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Chapter 877: Supremacy Gulan

    Chapter 877: Supremacy Gulan

    In this palace, Princess White Fox was wearing a white veil dress. With a book in her hand, she was quietly sitting on a bed. As the sunlight filtered through the veil, one could vaguely discern her body's beautiful contours.

    In the warrior's world, be it reading or writing, people were accustomed to using jade slips that could contain a lot more content, but Princess White Fox preferred the feeling of having a paper-based book in her hand.

    Upon hearing the huffing voice, Princess White Fox raised her head and she looked at her personal maidservant. She was like an angry kitten who had came before her to complain.

    Princess White Fox smiled. Putting down her book, she said, "Ling'er, are you referring to my brother's bet with Princess Purple Spirit?"

    "Princess, you have already got wind of it?" The maidservant stared at her with widened eyes.

    "Yeah, I got wind of it, as well as some of the words used." Princess White Fox said lightly.

    The maidservant was momentarily taken back before she said, "Princess, aren't you angry? That fellow named Yi Yun has no shame at all. He even said that he has no interest in travelling with Princess. Who does he think he is? There are so many people who want to travel with Princess that even the entire Luo clan royal capital couldn’t contain them if they lined up. Even Prince Crimson Firmament yearns for it, but this Yi Yun… "

    Princess White Fox said with a laugh, "Everyone has their own preferences and choices. You may like beautiful clothes and accessories, but warriors like superior-grade sabers and swords, and a farmer might like fertile soil. There's nothing odd about that. So, why should I be mad? However, there is one point that is true. As Princess White Fox, I represent the entire White Fox clan. My pride is the glory of the White Fox clan. Regardless of anything, Luo Huo'er and Yi Yun's words can be considered a challenge to me. At the Luo Divine Hall trials, I would probably be with Yi Yun. When the time comes, I want to see what Yi Yun's true strength is."

    Time soon passed and with that, a month had passed.

    Luo Huo’er had accompanied a White Fox clan ambassador to head for the White Fox clan. As for Yi Yun, he remained in the Luo clan royal capital to consolidate his cultivation realm.

    Today was the day that the Luo Divine Hall trials began.

    Every sixty years, the Luo Divine Hall would hold a trial that lasted eighteen years!

    Yi Yun was quite surprised when he first heard of the Luo Divine Hall trials that lasted eighteen years.

    Why did it last so long?

    "Of course it's long… " Empress Xuan stood on a high platform. Behind her were elites that were going to participate in the trials. She was dressed in a lavish regal outfit, and she looked domineering. "The trials is not just a single test. In fact, it is the most important opportunity of the Luo Divine Hall. It happens once every sixty years, and it lasts for eighteen years each time. The eighteen years are extremely important, they are a stage for you to build your foundation." Empress Xuan slowly said.

    Yi Yun, along with other disciples who had joined Empress Xuan's camp, including Gu Qing, Ling Wu, etc, were all present. They were all elites from the various Luo clan states. Furthermore, they were mostly less than fifty years old. Amongst the younger generation, they were considered the youngest juniors.

    "Huo'er's trial will also begin at the same time as our Luo clan's. In fact, many clans and Fey countries in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven chose today as the beginning of an important trial for their young disciples." Empress Xuan added on.

    "Oh? Other Fey countries have the trials going on concurrently as well?" Yi Yun was surprised. It was obviously not a coincidence with so many powerful factions choosing this day for the beginning of their trials.

    At this moment…

    A spirit cruiser flew over and it landed on a square in front of the crowd.

    The spirit cruiser looked extremely special. It looked like a carp that was covered in scales. It had two long tentacles growing by its large mouth and its eyes were bright. If it wasn’t for its surface having indications of it being made out of metal, Yi Yun would have believed that it was a gigantic carp.

    "This spirit cruiser is truly strange… "

    "It's indeed strange… " At this moment, Empress Xuan spoke. "Our entire Luo clan only has two spirit cruisers of this grade. One of them is used by His Majesty, and the other is by the Empyrean Uncle. And the one in front of you is His Majesty's mount. These two spirit cruisers are one of the cornerstones of the Luo clan!"

    Emperor Luo's mount?

    The people present were amazed. Just heading to the Luo Divine Hall trials required using Emperor Luo's mount?

    "The spirit cruiser in front of you was a golden carp from ancient times. This is the body that it left behind after failing to transform into a dragon. Using its body as a foundation, this spirit cruiser was constructed. Hence, the spirit cruiser you see resembles a carp."

    An ancient parable in the Fey race describes how a golden carp transforms into a dragon goes — A Jinlin is in no case a common creature living in the pool, but it changes into a dragon upon facing a storm.

    Yi Yun had never expected that the spirit cruiser in front of him was refined using a golden carp's corpse.

    The corpse of an ancient beast like a golden carp was unimaginably valuable.

    But even so, Empress Xuan had just said that the two spirit cruiser were the cornerstones of the Luo clan and they were of paramount importance. Clearly, such a spirit cruiser was not simply used for traveling only.

    At this moment, a middle-aged man dressed in white robes appeared from the gigantic carp's mouth.

    He had long purple hair, and his eyes were deep blue in color, resembling the deep starry sky. Just standing there nonchalantly made the light around him distort. Yi Yun knew that this was a manifestation of the Dao.

    The person standing at the fish's mouth had unfathomable strength. It was even very likely that this was the strongest person that Yi Yun had ever encountered in person so far!

    "Your Majesty."

    The blue-eyed man nodded slightly at Empress Xuan.

    From the fact that he did not need to bow at Empress Xuan was enough to show of his esteemed status!

    And following that, Empress Xuan's words made everyone understand his identity.

    "Supremacy Gulan, we haven't met each other in a thousand years… "


    This was not the first time that Yi Yun had heard such a term. Even in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, a Supremacy was considered to be a powerhouse. And in the Luo clan, Supremacies were exempt from bowing, even when greeting Emperor Luo. They would only bow when they met the third Empyrean Uncle.

    Every few decades, a new batch of geniuses and elites would be born in the Luo clan. Amongst these geniuses, there would be existences at the pinnacle. But true Supremacys could be counted with one's hand in the Luo clan.

    This was the first time that Yi Yun heard of Supremacy Gulan, but many of the elites present already knew the few Supremacies in the Luo clan.

    "He's Supremacy Gulan! For our trip to the Luo Divine Hall trials, we actually get to ride on His Majesty's spirit cruiser and have a Supremacy lead the way! The whole situation is so fantastic… " Someone said in surprise.

    The situation appeared exaggerated regardless of anything.

    "There's no other way. The place we are going cannot be entered without a Supremacy powering the golden carp spirit cruiser… " Someone who understood the Luo Divine Hall trials well said with mixed emotions.

    It was also because of this reason that Empress Xuan had mentioned that the two spirit cruisers owned by Emperor Luo and the third Empyrean Uncle were the cornerstones of the Luo clan. The reason was mostly attributed to the fact that spirit cruisers at that grade were the keys to activating the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    Without spirit cruisers at such a grade, the Luo clan would lose the ability to nurture their young elites.

    Translator's Note: The Luo Divine Hall trials lasts eighteen years. Ten years? What? You must have seen wrongly. Lalalala~

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