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Chapter 884: Difficulty

    Chapter 884: Difficulty

    Less than half a year had passed since Yi Yun arrived in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. Yi Yun did not know what level his actual combat had reached.

    However, reason told him that actual combat was his weakness.

    As Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal, he had a great advantage in the Desolate Heaven technique and his nomological insights far exceeded the common members of the Fey race.

    But for actual combat…

    Even at Mt. Azure Billow, Yi Yun had defeated Luo Tian and Ran Yu without using his true combat ability.

    Yi Yun glanced at Jian Zhu. Taking him as an example, he had accompanied a Supremacy since he was young. He obtained the personal guidance of a Supremacy and he had cultivated top cultivation techniques. The pills and relics he used were top-grade. Even the people who sparred with Jian Zhu were great talents.

    By growing up in such an environment, Jian Zhu's strength was understandably strong!

    Compared to himself, he started in the Cloud Wilderness and only began cultivating at the age of twelve. In the first few years of cultivation, the cultivation resources that were available to him were extremely mediocre. His horizons and the things he encountered could not be compared to the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

    Of course, with the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was able to experience certain opportunities Jian Zhu might not have, but to convert that to actual strength needed time.

    "Do you find it difficult?" Gu Qing cocked his head and asked Yi Yun. Yi Yun noticed that Gu Qing did not seem relaxed.

    Gu Qing was also a famous figure himself, but in front of the top geniuses of the Luo clan and White Fox clan, Gu Qing felt somewhat disheartened.

    "Fight it out and put in your greatest effort! The Luo Divine Hall trials will last very long. It's only the beginning."

    Yi Yun was not anxious. He was not even forty years of age yet. His martial path had just opened up. A moment's loss was nothing.

    At this moment, there were people who had already entered the Fey Refining Rock.

    There were a total of about forty Fey Refining Rock in Astral Palace. The main rock in the middle was the size of a house.

    Twenty people could go in at the time. As they stood in front of the largest Fey Refining Rock, a beam from the Fey Refining Rock immediately absorbed twenty people as a whole.

    "Oh? Even the body is absorbed in. Looks like it's not a consciousness battle, but a true physical battle… "

    Most of the elites present were waiting for the battle outcomes of these twenty people. Many of them were eager to battle an Ancient Fey so that they could make a name for himself.

    Regardless if it was Elder Shi's disdain for them or the identities of Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu, they had stimulated the competitive streak amongst these young elites.

    They were all proud children of heaven, so they had pride in their hearts.

    A successor of a Supremacy was powerful, but the final outcome needed to be compared. Even if they truly lost, they did not want to lose too badly.

    Just as everyone was having various thoughts.


    With a dull thud, a Luo clan disciple was expelled in about thirty seconds after entering the Fey Refining Rock!

    He slammed heavily onto the ground as his face turned pale.


    Elder Duanmu seemed to value his words with gold, so he did not even say an additional word.

    This Luo clan disciple did not even manage to kill an Ancient Fey phantom image. He only lasted for about thirty seconds.

    The gap was just too great.

    One did not mean much, but following that…

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    One trial-taker after another was expelled. It was not limited to the Luo clan disciples. Even trial-takers from the White Fox clan did not create any miracles. After lasting for about five minutes, they were also expelled out of the rock!

    After all, the White Fox had chosen the elites from their clan to participate in the Luo clan's trials. Those who were chosen were naturally not too bad. Those who were just chosen to make up the numbers were probably left in their own clans.

    However, despite being handpicked, these people did not defeat the first Ancient Fey soul essence.

    "All the twenty who had entered the Fey Refining Rock first have failed!" Elder Shi calmly announced the outcome.

    Clearly, the outcome was within his expectations.

    "All… All of them failed. Even Lin Yu has failed. She only lasted for about three minutes… She is the top genius of the five states in the southwest. It was believed that Lin Yu would be able to dazzle at the Luo Divine Hall trials, but who knew… that she would fail right at the beginning."

    The Luo clan disciple who spoke also came from the five states in the southwest. He was confident of himself, but after seeing Lin Yu fail so miserably, he was dumbfounded.

    He did not know how strong a Supremacy's successor was, but he knew very well of Lin Yu's strength.

    He knew that he was much weaker than Lin Yu. If Lin Yu only managed to endure for five minutes, he would most likely not be able to last more than three minutes, much less defeat the first Ancient Fey.

    Many people had such thoughts when they saw this. Everyone believed that they were extraordinary and that a miracle would happen to them. However, reason told them that it was highly unlikely that they would even clear the first stage.

    After the first batch of disciples exited, the second batch of disciples was up. Yi Yun saw a familiar person amongst the crowd — Luo Fengling.

    There were too many people who were qualified to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials. Yi Yun, Gu Qing and company were of higher status than ordinary disciples. They were situated in front of the group. As for Luo Fengling, Luo Tian and company, they were mixed in the group. And because of this, Yi Yun was able to notice Luo Fengling.

    Luo Fengling smiled at Yi Yun. She did not have any hopes of creating a miracle. She knew very well that there was always someone better and that she was still far from the mark.

