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Chapter 889: Only Soup Left

    Chapter 889: Only Soup Left

    Elder Duanmu stood in front of the Luo clan and White Fox clan disciples as he looked at the ancient rocks floating amidst the nebulous fog.

    "This Primordial Space is the core of the Luo Divine Hall. The auras of the Fey Gods that are sealed in the Chaos Stones are 'Fey God Stones'. There is a total of twenty-seven Fey God Stones here!"

    "The twenty-seven Fey God Stones differ in size and quality. When you meditate with them, you are free to select them according to your preferences."

    As Elder Duanmu said this, he waved his hand. Dozens of white beams shot out of his sleeves, and they landed in everyone's hand.

    Yi Yun caught one of the white beams of light. It was a jade slip.

    Yi Yun sank his consciousness into it. The jade slip introduced the Fey God aura sealed in each Fey God Stone, as well as the quality of each Fey God Stone.

    The largest Fey God Stone was about a square foot in size, but it was so heavy that Yi Yun found it unbelievable. A Fey God Stone that was a square foot in size was heavier than a hundred mountains. If it were thrown onto the ground, it would sink straight to the core of a star, due to its stunning weight.

    Probably as a result of this reason, the Fey God Stone that was a square foot in size was called ‘Penetrating Star Rock’.

    Although the Penetrating Star Rock was the biggest stone, it was not the most valuable one. There was a Fey God Stone that was rarer than the Penetrating Star Rock, named ‘Three God Seal’. The Three God Seal stone was about half a foot long. Sealed within it were three different auric charms of Fey Gods.

    The three auric charms of Fey Gods had merged into one in this Fey God Stone, causing its value to far exceed the rest of the Fey God Stones.

    The Penetrating Star Rock and Three God Seal were basically the best Fey God Stones in the Primordial Space. The rest were far worse.

    Yi Yun put down the jade slip and scanned the people behind him. There were about seventy disciples that had the right to enter the Primordial Space.

    However, there were only twenty-seven Fey God Stones. There was not enough for everyone.

    Many people realized this problem as they looked at Elder Duanmu.

    "After reading the Fey God Stones' introduction, return the jade slips."

    "The number of disciples that entered the Primordial Space total seventy-one people."

    "The disciples that fail to kill the first Ancient Fey can only stay in the Primordial Space for eight hours a day!"

    "Those who managed to kill the first Ancient Fey are allowed to stay in the Primordial Space for sixteen hours a day!"

    "As for the choice of the Fey God Stones, Princess White Fox will choose first, followed by Jian Zhu, then Wufeng, the Shadow Twins, Luo Mo and then Yi Yun!" Elder Duanmu recited the names of those who had obtained the best results at the Fey Refining Rock array in order.

    The better the results, the higher the priority they had.

    Furthermore, everyone was not limited to one Fey God Stone. For example, Princess White Fox's choice took precedence over everyone else. She could spend sixteen hours a day to choose any of the Fey God Stones.

    If Princess White Fox were to choose the most profound ‘Three God Seal’, she would gain exclusive use of the ’Three God Seal’ for two-thirds of the time.

    As for the remaining one-third would most likely be taken by Jian Zhu.

    Just two people could horde the Three God Seal.

    Jian Zhu still had plenty of time left, and it was typical that he would choose the 'Penetrating Star Rock' that was the second most valuable.

    As for the remaining time for the 'Penetrating Star Rock', it was no doubt going to be taken by Wufeng and the Shadow Twins.

    By the time it was Yi Yun and Luo Mo's turns, there would be little time left for the best Fey God Stones.

    Yi Yun and Luo Mo could only wait for Princess White Fox to temporarily abandon the Three God Seal when she failed to gain any insights from it so as to win the precious time that they needed to study the Three God Seal.

    As for the rest, those who did not even kill the first Ancient Fey had no chance to even touch the Three God Seal.

    Upon understanding the allocation rules, many people had ugly expressions.

    One of them was Ran Xueyi.

    Amongst all the disciples that did not kill the first Ancient Fey, Ran Xueyi had lasted the longest, a total of nine minutes.

    With this result, Ran Xueyi was feeling rather complacent. However, when he exited the Fey Refining Rock array, he was informed that Yi Yun, who had entered the array together with him, had managed to kill the first Ancient Fey!

    This did not really matter, but now, he was informed that because of his failure to kill the first Ancient Fey, the amount of time that he gained to obtain insight from the Fey God Stones was half of theirs. Furthermore, he had to wait for the rest to choose first. As such, how could he feel appeased?

    "Elder Duanmu How can this rule work? Aren't we conceding the best resources of our Luo clan to the White Fox clan?"

    Ran Xueyi was anxious.

    There were only eighteen years for the Luo Divine Hall trials. It was extremely precious, and it would largely determine their future success to a large extent.

    However, under the regulations, Ran Xueyi was only able to gain insight into a tiny amount. He was bound to be left in the dust by Jian Zhu and company. He might even end up being inferior to Yi Yun.

    Upon hearing Ran Xueyi's voice transmission, Elder Duanmu frowned and said coldly, "Conceding them to the White Fox clan is because you did not live up to expectations. The rules are this. The White Fox clan might obtain more resources in the Luo Divine Hall, but Princess Purple Spirit would also obtain greater resources from the White Fox clan. What everyone gets is based on their own merits!"

    Elder Duanmu gave him a good scolding right to Ran Xueyi’s face, rendering him speechless. What else could he say? At the Fey Refining Rock trial, he had failed to beat Yi Yun, whose strength was weaker than his.

    "Princess White Fox, you can begin. If you wish, you can join the time allocated for your meditation each day. You can even study it for a month in one go."

    The jade slips only had a general introduction of the Fey God Stones. One needed to take a personal look to see if it was suitable for one's self.

    "Thank you, Senior Duanmu."

    Princess White Fox smiled and she stepped into the nebulous fog of the Chaos gasses.

    Her body turned blurry in the fog, and moments later, she walked out of the fog and said, "I will choose the Three God Seal for twenty days, and the Penetrating Star Rock for ten days."

    Princess White Fox made her decision. However, when the Luo clan disciples present heard this, they felt their heart's ache.

    Instantly, the two best Fey God Stones were taken up. Furthermore, it was only the first person, and so much time was taken up. How much would there be left when it was their turn?

    Elder Duanmu was not surprised with Princess White Fox's choice. Amongst all the Fey God Stones, the Three God Seal was the most profound. The laws it contained were the most intricate as well, so it was natural for Princess White Fox to choose it.

    "Next Jian Zhu!"

    Jian Zhu had narrowly beaten Wufeng, but now, that bit of advantage was extremely important.

    "Senior Duanmu, I've chosen as well. I'll first study the Penetrating Star Rock for twenty days before studying the Three God Seal for ten days."

    The time Jian Zhu chose to study the Fey God Stones was complementary to Princess White Fox’s.

    In the first month, the two best Fey God Stones were monopolized by the two.

    Many of the Luo clan disciples present felt bitter. Others had the chance to eat meat, while all they had was soup to drink.

    Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu had monopolized the first thirty days. In accordance with the rules, they would have a period of rest after that.

    During this period, the Three God Seal and the Penetrating Star Rock would be free. However, Wufeng and the Shadow Twins would not stand on ceremony to split the idle time.

    With that, there was nothing left. And up to this point, it would be Luo Mo and Yi Yun's turns.

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