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Chapter 879: Chaotic Laws

    Chapter 879: Chaotic Laws

    After the lanky elder finished speaking, the hull of spirit cruiser opened. The disciples who came to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials subsequently flew out.

    However, the moment that they stepped out of the spirit cruiser, there were immediately people who stumbled. There were even a few disciples who screamed as they plummeted straight down.

    Elder Shi and the other Elders watched coldly, but they had no intention of saving them.

    These disciples desperately powered their Yuan Qi before finally stabilizing their bodies. Slowly, they rose up, but from their pale looks, it was obvious that they had been given quite a fright.

    They were still about a hundred thousand feet high in the sky. If they truly plummeted down, it would not be a problem in any other common universe, but in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, falling meant a high chance of death.

    As warriors, they were already accustomed to flying. Although their Yuan Qi was insufficient to allow them to fly over great distances, just hovering mid-air for a while was easy as lifting a finger. It was practically an inborn instinct.

    But just a moment ago, they had to relearn the feeling of flying in air.

    "This is a universe that failed to take form, the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. The laws here are different to the 12 Empyrean Heavens. It’s in great disorder. The laws of nature around the landmass that the Luo Divine Hall is situated on is considered to be stable, but there are certain places where every step taken will allow you to encounter different laws. At those places, the energy in your bodies might be triggered by the disorderly laws even while standing. If you fail to control it, you might explode to your deaths, much less fly." At this moment, an Elder with an extremely long beard spoke slowly.

    "But it's because of this that the Primordial Empyrean Heaven is such an excellent place for the trials. In here, you will be able to experience the laws of nature at the primordial birth of the Universe. The laws are disorderly and brutal. But it is also because of this that they are easier to gain insights from. They have not gone through a perfect transformation and maintains they most primordial state. They do not have a system of a harmonious trajectories."

    "In worlds like the 12 Empyrean Heavens that have taken form, the insights into a law requires you to extract them from their trajectories. Here, there is no need to do so. If you can seize the opportunity, and grasp one law, you would become a dragon or phoenix amongst people."

    The bearded Elder was apparently more patient than Elder Shi. However, the look he gave the disciples was dull. How could it be easy to grasp a law? Even in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, gaining insight into laws was still extremely difficult.

    It was equivalent to the mortals in the lower realm. They lived on tiny planets. Even if they grasped a tiny law and used the law to fly out of their planets, they were still no different to an ant when it came to the Universe. It was extremely difficult for an ant to even try fathoming the vastness of the entire world.

    It was as though the bearded Elder had not spoken in a very long while. Having said his piece, he fell silent.

    They had volunteered to stay in the Luo Divine Hall. Other than protecting the Luo Divine Hall, they also went into reclusive cultivation here.

    The disciples who were still in the spirit cruiser were appalled. They never expected that just moving alone was difficult enough in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. They still needed to gain insight into laws and battle…

    With the lessons drawn from the mistakes of those before them, the remaining disciples were careful when they flew out of the spirit cruiser.

    Although many of the disciples had jolted themselves to give their all, they were still unable to find their footing after flying out. Even after familiarizing themselves with the surroundings, they were still unable to stand freely. It was as though they would plummet at any time.

    However, there were a group of people who adjusted to it faster. After a few moments of stumbling, they were able to barely stand firm, with no signs of them falling at any time.

    Immediately, the disciples who failed to find their footing felt that their faces were burning.

    The setback was too great to be immediately proven to be inferior to the other disciples upon arrival at the trial.

    However, no matter how well the disciples performed, the two Elders that protected the Luo Divine Hall had their eyelids lowered. They did not pay any attention to them.

    "It's Senior Brother Luo Mo." Someone suddenly shouted from amidst the crowd.

    Luo Mo, who had competed with Yi Yun at Empress Luo's banquet had arrived.

    Luo Mo was still wearing his black-and-white robe. He silently stepped out of the spirit cruiser. Ever since he was defeated by Yi Yun in the Desolate Heaven technique at Empress Luo's banquet, he appeared more staid.

    The moment he stepped out, his robe fluttered up, as though it was lifted up by winds. Following that he stably hovered mid-air, no different to normal flying.


    People remarked with a tinge of regret. Indeed, a genius at Luo Mo's level was different.

    Behind Luo Mo was a black-dressed youth.

    The moment the black-dressed youth appeared, he attracted the attention of many.

    The reason why the black-dressed youth attracted the attention of the others was not because of his identity. In fact, many people present had never seen him before.

    The youth had a pair of black and bright eyes. He was extremely well kept, with a sword behind his back. He had black short hair, but his face looked somewhat pale.

    The bone sword was made of the bone of an unknown beast. It was white like jade and it did not appear sharp at all. Instead, it gave off a warm feeling to others.

    The most astonishing thing was that beside the sword's hilt, there was a tiny bird standing on the black-dressed youth's shoulder.

    And it was this bird that attracted the eyes of everyone.

    The participants present were members of the Fey race. They were extremely sensitive to Fey race bloodlines, so they were certain that the bird was not a powerful Fey beast, to the point that it was most likely an ordinary bird.

    Bringing an ordinary bird to the Luo Divine Hall?

    The laws in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven were extremely disorderly. Out of the Luo Divine Hall's vicinity, many places could trigger the energies in a person's body due to the chaotic laws to result in an exploding death.

    Even in the land mass where the Luo Divine Hall lay, where the laws were slightly more stable, it was still not a place that an ordinary bird could withstand.

    A strange scene was seen. When the black-dressed youth stepped out of the spirit cruiser, it was as though he was walking on flat ground. His body did not even quiver once. Even the bird on his shoulder was turning its tiny head in an alacritous manner. From time to time, it would issue clear sounds of chirping.

    That can actually do?

    Many people had struggled just to be able to stand firmly, but the youth in front of them had not only stood firmly, but he had also brought a tiny bird.

    Who was he?

    Such thoughts appeared on many people's minds. It was as though Luo Mo knew the youth, and from his demeanor, he was rather respectful towards the youth.

    At this moment, Ran Xueyi, Luo Divine Hall had begun to come out of the spirit cruiser. As two of the four young masters of the royal capital, the both of them were members of the younger generation that were younger than a hundred years old. Obviously, they would not miss the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    Just as Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu were about to step out of the spirit cruiser —


    The sound of the tearing of the void resounded as air was pushed apart. The surrounding laws also turned chaotic. The young disciples, who had struggled to find their footing, stumbled again, as though they were tiny boats bobbing on a huge wave.

    People looked up as a gigantic white spirit cruiser descended and it landed near the Luo clan's spirit cruiser.

    "It's the White Fox clan's spirit cruiser!"

    The gigantic white cruiser had a line made up of large beads across the keel of the boat that resembled the eyeballs of beasts. The line gave off a feeling full of mystery.

    "It's Princess White Fox and the disciples of the White Fox clan!" A young Luo clan elite said.

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