    "If you are able to persist on, it's best to last as long as possible. Those who can persist longer than five minutes would be given more opportunities in this trial. If you can't even last five minutes, you might not be able to obtain a thing from this trial."

    Seeing many disciples appear uneasy, a rare instance of Elder Duanmu's tone turning soft happened.

    Five minutes…

    In the previous test, only one out of twenty people managed to last five minutes!

    Even lasting five minutes appeared extremely difficult.




    Elder Duanmu constantly said the same word. Up to now, not a single person had managed to threaten an Ancient Fey soul essence

    "All have failed. Next batch!"

    In a blink of an eye, another few dozen people were eliminated.

    Few could even last five minutes, much less kill an Ancient Fey.

    With the passage of time, most of the disciple had entered the Fey Refining Rock. Following that was the time for the true elites of the Luo clan and White Fox clan.

    "It's your turn. Do not be too disappointing." Elder Duanmu said with an indifferent expression.

    Fairy Red Fox giggled, "Hehe, your Luo clan's Fey Refining Rock array is more difficult than my White Fox clan's. But even so, I believe Elder Duanmu would not be disappointed any further. Nongying, Nongyue, go on up!"

    Fairy Red Fox nonchalantly chose the twins.

    Nongying! Nongyue! The White Fox clan's Shadow Twins!

    Elder Duanmu frowned slightly. He knew very well that at this Luo Divine Hall trials, the Luo clan was very likely going to lose to the White Fox clan. Firstly, this generation of the White Fox clan was very strong. Secondly, many of the elites of the Luo clan had been sent to the White Fox clan to participate in the White Fox clan's trials. Those left behind in the Luo Divine Hall were naturally inferior to the White Fox clan's elites.

    However, despite knowing this, be it Elder Duanmu or Elder Shi, they would still be displeased if they really lost.

    Elder Duanmu glanced at Jian Zhu. The only person left to hold the ground in the Luo clan was Jian Zhu alone!

    However, the White Fox clan's geniuses were many in number. It was not even Princess White Fox's turn, but the Shadow Twins. After the Shadow Twins, there was Wufeng, whose strength was relatively similar to theirs.

    It would be too early to use Jian Zhu at this point in time.

    Upon thinking of this, Elder Duanmu looked at the rest. The upper echelons of the Luo clan had instructed that they were not to weaken their stance at the trials. Elder Duanmu also had a general understanding of the strength of all the elites present.

    Sweeping his gaze across the Luo clan disciples, there was no one comparable to the Shadow Twins. They were all far too weak!

    They were destined to lose this stage to the White Fox clan. It was an outcome without question.

    "Forget it. We can only choose a general from among dwarves as long as we do not lose too badly."

    With this thought in mind, Elder Duanmu nominated —

    "Ran Xueyi! Donglin Yu! Gu Qing! Yi Yun! All of you, go on up!"

    He was nominated.

    Yi Yun exhaled deeply and he walked towards the Fey Refining Rock.

    "The opponents are the Shadow Twins. Elder Duanmu nominated us probably for us to be cannon fodder." Beside Yi Yun, Gu Qing said with a wry smile.

    Gu Qing usually thought highly of himself, but in front of the Shadow Twins, he could not feel any pride. He could only resign himself to fate and accept the reality.

    Yi Yun declined to comment. He glanced deeply at the Shadow Twins, Nongying and Nongyue. They were both tall, not much shorter than he was. Their legs were long and straight as though they were measured against a ruler.

    Their beauty was impeccable, and their bearing was extremely powerful. With the twins standing in front of the Fey Refining Rock, they became the focus of attention.

    The two girls were truly unfathomable.

    After coming to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun had fought with too few people. He had only fought a few miscellaneous chores disciples at Mt. Fengling. He had yet to fight with true Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven geniuses. Yi Yun could not estimate how powerful they were.

    Yi Yun truly did not have much confidence when it came to the true combat competition with the Shadow Twins.

    Standing in front of the Fey Refining Rock, Nongyue glanced at Yi Yun. "You learned the footwork of me and my sister."

    Nongyue appeared to bear a grudge with Yi Yun's learning of their footwork.


    Yi Yun was rendered speechless as he did not know how to respond.

    Nongyue said again, "Your name is Yi Yun, right? Princess Xue'er had complimented your Desolate Heaven technique and even said that you might be a match of me and my sister at this trial. However… I do not believe so. Many elites would bear wasting time on the Desolate Heaven technique in their youth. Just being good at the Desolate Heaven technique is nothing. Strength is everything."

    "I know your forte is nomological insights. At the Luo Divine Hall trials, there will be a competition on laws. I will defeat you on the nomological insights that you pride yourself in!"

    "Of course, all of this needs you to be able to last five minutes in the Fey Refining Rock array!"

    After Nongyue said this, her elegant body flashed and disappeared into the Fey Refining Rock.

    Yi Yun was rather speechless looking at Nongyue's back. He had only learned her footwork and he had been targeted. Of course, what Princess White Fox had previously said probably made Nongyue treat him as her opponent.

    Upon thinking about this, Yi Yun glanced at Princess White Fox and took a step forward and stepped through the Fey Refining Rock.

    With a flash, Yi Yun entered a completely unfamiliar space.

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