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Chapter 882: Ancient Fey Soul Remnant

    Chapter 882: Ancient Fey Soul Remnant

    The Shadow Twins had always been outstanding in the White Fox clan. As twin sisters, they had simultaneously awoken their Ancient Nine-Tailed Fox bloodline. Coupled with their pedigree and beauty, they were obviously highly sought after. Hence, under the present situation, those who could be praised by them were few and far between.

    However, what Yi Yun had done had truly astonished them. The primordial universe's chaotic laws were like churning waves in the sea. The sea waves easily changed their shape, but if one wanted to attempt to use their feet to flatten the waves, that was nearly impossible.

    Although Yi Yun's mimicry was relatively inchoate compared to the Shadow Twins, it was still extremely rare and valuable.

    Furthermore, the more Yi Yun walked, the more plain-sailing it became for him. He was also slowly speeding up!

    The White Fox clan geniuses that had previously mocked Yi Yun were momentarily at a loss for words when they saw the situation. They might have extremely strong combat ability, but they themselves knew that they could not use their feet to flatten the chaotic energies.

    At this moment, Wufeng spoke, "Do not look down on the geniuses of the Luo clan. Although you are the cream of the crop in the White Fox clan, and this batch of juniors in the White Fox clan far exceeds the past, the Luo clan is also filled with talent. Don't forget that the Luo clan has existed for an even longer period of time. They have amassed a great foundation.

    When the surrounding White Fox clan geniuses heard this, some of them fell silent while others were unconvinced.

    "Being able to flatten the chaotic energies in the void is based on one's superiority in laws. Yi Yun is a human, so it is normal for him to be better than us on this. I heard that at a Luo clan collective training, his nomological insights were outstanding. However, what will be compared next is actual combat! Actual combat is what we are best at!"

    "Right! Actual combat is everything. What's the use of laws alone!?"

    The moment that actual combat was mentioned, the White Fox clan disciples immediately perked up. The Luo Divine Hall trials' final results depended on actual combat, which had the greatest weighting.

    Wufeng did not speak. The Fey race was indeed proficient at actual combat. Even for Wufeng himself, nomological insights was his weakness, while actual combat was his strength.

    In terms of actual combat, he was absolutely confident!

    Of course, compared to Princess White Fox… he was completely no match for her.

    Not only was Princess White Fox an instance of atavism, but she was also equally outstanding in laws, which the Fey race viewed as their weakness. She did not have any weaknesses!

    If not for Princess White Fox being well-matched with Luo Huo'er, the White Fox prince would not have been so confident.

    Upon thinking about this, Wufeng glanced at Princess White Fox, who wasn't too far away from him.

    At this moment, Princess White Fox was looking at Yi Yun with a wistful look. Her eyes were concentrated on Yi Yun's toes. Her eyes were very pure, like a bright surface of a lake. Every ripple formed by Yi Yun's feet was clearly reflected in her pupils.

    "Nongyin, if this was the first time that you came to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, will you be able to do what he did?"

    Nongying was the elder sister of the Shadow Twins, while the younger sister's name was Nongyue.

    Nongying frankly shook her head and said, "No."

    Just as Nongying said this, the red-dressed woman beside her spoke. The red-dressed woman was leading the White Fox clan on this expedition — Fairy Red Fox.

    "Xue'er, that sort of footwork was created by Nongying and Nongyue with trial and error. The difficulty of pioneering is much higher than imitating. Yi Yun is only imitating." Fairy Red Fox gave Yi Yun a deep glance and said, "Of course, he is much stronger than I originally imagined."

    "That's right. He's only imitating us." Nongyue, the younger sister, said with a slight frown. Yi Yun's imitation of their actions made Nongyue rather displeased. "If he has the ability, he should pioneer a footwork that belongs to himself. If so, I'll have a high opinion of him. If not, he's just a person who imitates!"

    "Ordinary people might not be able to do so even if they want to imitate." Princess White Fox shook her head.

    With the Luo clan and White Fox clan disciples gathered, the Luo Divine Hall trials also began.

    And at this moment, the two spirit cruisers of the White Fox and Luo clan lifted off simultaneously. It flew away from the land mass where the Luo Divine Hall was. With that, the two spirit cruisers tunneled through the void, and before long, they used Void Transference to vanish completely.

    "His Supremacy has left."

    "He will come to pick us up in eighteen year’s time."

    Seeing the two spirit cruisers disappear, the elites present had mixed emotions. The White Fox clan most likely had another Supremacy powering the spirit cruiser. If not, they would not have been able to break through the spatial barrier of the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.

    And from beginning to the end, they had not seen the White Fox clan's Supremacy disembark from the spirit cruiser. Other than Princess White Fox and a few others, the rest did not know who the Supremacy that powered the spirit cruiser was.

    A few of the Luo clan geniuses had managed to catch a glimpse of Supremacy Gulan only because of Empress Xuan. After all, there was a battle for the throne, so Empress Xuan had personally sent off the geniuses into the spirit cruiser. Supremacy Gulan had given the empress face and he had shown his face for a fleeting moment.

    Following that, they did not even get to see Supremacy Gulan.

    Ultimately, the difference between them was too great. Be it the White Fox clan geniuses or the Luo clan geniuses, they were unqualified to have a Supremacy pay attention to them. Supremacy Gulan had lived for tens of thousands of years, and he had to send a batch of disciples to the Primordial Empyrean Heaven every sixty years. He had seen many so-called 'geniuses', so many that he was already numb to them.

