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Chapter 874: The Fox is Here

    Chapter 874: The Fox is Here

    As Empress Xuan's palace, Fenghua Palace was much better than the viscount residence when it came to cultivating. It was practically one of the top cultivating grounds in the Luo clan royal capital.

    In the following days, Yi Yun peacefully cultivated in Fenghua Palace. His living arrangements were arranged by the palace maids that Empress Xuan assigned to him. He cultivated together with Luo Huo'er and they would spar at times. Time passed very quickly.

    On this day, the sky above Fenghua Palace suddenly buzzed with pearly sounds. It sounded distant but melodious to the ear. Even the palace maids in the cultivation ground could not help but look up.

    In a blink of an eyes, a few white ribbons fell from the magnolia clouds, linking the sky to the ground. White lights beamed, as though a palace from the nine heavens had descended.

    On the ribbons stood a line of figures. The person leading them had white hair that drooped down to the ground and he wore silk clothes under a fox-fur robe. Several strongmen followed behind him. The other figures were beauties dressed in pink tops and blue skirts. The pearly sounds was a result from the adornments on their heads, which chimed in the wind.

    With these people appearing, they resembled immortals that lived in the heavens. They were a feast for the eyes and dazzling to the common people. The sound of their footsteps made anyone who heard them involuntarily feel like they were indulging in the greatest of pleasures.

    Yi Yun heard it for a moment before he cleared his mind and recovered his senses.

    "Who are these people? Are they allowed to fly above Fenghua Palace?" Yi Yun asked.

    "Young Master, they are people from the White Fox clan." A palace maid responded.

    People from the White Fox? It was surprising that they could fly above Fenghua Palace. Typical nobles had to land from afar when they approached the royal palaces and enter the palace by foot.

    The expedition of the White Fox clan had magnolia clouds paving their paths, accompanied by divine music, making them appear like gods. This was very different to the Luo clan. Whenever the Luo clan's royal family went on an expedition, they would usually choose a domineering mount with Ancient Fey bloodlines. It would look full of pomp, but it would lack a certain bit of elegance.

    "It's rather elegant." Yi Yun said.

    He knew that the magnolia clouds and ribbons were something similar to spirit cruisers. However, the price of them was a lot more higher. As for the adornments, they must have had mystical arrays engraved on them.

    Yi Yun recalled Princess White Fox, who he had met at the banquet. It couldn't be her, right?

    The white ribbons descended towards Fenghua Palace, and in a while, a palace maid came from the front hall and said, "Young Master Yi, Her Majesty and Her Highness invite you over."

    "I'll be right there." Yi Yun changed out of his cultivation clothes and he followed the palace maid to the front hall.

    Upon entering, Yi Yun saw the dozen or more girls who previously stood on the ribbons.

    The girls' faces were like peach flowers and they were all very tall. They looked nearly identical, clearly a result of a careful selection.

    Yi Yun noticed their charming eyes with their fox tails swaying behind them. Indeed, they were girls from the fox clan.

    And on the main seat of the hall sat Empress Xuan. And slightly lower than her sat Luo Huo'er on the left and a person with white hair dressed in fox-fur on the right.

    Yi Yun was truly taken aback seeing this person's appearance. The person's white hair shimmered with a silver light, and it sprawled down from his head like now.

    He was clearly a male, but his looks were more exquisite than a female. In the middle of his brows were three cinnabar dots, adding a feminine touch to him, but he emitted a manly aura, reminiscent of a dragon. He was clearly an esteemed man who had lived through chaotic times.

    "How is it, Little Yun? Are you surprised? That is a male seductive fox." At this moment, Luo Huo'er's voice transmission echoed in Yi Yun's ears.

    When Yi Yun heard Luo Huo'er's words, he nearly burst out laughing. Thankfully, he was not drinking tea, or he might have sprayed it all out.

    From the sound of Luo Huo'er's tone, she was displeased with the white-haired youth.

