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Chapter 883: Jian Zhu

    Chapter 883: Jian Zhu

    Battle with a true Ancient Fey?

    Although it was a wisp of soul essence, it was still enough to excite everyone. The young geniuses present were basically all Heaven Fey other than Yi Yun.

    As descendants of the Ancient Fey, the Heaven Fey were proud of their blood heritage. At the same time, they would be excited about anything that had to do with Ancient Fey.

    The eyes of many people lit up as fighting spirit shimmered!

    All they had previously seen was the phantom images of Ancient Fey conjured using bloodlines. And now, they had an opportunity to interact with a true Ancient Fey soul essence. This combat experience was priceless!

    Seeing that the elites present were so excited, Elder Shi did not think much of it as he said, "Inject your spiritual energies into the Fey Refining Rock, and the battle will begin. However, it is impossible for you to gain victory in the battle. The Ancient Fey soul essence in the Fey Refining Rock will constantly be reborn. Every rebirth increases its strength by several times. The Ancient Fey soul essence can go under nineteen rebirths in total! And that is to say, if you can kill the Ancient Fey soul essence nineteen consecutive times, it would be equivalent to clearing the trial, but that is impossible!" Elder Shi said indifferently.

    The young elites present frowned slightly when they heard this.


    Although they also knew that they had a long way ahead on their martial paths, they still felt under the weather when they were completely denied by others.

    Especially with Elder Shi's expression, it was as though he could not be bothered to speak another word. It was as though most of the young elites present were ants to him, not worthy of his attention.

    "If the Ancient Fey soul essence can be killed eighteen times, how powerful would it be at the nineteenth time?" Yi Yun cocked his head and asked Gu Qing.

    Elder Shi's words had sparked his curiosity.

    Gu Qing shook his head and said, "I only know that the Fey Refining Rocks are difficult to clear, but I have no idea how difficult the nineteenth round is either… "

    Just as Gu Qing spoke, a pleasant-sounding voice resounded, "At the nineteenth time, it's probably when one approaches the level of a Supremacy would one be able to beat it, I guess."

    Many people heard this when it was said.

    Everyone felt a jolt.

    Approach the level of a Supremacy!?

    That is way too ridiculous!

    "Or it should be said that everything from the fifth round onwards is not prepared for us."

    The person who spoke was the black-dressed youth. His face was slightly pale, and his eyes were black with a luster. He had short hair and he had a white bone sword on his back that appeared blunt. There was a bird on his shoulder as well.

    This person was the mysterious youth from the Luo clan. Other than Luo Mo, no one present knew him.

    "Typically, a person who can kill the first Ancient Fey soul essence's incarnation at the moment they step into the Primordial Empyrean Heaven is extremely rare. In fact, most people will be repelled out of the Fey Refining Rock at the moment they enter. Even at the end of the eighteenth year, they would barely be able to kill it once or twice." The mysterious youth spoke, and as he did so, he gave Princess White Fox a glance.

    Without a doubt, Princess White Fox was the strongest person amongst everyone present!

    "It's this girl that Master specially pointed out. He said that she would be my greatest opponent… " The mysterious youth said in his mind.

    After arriving in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, his Master had transmitted his voice into his ear, telling him to pay attention to this fox-eared girl in white.

    Furthermore, other than his Master wanting him to do his best to surpass her, he had also added — "Whatever will be, will be. There is no need to be disheartened."

    It was as though losing to her was normal. This had ignited the refusal of defeat in this mysterious youth's heart.

    He would like to see how many times Princess White Fox could kill the Ancient Fey soul essence.

    "This Young Brother, may I ask who you are… ?" Gu Qing could not resist asking.

    He was also a member of the Luo clan, but he had never heard of this person. It was as though he had appeared out of thin air.

    And most critical of all, this black-dressed youth appeared pretty impressive. Be it his stance or knowledge, he had completely surpassed him.

    "Me? I'm Jian Zhu, Supremacy Gulan's personal disciple. As I have always been cultivating with Master, I seldom am in the royal capital." The mysterious youth said in a carefree manner.

    His identity was not something that needed to be kept a secret.

    "Supremacy Gulan's disciple?" Gu Qing instantly felt choked.

    The surrounding young elites from the Luo clan were also dumbfounded when they heard this.

    They had already guessed that his pedigree was extremely high, but they had never expected him to be a Supremacy's disciple!

    There were very few Supremacies in the Luo clan. They only knew a handful of names of the Supremacies. Even if the reclusive existences were added, it was a number no more than two digits.

    Most Supremacies had become ascetics, and did not meddle with the political matters of the royal capital. They and the royal court were two different systems.

    These Supremacies were the true foundation of the Luo clan!

    There were extremely stringent restrictions for a Supremacy to take in a disciple, especially a personal disciple. They were far and few in number. After all, a personal disciple would inherit their mantle. All sorts of top resources would be spent on the personal disciple generously.

    A Supremacy's fortune was not unlimited either. They had to be very meticulous in taking in a personal disciple. There might even be Supremacies who only took in one personal disciple their entire lives.

    The status of a Supremacy's personal disciple was understandable. It was no wonder that Luo Mo was so respectful to the youth.

    After knowing the mysterious youth's identity, Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu looked each other in the eye. They could only give a wry smile.

    Their titles as the 'royal capital's four great young masters' were a joke in front of Jian Zhu.

    The so-called royal capital's four young masters would change every few decades, so it was practically useless. As for a Supremacy their Xushui Ran clan and Donglin clan had not produced a Supremacy in the past few millenniums.

    If the top few family clans in the Luo clan were as such, there was obviously no need to mention the other family clans.

    "Supremacy Gulan's personal disciple… "

    Princess White Fox looked at the black-dressed youth with a tiny bird on his shoulder. She was somewhat astonished, but that was all to it.

    The White Fox clan also had personal disciples of Supremacies. However, even the personal disciples of Supremacies were slightly inferior to her.

    The status of a royal progeny was also determined by one's talent and strength.

    Supremacies might seem out of reach to others, but for Princess White Fox, she could easily interact with them. She had received advice from Supremacies as well.

    "Begin attempting the trial. The Fey Refining Rock arrays can accommodate twenty disciples a time. You can use your thoughts to choose the Ancient Fey that you want to challenge. The form of the Ancient Fey is not important, because regardless of the form, the Ancient Fey's strength are similar."

    "From the third round of killing the Ancient Fey onwards, you will receive rewards! The rewards will be weapons or treasured materials. From the fourth kill onwards, you can obtain core heritage of the Luo clan, as well as Ancient Fey bones!"

    At that moment, Elder Duanmu spoke. The words he said gave everyone a burning desire to do battle.

    It was difficult, but the rewards made their blood boil with excitement.

    Evern Yi Yun also felt slightly stirred. Ancient Fey bone!

    He had previously absorbed a single Ancient Fey bone, which had great benefits to his body and bloodline.

    Yi Yun's bloodline and physique were still too weak, so an Ancient Fey bone was like a timely gift.

    However… that would need him to kill the Ancient Fey soul essence four or even five times!

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