    But in fact, the number of geniuses who would truly mature were rare. A general calculation was that even the person who came first in the Luo Divine Hall trials had a one in ten thousand chance of becoming a Supremacy!

    Hence, most major clans would cast a wide net when nurturing their young geniuses. Through tens of thousands of times of hard work being used to nurture millions of good saplings, having one of them mature was sufficient.

    Many of the elites present understood this, but understanding was one thing, if they truly thought of it, their pride would still receive a setback.

    For them to mature from a young age made them a remarkable existence. But in the backdrop of the entire clan, they were just one in several million. How could they feel reconciled with the fact of being belittled by others?

    Hard work!

    They had to produce good results!

    Everyone was led by the Luo Divine Hall Elders as they flew towards the Luo Divine Hall.

    Upon landing, they saw the main palace and the surrounding towers, which immediately made these disciples feel tiny.

    It was too magnificent, as though they were mountains that sprouted out of the ground.

    The stone slates that lined the ground were also different from the Luo clan royal capital's. The material was unknown, but for them to last so long under the chaotic laws, they had to be extremely robust.

    Looking up at the Luo Divine Hall made it even more spectacular. It had levels after levels that linked it to the sky.

    "Go in." Elder Shi coldly said.

    The first level of the Luo Divine Hall was extremely wide. It could accommodate more than ten thousand people. Despite the large group of disciples entering, it still appeared extremely spacious.

    The vast grounds spun like gorgeous stars. Looking up, it was complete darkness. Everyone seemed to be standing alone in the universe, in the void of nothingness.

    And at different positions around these stars were dozens of gigantic rocks.

    These gigantic rocks emanated splendid chaotic auras, as though they were in constant flux. They did not appear real.

    "This is the front hall of the Luo Divine Hall, called Astral Palace." The bearded Elder Duanmu said. Elder Shi did not appear like he had the patience to introduce such matters.

    "Your first trial will be held here. Once this hall is closed, it will not be opened again. You will not be able to find an exit." The bearded Elder said with a rare smile. "None of you have ever battled an Ancient Fey before, right?"

    The disciples pricked up their eyebrows as some of them honestly answered, "No."

    "Then, all of you will soon have a chance." As the bearded Elder spoke, he flung an incantation onto one of the gigantic rocks.

    A trail of light flashed past the stellar backdrop and following that, a growl was suddenly heard from the darkness above their heads.

    This growl went straight to their hearts!

    Following that, drastic changes occurred as black gases gathered together into clouds, and in a blink of an eye, a gigantic head appeared.

    The head poked out of the darkness as a humongous eye glanced nonchalantly at the disciples below with a scarlet flash in its eyes.

    Upon seeing this head, the disciples felt as though their hearts had been wrenched.

    Dragon! A true Fey dragon!

    Yi Yun was also greatly taken aback. Back in Black Wind Valley's training, he had only encountered a land contaminated by a rotting Fey dragon after its death. And now, what he was facing was a true dragon itself.


    The gigantic dragon flew down and it landed on the ground. Its massive body resembled a mountain. Its breathing made many disciples involuntarily tense up.

    "The Primordial Empyrean Heaven is a world that failed to take form! Not only do the astronomical bodies or great worlds fail to take form, even an Ancient Fey born in primal times can fail in its evolution too!"

    "Most of the Ancient Fey who fail to evolve would turn to ash under the immense river of time. However, there will be some who leave behind their soul essence that get wrapped in the most primordial gases of Chaos. This allows them to last till the present day!"

    "Our Luo clan has collected a few Ancient Fey soul essence to establish this palace!"

    Elder Duanmu's words caused Yi Yun to secretly falter.

    Not only could a world fail to take form, even an Ancient Fey could fail to evolve. This allowed the production of valuable Ancient Fey soul essences.

    These Ancient Fey soul essence were restored through the use of the Luo clan’s array formations. It allowed the depiction of such an incredibly realistic divine dragon.

    "This Ancient Fey soul essence isn't unique to the Luo clan, right?" Yi Yun asked Gu Qing in a low voice.

    Gu Qing nodded and said, "Naturally, our Luo clan only occupies a portion of the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. These Ancient Fey soul essences can be owned by other clans and Fey countries. For example, the White Fox clan's White Fox trials are very similar to our Luo Divine Hall trials."

    Yi Yun nodded. Both clans were in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, so the resources they possessed were fairly identical. Hence, it was understandable that the trials they created were also similar.

    Yi Yun took another look at the divine dragon. The Ancient Fey phantom image conjured by the array formation had the soul essence of an Ancient Fey that failed in its evolution imbued into it. Its powers were obviously incomparable to a true dragon, but it was definitely not easily beaten.

    At this moment, Elder Shi spoke.

    "The gigantic rocks in front of you are known as Fey Refining Rocks. They are similarly produced from the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. Such special divine rocks can seal the soul essence of an Ancient Fey that failed in its evolution and store them for along time. It is also one of the heritage cornerstones of our Luo clan!"

    As Elder Shi spoke, Elder Duanmu dispersed the incantation on the Fey Refining Rock. Following that, the conjured dragon dissipated into countless points of light.

    Elder Duanmu added on, "From now, we will begin testing your actual combat. Everyone will enter the array formation and battle with the Ancient Fey soul essence in the Fey Refining Rock. I will be outside here and watch how well you will fight!"

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