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Chapter 887: Severely Injured

    Chapter 887: Severely Injured

    In the grand hall, the Fey Refining Rock array shimmered. When Gu Qing was expelled, Elder Duanmu said ‘Fail’ nonchalantly, but his attention was still focused on the Fey Refining Rock array.

    "How are the rest?" Fairy Red Fox swirled her hair and asked.

    Elder Duanmu's eyebrows moved as he said with a deep voice, "Nongying and Nongyue have wounded the second Ancient Fey."

    Wounded the second Ancient Fey?

    Fairy Red Fox smiled. She was very satisfied with Nongying and Nongyue's combat strength. After all, the second Ancient Fey was many times stronger than the first Ancient Fey.

    The Shadow Twins were still able to wound the second Ancient Fey after engaging in a full battle with the first Ancient Fey. They had far surpassed all the disciples before them.

    "What about the others?" Fairy Red Fox asked as the corners of her mouth curled.

    "Ran Xueyi still has a lot of stamina left. He should still be able to last for a while. As for Yi Yun… he is about to come out… "

    "Coming out? To be able to last five minutes with the first Ancient Fey is still not bad." Fairy Red Fox nodded and she did not despise Yi Yun in any way. After all, with his background, such a result was pretty good.

    However, compared to the Shadow Twins killing the first Ancient Fey in three minutes and wounding the second Ancient Fey, he was still a good deal away.


    The Fey Refining Rock shimmered as Yi Yun was expelled.

    Gu Qing and Yi Yun nearly came out at the same moment, but Gu Qing only had a pale face with a few injuries, but for Yi Yun…

    He was covered in blood and he had completely fainted.

    "This is… "

    Everyone was stunned.

    Seeing Yi Yun about to collapse to the ground, Elder Duanmu pointed into the void and held Yi Yun's body, preventing him from falling to the ground.

    He was so severely injured?

    Not a single part of Yi Yun's body was fine. His Yuan Qi had also been completely drained.

    It was just a trial's array, was that a need to go to such extent… ?

    Battling an Ancient Fey in the Fey Refining Rock was not an illusion. It was a true battle in an interspatial zone. Although Elder Duanmu was watching, and the chances of death were unlikely, being too severely injured could affect the subsequent trials.

    Coupled with the fact that the Ancient Fey was too strong, many people began keeping a distance once they realized that they were no match. Few people were like Yi Yun who fought so desperately.

    "He's injured so badly? That punk is foolhardy. He might as well have conserved some strength for his cultivation. There's no prize from being so badly injured."

    Many people were shaking their heads. Although Ran Xueyi's tactics were rather underhanded, it was still considered quite a good tactic. Dragging out time by using hit and run tactics was much better than being so miserable like Yi Yun.

    Just as everyone was waiting for Elder Duanmu to declare Yi Yun's failure, they were surprised to see Elder Duanmu looking at Yi Yun in silence.

    "Why? Elders, what are the two of you looking at?" Fairy Red Fox asked Elder Shi and Elder Duanmu with a smile.

    Elder Duanmu remained silent for a while before saying, "Yi Yun won. He killed the first Ancient Fey. Although he did so at his limits, he had still won "

    Huh? He won?

    Everyone was confounded when they heard this.

    Yi Yun… actually won?

    No one would be surprised if the Shadow Twins won. The Shadow Twins were two of the top geniuses in the White Fox clan. As for Yi Yun… he was unknown before this and he had just suddenly appeared with his lowly beginnings. In everyone's heart, Yi Yun's strength was weaker than Gu Qing’s.

    But now, Yi Yun had managed to last for five minutes just like Gu Qing. Gu Qing's defeat was unsurprising, but Yi Yun… had managed to kill the first Ancient Fey?

    "I thought he would lose. The strength he showed in battle was even weaker than Ran Xueyi’s by a tiny bit, but Ran Xueyi is still stalling for time while battling with the Ancient Fey. As for Yi Yun, he had struck back, and by expending most of his Yuan Qi, he launched a fatal strike, hitting the Ancient Fey's weakness. So… he won… "

    His strength was slightly weaker than Ran Xueyi, but he was able to win?

    Everyone was amazed when Elder Duanmu said this. Although an individual's strength played a decisive role in the outcome of a battle, at times, one's fighting spirit, techniques, will, and insights could play important roles.

    For Yi Yun to be able to defeat the first Ancient Fey in the absence of sufficient strength was truly surprising.

