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Chapter 881: Mimicking

    Chapter 881: Mimicking

    The White Fox clan man who spoke immediately attracted the attention of many, this was because he was especially unique.

    He was tall and burly, and there was a heavy weapon on his back. From the shape of it, it resembled a heavy sword.

    The man's face was chiseled and his eyes were like two sharp blades. He had a faint scar in between his eyebrows, which looked like ivory. Standing there, he emanated an overwhelming foul bloodthirsty aura!

    This foul aura would only appear on people who had their hands stained with a great deal of blood. Clearly, this man had experienced several life and death battles and he had traversed the realms of both life and death.

    How was such a man in the White Fox clan?

    Ignoring his foul bloodthirsty aura, just his appearance alone definitely made him an extremely masculine man, even in the Luo clan. He was completely different from the effeminate men in the White Fox clan.

    The White Fox clan had such a person?

    "I am."

    Yi Yun stood at the exit of the Luo clan's spirit cruiser. He had yet to disembark from the spirit cruiser, and when he locked eyes with the sword-bearing man, Yi Yun felt that the other person's aura was extraordinary.

    The sword-bearing youth was somewhat special.

    The Shadow Twins, together with the sword-bearing youth, allowed the White Fox clan to showcase their strength even before the trials began. It was already quite amazing.

    "My name is Wufeng!" The sword-bearing man announced his name as he looked deeply into Yi Yun's eyes.

    Yi Yun was not surprised to be suddenly questioned by members of the White Fox clan. It was highly likely that most people in the White Fox clan had heard of his name…

    The reason was none other than the confrontation between Luo Huo'er and Bai Yueqing.

    Yi Yun slightly cocked his head and looked at Princess White Fox. In the White Fox clan, Princess White Fox enjoyed a lofty status, a status not inferior to Luo Huo'er.

    "He's Yi Yun?"

    Wufeng's reaction was rather plain, but for the other disciples of the White Fox clan, they did not remain calm when they heard Yi Yun's name.

    "So he is the one who declared that our White Fox clan's Princess White Fox was not worthy to be his travel partner?"

    "His cultivation level is at the beginning stages of the Heaven Ascension realm. His foundation is passable, but his physique is extremely weak. He would have been annihilated by me if he was in the White Fox clan for daring to speak so arrogantly."

    "Do you think that he truly doesn't want to partner with our princess in her travels? He probably yearns for it deeply, but knows that it's impossible so he put on an arrogant front. However, to be able to act arrogant, one has to have the appropriate strength and status. He doesn't have any of that."

    A few of the male White Fox clan youths discussed in whispers as they sized up Yi Yun without any reservations. Their perceptions blanketed Yi Yun as they checked his foundation and lifeblood strength.

    They had heard of the matters over the past few days and they were incensed over the matter. They wanted to know what the arrogant man looked like.

    Although the discussion were as quiet as murmurs, their conversation could be heard by others. Princess White Fox frowned slightly and turned around. She glanced at those youths that were speaking, a displeased look on her face.

    "The Luo Divine Hall trials have just begun. Our every action and word represent the White Fox clan. By being verbally provocative before the trials, it does nothing but make others think lowly of us." Princess White Fox sent a voice transmission.

    The few White Fox youths choked up, and they did not dare to refute her.

    "Your Highness, your teachings are sensible. Words mean nothing. When the trials begin, we will let that arrogant fellow know the strength of our White Fox clan."

    They knew about the bet about the trials between Luo Huo'er and Bai Yueqing. Bai Yueqing had also specially informed them of the importance of the trials. Other than the bet, if they were able to crush the Luo clan in the trials, they would also gain the upper hand in the upcoming forging of the alliance between the Luo clan and the White Fox clan!

    Without a doubt, those who managed to obtain good results at the trial would make a name of themselves.

    "Yi Yun, aren't you coming down?" At this moment, Wufeng said to Yi Yun.

    In the land mass where the Luo Divine Hall was, the laws in the void were chaotic, making it difficult for the youths to fly. Previously, the Shadow Twins had worked together to stride down the void and calming the laws. It was truly fascinating.

    Wufeng understood of Yi Yun's feats. He was very curious about a person who could use the seventy-two introductory moves to refine an 'outstanding' relic.

    Instantly, many people were looking at Yi Yun.

    Although many of the White Fox clan disciples frowned upon Yi Yun, it was still very easy to fly in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.

    Those with strong nomological insights would be able to find the gist of it instantly, allowing them to stabilize their footing.

    Those with weaker laws would stagger from beginning to end, almost never finding balance.

    They wanted to see how long Yi Yun would take to find his balance.

    Yi Yun looked at the void outside the spirit cruiser. Musing slightly, he took his first step out.

    When his center of gravity shifted out of the spirit cruiser, Yi Yun immediately saw the chaotic laws that belonged to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.

    The space here were filled with a variety of primordial energy.

    Unformed energies of Yin-Yang, the five elements, Creation, spatial-temporal…

    These energies surged into his body as they wantonly burst through his meridians.

    If his nomological insight was insufficient, the myriad of energies that mixed into his bodies would result in him plummeting if he failed to control them, just like the other Luo clan disciples from before.

    Yi Yun's pace was not fast. He took one step after another. In the Purple Crystal's energy vision, the chaotic energy looked like countless disordered threads. Yi Yun stepped on the nexus points of these threads like he was walking a tightrope. It looked rather interesting to Yi Yun.

    Walking stably was not difficult in fact, but with his energy vision, Yi Yun had several thoughts.

    "Oh? What is that Yi Yun doing?"

    People noticed that Yi Yun was walking very slowly in the void. Every step was taken very cautiously. His eyes were staring at his feet, as though he was walking along a cliff's edge, worried that he would fall at any time.

    This strolling that looked like a snail's crawl could not be considered as elegant. Compared to Wufeng, Luo Mo and company, he was far inferior. They were able to find their balance in less than a second.

    "Why is Yi Yun so slow at trying to adapt himself to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven's chaotic laws and maintain his balance?" A youth from the White Fox clan chuckled.

    Just as he was about to deride Yi Yun, he was suddenly stunned. He noticed that there were faint ripples beneath Yi Yun's feet, just like the ripples the Shadow Twins had formed.

    However, the ripples that Yi Yun created were much fainter. It looked like he had yet to proficiently grasp it, but even so, this astounded the youth that was about to speak.

    "He's mimicking the Shadow Twins!" The youth from the White Fox clan said as his voice broke.

    He never expected that Yi Yun was able to mimic the Shadow Twins in his first step into the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. It was quelling the chaotic and violent energies just by using their legs.

    Furthermore, he actually managed to do it!

    Although he did not do it in as collected a manner as the Shadow Twins, people knew that this was not the first time that the Shadow Twins had stepped into the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. They had been here before!

    Beside Princess White Fox, the Shadow Twins were watching Yi Yun. A look of astonishment flashed on their identical faces as they said, "Princess, that Yi Yun truly has impressive perception!"

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