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Chapter 885: Battling the Ancient Fey

    Chapter 885: Battling the Ancient Fey

    What unfolded in front of Yi Yun was a desolate grass plain. Tall grass that reached his hips endlessly stretched throughout the plain.

    Other than Yi Yun, everyone else had disappeared, even the Luo Divine Hall had disappeared.

    "Choose the Ancient Fey you want to battle!" A voice suddenly pierced through Yi Yun's mind.

    At the same time, information regarding the Ancient Fey was injected into his mind.

    More than a hundred Ancient Fey of all shapes and sizes appeared.

    Yi Yun even saw the three-legged Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate amongst them.

    The three-legged Golden Crow and Nine Neonate were considered two of the more powerful Ancient Fey. Yi Yun had a good understanding of them since they were his Aspect Totems.

    However… just understanding them was not very useful.

    After all, all the Heaven Fey, who entered the Fey Refining Rock, had their own corresponding Ancient Fey ancestors. They obviously understood their own ancestors very well. Yet, it remains to be seen who had defeated an Ancient Fey.

    Furthermore, if he chose an Ancient Fey that cultivated in the same laws as him, the amount of damage that he could inflict would be greatly limited if he were to use those laws. For example, if Yi Yun wanted to use pure Yang laws to kill a three-legged Golden Crow?


    The three-legged Golden Crow's pure Yang laws would only surpass Yi Yun’s!

    Defeating an Ancient Fey, even if it was just a soul essence, was something very difficult for the present Yi Yun.

    "I choose… the Ranyi Fish!"

    The Ranyi Fish was the ancestor of the Xushui Ran clan.

    The Ranyi Fish was not considered very powerful amongst the Ancient Fey. Furthermore, after having a vendetta with the Xushui Ran clan, he had an understanding of the Ranyi Fish.

    By choosing an Ancient Fey that he was familiar with and one that was countered by pure Yang laws, it would make things easier for him.

    After Yi Yun made his choice, the vast grass plains disappeared and it changed into a roaring sea. Floating above the sea surface, a strange fish appeared out of the sea. It had a snake's head and a fish's body. It had six legs and two rows of sharp teeth.

    "In thirty seconds, the battle will begin. Choose your weapon freely! Self-brought weapons, puppets, pills are not to be used." The voice boomed again.

    Following that, several kinds of weapons appeared in Yi Yun's perception. However, all the weapons were of the same quality.

    In addition to not being able to use pills and puppets, this battle was truly considered fair for everyone.

    "The pure Yang broken sword, the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow and the God Advent Tower can not be used!" Yi Yun gasped slightly.

    All the treasures he had was considered top-grade, especially the God Advent Tower. During the battle of the Black-armored Demon God, it had played an important role, but now it could not be used. Furthermore, his opponent was an Ancient Fey spirit essence. Such a battle was too difficult.


    A sword with a metallic luster appeared in Yi Yun's hand. When Yi Yun injected his Yuan Qi into it, he realized that other than the sword being hard, it did not gain any augmentation from his Yuan Qi.

    Sinking his thoughts, his spiritual energy interfaced with the Black-armored Demon God puppet, but he discovered that the connection had been severed. Only the Draco First True Gold remained available.

    The Draco First True Gold could still be used?

    Yi Yun was slightly surprised. Upon careful thought, it was understandable. The Draco First True Gold possessed a part of his soul, so in terms of aura, it was identical to Yi Yun.

    The Fey Refining Rock array probably banned all treasures without any life to it. Since an avatar was also part of his strength, it was not excluded.

    At this moment, the Ranyi Fish let out a scream. It opened its humongous mouth and spat out a blue water column. The water column dispersed in the sky and it split into droplets of water that shot straight at Yi Yun.

    The clear water droplets contained tremendous power in them. Each of them was as hard as divine metal, and they were powerful killing devices!

    Yi Yun retreated in a hurry as he slashed outwards!

    "Cha! Cha! Cha!"

    His sword beams interweaved into a net as they struck the water droplets, bursting them apart. However, after they exploded, they did not dissipate. Instead, they coagulated very quickly. As for Yi Yun's sword beams, they only pierced through the gaps between the droplets, not affecting them at all.

    A sword could not stop the flow of water, and as a water-based Ancient Fey, the Ranyi Fish was equally proficient in water laws. It coagulated the water droplets that attacked Yi Yun from every direction.

    Thousand Snow Domain!

    With a thought, a sea of flying sabers formed around him.

    They were not the Thousand Snow flying sabers as all Yi Yun could use was an ordinary saber array. Although the quality of the sabers was weaker, the conjuring of the saber array still remained powerful.

    The water droplets were once again sliced through!