    "Yi Yun actually… managed to defeat the first Ancient Fey… " Gu Qing was startled. As one of the Luo clan disciples who had just experienced fighting an Ancient Fey, he knew how powerful the Ancient Fey that he encountered in the Fey Refining Rock was. He was no match for it.

    And as a Heaven Fey, Gu Qing had a sense of awe towards Ancient Fey. Furthermore, it was not an illusionary realm, it was a true battle, so the suppressive feeling was extraordinary.

    Yet, Yi Yun had managed to strike back and kill an Ancient Fey under such circumstances!

    Gu Qing found this matter incredulous.

    At this moment, a White Fox clan disciple's lazy-sounding voice was heard. "He only killed the first Ancient Fey, but that was at the cost of going unconscious. To put it bluntly, it's just an internecine struggle. Do you need to have such great reactions? Those who aren't aware of it might think that he had consecutively killed two or three Ancient Fey! Don't forget that our White Fox clan's Shadow Twins are still in an intense battle inside the Fey Refining Rock. And at the three minute mark, they had each killed the first Ancient Fey!"

    The surrounding White Fox clan disciples echoed in unison when this was said. "That's right. Yi Yun only relied on desperation for him to luckily clear the stage. What is of true value is still strength. We have so many talents from the White Fox clan this time. Senior Sisters Nongying and Nongyue have only just begun."

    When the White Fox clan disciples said this, the Luo clan disciples fell silent.

    Indeed, although Yi Yun's performance was not bad, the reason why he garnered attention was because of Yi Yun's low starting point. To many geniuses, Yi Yun was not much different from them. Under such circumstances, it was surprising for Yi Yun to kill the first Ancient Fey.

    However, compared to the geniuses in the White Fox clan, he was indeed nothing much.

    The Shadow Twins were truly terrifying!

    The Shadow Twins would truly leave Yi Yun in the dust upon comparison.

    At this moment, the Fey Refining Rock shimmered as two figures were expelled from the Fey Refining Rock several seconds apart.

    "So painful… "

    Nongyue rubbed her delicate wrist. Her forearm was stained with blood. From the way she winced her nose, it looked somewhat adorable.

    "I couldn't beat it. That bull's hide was too tough. Stabbing it with a sword, the wound was a foot deep, but there was no reaction despite me stabbing it a few dozen times." Nongyue grumbled. However, her words caused people to gulp.

    Nongyue was battling the second Ancient Fey that was several times stronger. Not only did she last long in battle, she had also managed to stab the Ancient Fey a few dozen times?

    Not only so, Nongyue had managed to escape relatively unharmed. Despite being injuries, compared to Yi Yun…

    Yi Yun was currently the one with the best results amongst the Luo clan disciples, but he was unconscious.

    Fairy Red Fox beamed as she stroked Nongyue's head and said, "Well done."

    "Eh, why is Yi Yun unconscious?"

    Only then did Nongyue notice Yi Yun. As Yi Yun had previously mimicked her footwork, this young lady was still bearing a grudge.

    "Yi Yun did inordinately well and he managed to luckily kill the first Ancient Fey, but his strength was ultimately insufficient, so he was severely injured. There's no need to mind him. The strongest person from the Luo clan is Jian Zhu. He is the only opponent at this Luo Divine Hall trials that is worthy of your and Nongying's attention.

    When Fairy Red Fox said this, Nongying and Nongyue glanced at Jian Zhu.

    Although Princess Xue'er was strong, her opponent was Luo Huo'er. Her and her sister's mission was to beat Jian Zhu.

    Be it Nongying or Nongyue, they did not believe that they would lose.

    "Aunt, don't worry. I will definitely beat Jian Zhu." Nongyue waved her fist and said confidently.

    She did say it with a Yuan Qi transmission, so although it was not very loud, everyone could hear it with their powerful hearing.

    Elder Shi took a meaningful glance at Jian Zhu and said, "I'll take Yi Yun away to treat him. Jian Zhu, you are up."

    With the declaration of war made, they obviously had to face them in battle. Without Princess Purple Spirit around, Jian Zhu was the face of the Luo clan!

    Jian Zhu could not lose, or at least, he could not lose to the Shadow Twins.

    Jian Zhu took a deep breath and he walked towards the Fey Refining Rock. Immediately following him was a burly man from the White Fox clan.

    He was filled with a murderous intent, and there was a light ivory-colored scar on the middle of his eyebrows. A heavy sword hung behind his back. His name was Wufeng.

    Wufeng versus Jian Zhu!

    The Luo clan disciples present turned nervous. Compared to Yi Yun, they were certainly more concerned about Jian Zhu's results.

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