Luo Huo'er said this, she smiled at Yi Yun. "Alright, go on. Enter reclusive training until the trials begin. Don't be distracted!"

    What was going on? Yi Yun was scratching his head. He had been summoned here so they could tell him a few sentences? And then get him to enter reclusive training?

    Yi Yun blankly looked at Empress Xuan, and he heard her say, "There's no hurry. This Empress still has a few things to talk to you about."

    Luo Huo'er hurriedly said, "Mother, Little Yun needs to enter reclusive training!"

    "It’s only a few things, it won’t severely delay his reclusion." After Empress Xuan said this, she smiled at Yi Yun. "Yi Yun, since you already know Huo'er from the lower realm, there is no need to be too formal in front of This Empress."

    "Huo'er mentioned that when you first met, it was not a jovial relationship and there was some friction between the two of you. This Empress knows Huo'er's character, so it's not odd that she would stir something up. However, on the matter regarding the relic, that had gone too far. This Empress had already reprimanded her."

    The matter regarding the relic? Was it about the explosion of the relic during the refining process?

    That was Luo Huo'er attempting to trick Yi Yun into making a fool of himself, which resulted in…

    It was probably because of Luo Kui having blown up his cauldron that Luo Huo'er finally confirmed that the reason behind her relic exploding was all because of Yi Yun's machinations.

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