    At this moment, Empress Xuan spoke, "Third Prince, this is Yi Yun. Yi Yun, this is the Third Prince of the White Fox clan. He came specially to visit our Luo clan royal capital. He had heard news of your performance at the banquet and he wanted to meet you. Third Prince is also a person who appreciates talents."

    "Your Majesty, you can just call me Bai Yueqing." Bai Yueqing said. His voice sounded pleasant to the ears, but it sounded a little effeminate. He smiled at Empress Xuan before looking at Yi Yun.

    The moment that he was looked at by the Third Prince of the White Fox clan, Yi Yun felt that he was being probed.

    This feeling was very weak. If not for Yi Yun's Purple Crystal, it was nearly undetectable.

    Yi Yun frowned slightly.

    To engage in such a probe after having just met. Was Bai Yueqing certain that he would not have been able to detect it?

    Upon seeing Yi Yun’s frown, Bai Yueqing's slender eyes narrowed slightly as he seemed to reveal a smile. It could truly be described as a coquettish gaze.

    "I heard from Xue'er that this Yi Yun is rather interesting and I was wondering what sort of person he was… But meeting him today, there is naturally no way to compare him to a gem like Prince Crimson Firmament. Even compared to Prince Crimson Firmament's subordinate, Luo Mo, it seems like he is far inferior. In terms of cultivation level, strength and foundation… especially his body's lifeblood strength, it is far inferior to the Fey race."

    "However, Xue'er seldom exaggerates. Since she described the situation at the banquet, it is apparently true. However, it is highly unlikely that he modified the seventy-two introductory moves himself to refine an 'outstanding' third-grade relic. Yi Yun probably managed to come across a fascinating modified mystic version of the seventy-two moves, and he had specially prepared for the banquet to be make such an astounding performance. If not, why was there a need to request to compete in introductory moves… ?"

    Bai Yueqing quickly came to a conclusion. He did not believe there was such a level of genius in this world. It was likely that Yi Yun had used a clever trick or some other deceptive methods.

    He had hoped that Princess White Fox would tie the knot with Prince Crimson Firmament after going to the Luo clan, so that both sides would form an alliance. In the future, when Bai Yueqing inherited the throne, his power would be stabilized as a result. The White Fox clan’s reputation would increase and it would expand its influence.

    However, after Princess White Fox saw Yi Yun, her description of Prince Crimson Firmament was rather dull, and instead, she had talked more about Yi Yun.

    She had even said that Princess Purple Spirit and Yi Yun appeared like old acquaintances and it even looked like a good relationship. Back then at the banquet, Yi Yun sat beside Princess Purple Spirit, and he was just across Princess White Fox.

    This made Bai Yueqing extremely unhappy.

    Hence, the moment he came to Fenghua Palace, he immediately requested to meet Yi Yun. However, when he met Yi Yun, Bai Yueqing was somewhat disappointed. He had the White Fox Heaven Eye, so he could tell Yi Yun's cultivation level and strength at a glance. At the beginning stages of the Heaven Ascension realm, Yi Yun was not worthy enough for him, even if Yi Yun was skilled in the Desolate Heaven technique.

    Furthermore, in terms of background and status, Yi Yun was far inferior to him. If he took Yi Yun as a love rival, that would be sully his status. He believed that Luo Huo'er would definitely not truly fall in love with Yi Yun.

    From Luo Huo'er's innocent demeanor, he believed that she did not think about boy-girl relationships too much. It was unlikely she would be moved by anyone. Hence, it was best if he slowly nurtured their feelings on this matter.

    Bai Yueqing smiled after these thoughts flashed in his mind.

    "So you are Yi Yun. Your performance is pretty good." Bai Yueqing nodded his head slightly, while his tone sounded like a warm spring breeze.

    "This male seductive fox sure is cocky. Who does he think he is? He thinks he's some heaven's gift to women. Does Little Yun even need his evaluation!?" Luo Huo'er pouted her mouth and began transmitting her voice to the people around her.

    When Yi Yun heard this, he held back his laughter and remained silent.

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