    The wantonly dancing saber beams sliced the countless water droplets into a water mist. However, Yi Yun knew very well that the water mist would immediately coagulate. He had very little time for himself.


    Yi Yun's body shot forward like an arrow. He used the hundredth of a second that the water droplets needed to coagulate, and charged through the water mist to attack the Ranyi Fish!

    To kill the Ranyi Fish, he needed to strike its body!

    Just as Yi Yun approached the Ranyi Fish, it opened its jaws and attempted to bite Yi Yun!

    At the instant when the Ranyi Fish opened its mouth, a raw and fishy wind emitted from it. It did not resemble a phantom image in any way. It was like a true Ancient Fey. This was probably the effects of being constructed by a soul essence.


    Yi Yun circulated the 'Great Empress Heart Sutra' as all his pure Yang power burst out. A burning strike that resembled the sun slashed out!

    This strike contained the Pure Yang Sword Palace's sword intent. The single strike caused the sky to change colors!

    The sea in which the Ranyi Fish was lurking was split apart by Yi Yun's strike. A blue ravine seemed to open up as the water surface rose up like cliffs. Large amounts of seawater began to pour down like a waterfall.


    Blood splattered!

    The Ranyi Fish had been injured by Yi Yun's strike!

    However, at the moment that the sword beam pierced through the Ranyi Fish's body, Yi Yun's heart skipped a beat. He sensed that at the moment that the sword beam pierced through the Ranyi Fish, its innards seem to dodge the strike like a water flow. The beam did not truly injure the Ranyi Fish's vital organs.

    Was this an effect of water laws as well!?

    Yi Yun did not have time to consider this. The injured Ranyi Fish still possessed terrifying offensive power. It opened its mouth and spat out a blue sword, formed completely from water laws.

    At such a close distance and the sword's extremely fast speed, it was nearly impossible to dodge!


    There was a flash as the Draco First True Gold appeared in front of Yi Yun. It held a saber in its hand to block the sword strike, but the terrifying power still sent the Draco First True Gold flying backwards.

    The Ranyi Fish's fish came biting once again. Just as it was about to bite Yi Yun's head, Yi Yun slanted his head.


    999 Thousand Snow flying sabers formed a silver band where Yi Yun's head previously was, shooting out straight into the Ranyi Fish's mouth!

    As the flying saber pierced through the Ranyi Fish's fish throat, Yi Yun could feel that strange feeling again. The Ranyi Fish's body was like water. Its flesh dispersed to the sides like water. Although the flying saber had pierced through it, causing blood to spill, it was not severely injured.

    "This defensive strength… "

    Yi Yun's heart sank. Indeed, every Ancient Fey had something terrifying about them. There had been so many Luo clan and White Fox clan geniuses who failed at killing a single Ancient Fey. With so many failures, it was obvious how difficult it was.

    Yi Yun knew very well that he too would not win if he were in their shoes

    At this moment, outside the Fey Refining Rock array, Elder Shi and Elder Duanmu were looking at the largest Fey Refining Rock in silence.

    As the controllers of the arrays, Elder Shi and Elder Duanmu could obviously see what was going on.

    However, Fairy Red Fox could not. Although she could not see what was happening, she was not worried about the Shadow Twins at all. However, on the Luo clan's side, it was different. If it was the successor of a Supremacy, it was probably still worth watching, but if it were anyone else, the person would probably be greatly lacking.

    Fairy Red Fox asked with a smile, "Elders, what do you see. Can you tell me?"

    Elder Duanmu's eyelids moved as he said, "The battles are very intense. Many of them are close to their limits."

    "Heh heh heh!" Fairy Red Fox laughed seductively. "It's not bad to be able to last this long. It seems that the Luo clan disciples you sent out this time are still not bad. I wonder how the two little girls on my side are doing?"

    Fairy Red Fox's tone annoyed Elder Duanmu extremely.

    Fairy Red Fox was a junior to Duanmu at best, so he was obviously displeased of a junior acting so smugly in front of him.

    Furthermore… she had the things to back her smugness.

    Elder Duanmu slightly frowned as he said, "Nongying and Nongyue have each killed an Ancient Fey… "

    When Elder Duanmu said this, all the disciples were confounded.

    Already killed one!?

    The people before had all failed. They could only be graded based on the length of time that they lasted. The person who lasted the longest did not last past six minutes. And now, at just three minutes, the Shadow Twins had each killed an Ancient Fey!?

    The gap was just too huge.

    The faces of the geniuses present turned ugly. They felt it jarring!

    Everyone was an elite, but why were they so far from Nongying and Nongyue?

    Upon hearing Elder Duanmu's reply, Fairy Red Fox said with a smile, "Nongying and Nongyue are skilled at combined attacks. By separating them, their combat power will decline greatly. Killing an Ancient Fey in three minutes is still passable."

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