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Chapter 873: Princess Exchange

    Chapter 873: Princess Exchange

    Luo Huo'er stood beside Yi Yun and she signaled him with her eyes. Just as she was about to send a Yuan Qi voice transmission, Empress Xuan had lightly glanced at her. Luo Huo'er gaped her mouth and no longer spoke.

    Yi Yun faltered and glanced at Luo Huo'er before looking at Empress Xuan. He was somewhat confused. Could this impish brat have complained to Empress Xuan and hoped that her mother would avenge her… ?

    He honestly said, "Back in the lower realm, the matter regarding the relic was just Her Highness pulling a prank on this lowly one. However, this lowly one had been thoughtless and offensive towards the princess. This lowly one seeks forgiveness from Your Majesty."

    Upon hearing this, Luo Huo'er's face blushed red. As for Empress Xuan, she stared at Luo Huo'er and said to Yi Yun with a smile, "What Huo'er told me was that you had bullied her. Why does it sound like it was the other way around?"


    Yi Yun was taken aback. He had believed that the imp was going to use her status as princess to seek revenge on him. But from the looks of it, things did not play out that way… He was the one who had been bullied to begin with. But from the way that Empress Xuan said it, it sounded as though Luo Huo'er had been victorious.

    Yi Yun was at a loss as to what to say momentarily. The relic's explosion was actually nothing serious, but if Empress Xuan knew about him seeing Luo Huo'er's body, that would be…

    Yi Yun dryly coughed and he felt that it was better for him to speak less today. It was better to just listen to what Empress Xuan had to say.

    In fact, after the banquet had ended today, Empress Xuan had asked Luo Huo'er on matters regarding Yi Yun. Luo Huo'er never expected that Empress Xuan would ask about such trivial matters. She had previously embellished her embarrassing matters, transferring all the sufferance onto Yi Yun. She had never expected that her mother would be so maleficent to summon Yi Yun and debunk her right there and then.

    Indeed, a mother knows her daughter best.

    Empress Xuan sized up Yi Yun curiously. She knew that her daughter had been accustomed to being an imp in the royal capital. The guards and palace maids had all suffered under the hands of Luo Huo'er. Only a maid servant like Dong'er, who was silly enough to make Luo Huo'er feel like there was no achievement in bullying her, could accompany Luo Huo'er.

    However, Empress Xuan had never expected that someone from a tiny place in the lower realm would make Luo Huo'er suffer. She found it amusing momentarily.

    Of course, this was just the fooling around of children in her opinion.

    Debunking one was sufficient, so Empress Xuan did not probe any further. Instead, she asked Yi Yun, "Are you accustomed to living in the viscount residence?"

    With the topic being changed, Luo Huo'er heaved a sigh of relief. If Empress Xuan knew of her exposure, with Empress Xuan's understanding of her and Yi Yun's blockhead like answers, she would truly have to kill herself once the truth was revealed!

    Yi Yun said, "The viscount residence is spacious and comfortable. Thank you, Your Majesty."

    "Alright, that's good. What Huo'er said is correct as well. The Luo Divine Hall trials are filled with experts and geniuses. You have to make a lot of preparations. You have to know that although you have gotten a lot of attention at the banquet, that's only on the Desolate Heaven technique aspect of things. On Empress Luo's side, they are gearing themselves up to push you down from your pedestal at the Luo Divine Hall trials. This Empress will not lie to you. The number of top geniuses in This Empress' camp is far lower in those in Empress Luo’s camp. At the Luo Divine Hall trials, it will not be easy on you!"

    Yi Yun nodded at Empress Xuan's warning. He obviously had foreseen such matters.

    "Right, This Empress has summoned you here to let you stay in Fenghua Palace and cultivate. The cultivating grounds here are much better than your viscount residence. You can use any of them. Huo'er will be with you."

    With Empress Xuan saying this, Yi Yun thought of something and asked, "Is Her Highness also participating in the Luo Divine Hall trials?"

    Yi Yun had believed that with Luo Huo'er being at a suitable age, it was reasonable for her to join the Luo Divine Hall trials, but he never expected that Empress Xuan would shake her head and say, "No, Huo'er will be going to the White Fox clan and participating in the collective training and trials in the White Fox clan. And in exchange, Princess White Fox will be staying for the Luo Divine Hall trials."

    Empress Xuan's words caught Yi Yun by surprise.


    The Luo clan and the White Fox clan were to exchange princesses? What was that for? A rite for the alliance of the two clans?

    Yi Yun was somewhat curious, but asking Empress Xuan directly was impolite. Furthermore, from the look on Empress Xuan’s face, she did not appear to be fond of the idea. Her slight change in expression made it clear.

    "Alright, as for your residence, Huo'er will arrange it for you. You can take your leave. Huo'er, take Yi Yun around so that he familiarizes himself with the surroundings."

    After Empress Xuan said this, she waved her hand.

    At this moment, Luo Huo'er was still extremely embarrassed. Upon hearing Empress Xuan's instructions, she heaved a sigh of relief. Spitting out her tongue, she tugged at Yi Yun's sleeves and said, "Leave quickly! Why are you so good at reading people? You nearly caused This Princess to embarrass herself!"

