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Chapter 886: Killing the Ranyi Fish

    Chapter 886: Killing the Ranyi Fish

    When Fairy Red Fox said this, the surrounding Luo clan elites were rendered speechless.

    Despite having killed an Ancient Fey in three minutes, Fairy Red Fox had claimed that the Shadow Twins were skilled at combined attacks, not fighting alone.

    Although they knew that Fairy Red Fox was saying those words intentionally to posture, they had also guessed that what she said was true. As twins, Nongying and Nongyue were probably able to be of one mind. They could definitely obtain double the results with half the effort when cultivating in combined attacks.

    The Shadow Twins seemed lofty and unreachable. They stood on a pedestal so high that it could only be reached by Jian Zhu out of all the younger generation of the Luo clan currently present in the Luo Divine Hall.

    Upon thinking about this, many people looked at Jian Zhu.

    With a bone sword behind his back, Jian Zhu looked at Elder Duanmu and asked, "Senior Duanmu. Other than the Shadow Twins, how are the others?"

    "The others… " Duanmu shook his head. "They are already gradually approaching their limits. Ran Xueyi would probably be able to last the longest. He has been conserving his strength all this time and he has about 60% of his stamina left. As for Gu Qing… his foundation is still relatively weak. He will be defeated faster than Ran Xueyi."

    "Conserving his strength? That sure is a 'smart' way of doing things." Fairy Red Fox chuckled as she said sarcastically.

    In the Fey Refining Rock array, if one could not kill the Ancient Fey, it would then depend on the amount of time that they lasted. The longer one lasted, the better it would reflect on them. Hence, with the mind of conserving his stamina, Ran Xueyi had begun evasive maneuvers the moment he entered the array to stall for time.

    He could obviously last for a long while in such a situation, but it was equivalent to giving up the possibility of defeating the Ancient Fey. In contrast, someone truly outstanding would use an indomitable spirit to fight for that ray of hope to defeat an Ancient Fey, even if the odds were against them.

    "What about Yi Yun? How's Yi Yun?" Jian Zhu asked again.

    "Yi Yun is battling fiercely and he is expending a great deal of his stamina. If this goes on, he might not be able to last five minutes."

    "Less than five minutes? Then, wouldn't he be expelled very soon?"

    Although Yi Yun was human, he was still a member of the Luo clan. Many of the Luo clan disciples present still wished for Yi Yun to gain some face for the Luo clan. Even if he lost, they did not wish for him to lose too terribly. Although it was impossible to defeat a single Ancient Fey soul essence, it would still reflect well on them if he could last for a longer period of time.

    "He should not be able to last much longer, however… Oh?"

    Elder Duanmu's heart suddenly skipped a beat as a look of surprise appeared in his eyes that were staring at the Fey Refining Rock…


    The Draco First True Gold avatar was thrown backward as it took a hard knock for Yi Yun once again.


    A fiery arrow burning with pure Yang flames shot straight at the snakelike neck of the Ranyi Fish. As it pierced through the Ranyi Fish's body, a blood of rain burst out!

    However, the liquefaction phenomenon happened in the Ranyi Fish's body again. It diffused most of the arrow's power and it was only left with minor injuries.

    With such a strange defensive method, Yi Yun knew very well that he was bound to lose if this carried on.

    "Golden Crow!" Yi Yun roared as a three-legged Golden Crow Aspect Totem appeared behind him!

    At the same time, the Tang Valley phantom image appeared behind him as well!

    The raging flames in the valley connected the land to the sky. Above the valley, a Fusang tree stood erect and on its crown hung ten blinding suns.

    Ten Suns from Fusang, Who Masters Pure Yang!

    The Ranyi Fish used water laws for its defense, causing its body to act like flowing water. Slashes at it resulted in nearly zero reaction. Only the power of pure Yang could deal it a bit of damage, but it was not enough.

    Yi Yun's Yuan Qi was decreasing. If he was to compete in expenditure with the Ranyi Fish, he was bound to lose eventually.

    He had to attain victory in one strike!

    Yi Yun roared and the three-legged Golden Crow shrieked as it merged into the sword in Yi Yun's hands!

    The sword burned with a shimmering flame as though it was about to melt.

    "Ah– "

    The Ranyi Fish let out a cry as it opened its mouth and bit at Yi Yun!

    This was the common means of attack for the Ranyi Fish, and Yi Yun was also waiting for this instance. He circulated the 'Great Empress Heart Sutra' to its limits and together with his sword, he charged into the Ranyi Fish's gaping mouth.

    One with the sword!


    Yi Yun charged straight towards the Ranyi Fish's belly as the pure Yang flames around him burned!

    The Ranyi Fish's body liquefied once again as it wanted Yi Yun to pass through its body.

    But at this moment, Yi Yun resolutely made up his mind as all the pure Yang power in his key acupuncture points spewed out like an erupting volcano!

    Golden Crow Inferno Immersion, Blazing Into the Ether!

    Yi Yun's surroundings had turned into a sea of fire. With pure Yang laws, Yi Yun endured the horror of the inferno's blazing. But even so, his skin ruptured from the burning!

    Instantly, it was as though the sun had risen in the Ranyi Fish's mouth. Tongues of fire swept around as billions of gallons of seawater were evaporated. The Ranyi Fish's body bloated as though it was about to explode.

    This time, it could not expel the raging pure Yang flames with the water elemental laws that it knew!

    The Ranyi Fish let out a cry as blood gushed out of its mouth, but the blood was instantly evaporated by the flames. The Ranyi Fish's lifeforce rapidly drained away from its body as well.

    However, this was a method that damaged the enemy and dealt nearly the same damage to oneself as well. Yi Yun had to withstand the impact of the terrifying energy explosion. Although his body had been reconstituted with the Ancient Fey bone at Mt. Azure Billow, there was too little time and the strength he gained from it was far from enough.

    The strong impact left Yi Yun's arms covered in blood. However, he still gripped the sword tightly as he pointed the sword tip forward.


    Yi Yun and his sword pierced through the Ranyi Fish's body!

    His body was stained with blood. Some of it was his, and some of it was the Ranyi Fish's. His Yuan Qi was completely depleted and he could no longer stand up straight!

    Yi Yun had bore a huge hole through the Ranyi Fish's body. Its innards had been burned into a mess, but an excruciating pain came from his arms. The bone in his arms had been fractured.

    The Ranyi Fish slowly stopped struggling. Its corpse floated to the surface of the sea. The seawater was boiling because of the pure Yang flames and it was later dyed red with the Ranyi Fish's blood.

    Was it finally over… ?

    At this moment, Yi Yun collapsed completely. He lost control of his body as he plummeted towards the sea

    At the moment that Yi Yun delivered his desperate strike, in an internecine assault on the Ranyi Fish, Gu Qing had also been expelled from the Fey Refining Rock!

    At this moment, five minutes had just passed!

    Although it was barely five minutes, the two Luo clan Elders would still consider Gu Qing's combat performance during the results evaluation. Launching a blitz attack was obviously different to constantly dodging.

    "Gu Qing managed to last for five minutes. As for Yi Yun, he managed to do so for more than five minutes."

    At this juncture, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. At least did they not lose too terribly.

    Furthermore, from what Elder Duanmu said, Yi Yun had been desperately fighting from the moment he had entered the Fey Refining Rock array.

    It was truly commendable for him to last this long while engaging in such a fierce battle.

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