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Chapter 880: Shadow Twins

    Chapter 880: Shadow Twins

    At the Luo Divine Hall trials, the Luo clan and White Fox clan had exchanged quite a large number of elites.

    A number of elites that Empress Luo had nurtured were sent to the White Fox clan.

    As for the White Fox clan, it had sent an extremely strong lineup that accompanied Princess White Fox.

    At the trials, it was not only a competition between Empress Luo and Empress Xuan, it was also a competition between the Luo and White Fox clan!

    This destined the trial to be an intense competition!

    At this moment, an arc of light shot out of the white spirit cruiser as its hull opened. Appearing from inside the hull were a group of lavishly dressed White Fox disciples. The male disciples made up no more than 20%, while the rest were all female disciples!

    At a glance, there were dozens of White Fox clan beauties. Any one of them had beauty that could topple kingdoms!

    The White Fox clan's ancestor was a powerful Ancient Fey, the Nine-tailed White Fox. Female White Fox that took human form had an inexplicable charm, and they were considered one of the most perfect beings in the world.

    But now, this group of female disciples were one of the most elite girls amongst the White Fox's younger generation with the purest bloodlines. Their looks, bearing and figures were impeccable. The group of beauties that suddenly appeared had different charms. There were those with ample chests or those with slim waists. Some had long, slender fair legs, while others that did not look tall would be petite and adorable. Some had temperaments as cold as jade, as though they were lofty snow lotuses, and there were others that were sultry, and completely capable of bringing down a country to its knees.

    Most of them wore fine silk-veiled clothing, and all of them standing together projected an astounding feeling.

    Amongst the young male elites of the Luo clan, not everyone was a blessed son of heaven who were pursued by girls like Luo Mo. There were some relatively common male disciples. Being able to suddenly see a bevy of beauties in all styles, they were momentarily dazed when they vaguely made out the beauties' fair legs and arms through the thin veils.

    Upon seeing the Luo clan's male disciples looking at them dumbfoundedly, there was a slight stir in the White Fox clan. They began giggling, with laughter as pleasant sounding as orioles birds.

    "The White Fox clan indeed lives up to its fame as a charming species. These girls must have cultivated in some illusionary charming techniques. Their auras have already been fully integrated into their bodies. Even without exercising their charm, they can still influence the minds of people."

    Yi Yun came to a conclusion upon seeing this scene. Ignoring the looks of the White Fox girls, just their reactions alone could stir up a male's dominating desires.

    The long mustached Luo Divine Hall Elder frowned slightly. Emperor Luo had instructed him to lead the Luo Divine Hall trials. Although quite a number of Luo clan geniuses had been sent to the White Fox clan, he could not allow the Luo clan to embarrass itself.

    He interrupted the dazed Luo clan youngsters present with a soft grunt. After a momentary surprise, they hurriedly focused their minds and looked somewhat embarrassed.

    They had also realized that their reactions were quite embarrassing, and they had unknowingly fallen for the other party's tricks.

    At this moment, a red-dressed beauty appeared at the entrance of the white spirit cruiser's hull. She had an ample bosom, and even with an extremely loose dress, there was no way it could hide her voluptuous figure that exuded a mature woman's charm.

    "Hehehe, Elder Duanmu, why are you grunting? It's just a look, and the girls don't mind, so what's wrong with that? Furthermore, with the common enemy of the Fey Phantasm Sect, my White Fox clan's Sacred King and His Majesty Emperor Luo have the intentions to begin an alliance. In the future, wouldn't it be common for White Fox clan ladies to marry into the Luo clan?" The red-dressed woman said with a giggle.

    Pandemonium seemed to happen as the voluptuousness under her dress made people lose themselves in reverie.

    Some of the Luo Clans’s hot-blooded youths could not help but waver on their purpose after hearing her words. What the red-dressed woman said was very alluring. The Luo Divine Hall trials would last a very long time, so it was possible that they could hook up with one of the White Fox beauties, and leave with a beauty in hand!

    Just thinking of this made many Luo clan disciples muster up their strength in a bid to showcase themselves at the trials.

    "Come on down!"

    The red-dressed woman waved her hand.

    The elites of the White Fox clan began to step out of the spirit cruiser.

    The Luo clan disciples immediately focused. The spatial dimension laws here were extremely chaotic. It was not easy to stand firmly, so they wanted to see how strong these girls from the White Fox clan were. They wanted to see if they were even worthy of them, if a few of them could not even beat a single one of them, how could they win their hand in marriage?

    The first to step out of the spirit cruiser was a pair of young girls.

    They were extremely tall, with ample breasts and thin waists. Long hair gushed down their backs, while there was a pair of fox ears that could hardly be seen.

    They looked like they were made out of the same mold. Twins?

    The Luo clan disciples were somewhat astonished. Coupled with their flawless faces, and identical looks, they found it nearly impossible to distinguish them.

    "It's the White Fox clan's Shadow Twins!" At this moment, Luo Mo said, "They grew up together with Princess White Fox, and they are personal guards of Princess White Fox. The term, 'guards', might not be appropriate, and instead, they could be described as Princess White Fox's confidants and left and right-hand women."

    With Luo Mo saying this, the Shadow Twins had already stepped out of the spirit cruiser. The chaotic laws immediately subjected them to their power, but the duo did not appear to be affected at all. More mysteriously, a faint ripple appeared under their feet, as though they were stepping on a water surface. These ripples emanated out from their feet and it gathered together before destructively interfering with each other into eventual calmness.

    And following that, the Shadow Twins took one step after another down the empty space. Every step produced a ripple and these ripples formed a trail that expanded in range. Following that, the young White Fox clan disciples began walking out of the spirit cruiser.

    The invisible ripples seemed to stabilize the chaotic void as they created an invisible ground. All of the White Fox disciples were able to stand firmly on the ripples that destructively interfered with each other, as though they were not affected by the chaotic laws!

    This scene shocked everyone.

    What sort of technique was that?

    Not every White Fox clan disciple was able to easily adapt to their surroundings. With the Shadow Twins forging a path ahead, it was as though they had calmed down the chaotic laws, which resulted in all of them appearing unaffected.

    It was fascinating!

    At this moment, Princess White Fox appeared. She was still dressed in a simple but elegant white robe. Her long white hair and her every gesture had silver bolts lightning circulating around her. The resplendent silver beams added an air of mystery to her.

    Quite a few of the Luo clan disciples present had attended the banquet hosted by Empress Luo. Back at the banquet, they did not sense how unfathomable Princess White Fox was, but now in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, they were able to deeply appreciate it.

    Princess White Fox's eyes were calm as she slowly walked towards the Luo Divine Hall. Following behind Princess White Fox were four male White Fox clan men.

    The White Fox clan men had exquisite appearances like the women, but in the eyes of the members of the Luo clan, this was completely disgusting. Men mostly liked delicate and beautiful women, but how many would like delicate and beautiful men?

    At this moment, the White Fox clan men looked at the Luo clan disciples and one of them said, "Who amongst you is Yi Yun?"

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