    Out of the hall, Luo Huo'er had pursed her lips and had said unhappily.

    Yi Yun was rendered speechless. What the heck was this? You were the one lying, and all I did was tell the truth.

    "I'm telling you. We'll forget about the relic explosion. If that matter ever leaks out, This Princess will strangle you to death… " Luo Huo'er said with a blushed face when she reached this part in the sentence. "You know what I'm referring to, right?"

    Luo Huo'er was too embarrassed to say it loud, but Yi Yun had guessed it. He was tickled, but he endured it. Trying his best to have a serious expression on his face, he said, "I know what matter you are talking about. I won't talk about it."

    "You still have the nerve to laugh!?" For some reason, Luo Huo'er had seen through him and she immediately flared up.

    Yi Yun gave a look of grievance. He swore to the heavens that he did not even move his lips, but Luo Huo'er was already certain that he wanted to laugh.

    "This Princess warns you. That matter is not to be spoken to anyone. It's best that you forget it at once! You lucked out and you still want laugh? You are infuriating This Princess to death." Luo Huo'er said angrily.

    "I'm not laughing… " Yi Yun protested. Indeed, he had not laughed.

    "You are thinking of laughing in your heart, so that counts." Luo Huo'er said with great certainty, as though she had seen through him.

    "… "

    Yi Yun was rendered speechless. He knew that he could not outspeak Luo Huo'er, so he changed the topic of conversation and asked, "Princess Purple Spirit, I want to ask you… "

    "Wait, it's better you call me Luo Huo'er. If not, Huo'er is fine as well. Princess Purple Spirit is too awkward."

    "Uh… fine. Huo'er, previously, Empress Xuan mentioned that you will be participating in the trials at the White Fox clan, and Empress Xuan appeared unhappy about the arrangements. Why was that so?"

    With Yi Yun's question, a new bout of anger came from Luo Huo'er. As she ground her canines, she said huffily, "It's all that witch, Empress Luo's idea. She wants her son to marry Princess White Fox. By marrying her, Crimson Firmament's status would be higher. And who knows what the White Fox clan is thinking, they actually agreed to it!"

    "However, despite the White Fox clan appearing to readily agree on the surface, how can they be assured to leave their princess here for the Luo clan's trials? Hence, they proposed to send me to the White Fox clan. As such, an exchange would put their minds to rest!"

    "According to Mother, Empress Luo has another idea. Not only does she want to allow Crimson Firmament to marry Princess White Fox, she wants This Princess to be fancied by some fox guy at their clan. When the time comes, I'll be married off to the White Fox clan, then I won't have the qualifications to fight Crimson Firmament for the throne!"

    Yi Yun stared with widened eyes at her when he heard this. There were so many hidden intents in this simple scheme.

    "Then His Majesty has agreed to it?"

    "Yes, Father has agreed. Our Luo clan hasn't recovered yet and it is indeed in need of allies. However, if they are thinking of marrying This Princess off, that will be naivety on their part. Those fox men are as effeminate as they can be. I won't fancy that, and if I disagree with it, Father will not force me!"

    Yi Yun nodded. However, if the White Fox clan had a prince that was heir apparent pursuing Luo Huo'er, Emperor Luo would probably have to deliberate on it…

    If Crimson Firmament were to marry Princess White Fox, and Luo Huo'er were to marry the new White Fox Emperor, the two clans' alliance would become unbreakable.

    As for the Luo clan's greatest enemy — the Fey Phantasm Sect, who came from the sinkhole, and had attacked all the way to the Luo clan's royal capital a few decades ago — they would no longer be as fearful.

    Yi Yun was somewhat worried for Luo Huo'er. When something that truly involved the continuation of a clan, a father's law might not be able to withstand the mission of an emperor. If not, he would not be a qualified emperor. Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Luo Huo'er had succeeded in resisting it, her standing in Emperor Luo's heart would drastically deteriorate as a result of this matter. It would then be highly unlikely that she would inherit the throne.

    Empress Luo's machinations seemed simple, but they were very deadly. This was probably the reason why Empress Xuan had an unhappy look.

    As Yi Yun was thinking, Luo Huo'er's next sentence nearly caused him to stumble to the ground.

    Luo Huo'er said, "I say, Little Yun, when you are taking part in the Luo Divine Hall trials, go win over the little white fox's hand. If you were to snatch the wife-to-be of Crimson Firmament, that would be fun. Hehe."

    "What the hell are you talking about?" Yi Yun was rendered speechless. "I have a wife."

    "Oh? You are married? But that's no big deal. In the Fey race, a warrior can engage in polygamy. It's nothing odd." Luo Huo'er said indifferently.

    Yi Yun stared at her and he could not be bothered to speak any further. However, if someone truly snatched Princess White Fox away, Crimson Firmament would probably be screaming bloody murder. That was not only the hatred coming from snatching his loved one, it also threatened his path to the throne.

    "Tch, it was just a joke. Furthermore, even if you were to pursue her, you might not even succeed. That little white fox has very high standards. She might not even think anything of you. Hehe." Luo Huo'er laughed when she said this. She would never give up on a chance to strike at Yi Yun.

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