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Chapter 890: An unexpected twist

    Chapter 890: An unexpected twist

    MW spoiler: This chapter will link up Martial World to True Martial World.

    "Junior Brother Yi, it's our turn." Upon seeing this situation, Luo Mo gave a wry smile. He felt wistful and he estimated that for the first half of the year, there was no chance for him to touch the Three God Seal and the Penetrating Star Rock.

    Even towards the end, it was probably hard for him to come across a time when Princess White Fox or the Shadow Twins would choose not study the Penetrating Star Rock or Three God Seal. The amount of time left for him to meditate with it was extremely minute.

    The Three God Seal was the most profound stone, yet with such a short time given to him, what could he comprehend from it… ?

    Upon thinking about this, Luo Mo was envious of Princess White Fox. She could meditate with any of the Fey God Stones in the Primordial Space. Such an opportunity was something that he had no chance of doing.

    Not only did the Luo Divine Hall trials not give them a chance to catch up to top geniuses, it was actually opening up a gap.

    This was the rule of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. The best resources were gathered together to develop the best talents.

    "Brother Yi, it looks like we have become fellow sufferers." Luo Mo said in a self-deprecating tone.

    Yi Yun's eyebrows moved as well. He found it regretful as well. He also wanted to take a look at the Three God Seal that condensed the auric charms of three Fey Gods.

    Unfortunately, Yi Yun's ranking was behind Luo Mo. Even if Luo Mo had a chance, there was no chance for him…

    After the Three God Seal and Penetrating Star Rock, the quality of the other Fey God Stones had an obvious qualitative drop. The better ones were the 'Seven Star Rock' that had seven points of light on its surface, the squarish 'Four Side Slab', and the shimmering gem, 'Lit Star'.

    These three Fey God Stones were close in quality, so there was not much difference when choosing any one of the three.

    Yi Yun looked at each stone and he was in no hurry to make a decision. The training at the Primordial Space was an important part of the Luo Divine Hall trials. It was pertinent to choose the correct Fey God Stone.

    Even if he knew that he could not choose a supreme-grade Fey God Stone, he could not be careless.

    Yi Yun looked at all of the twenty-seven Fey God Stones.

    The first few Fey God Stones were highest in quality, but towards the end, the quality was increasingly inferior. The twentieth Fey God Stone was about the size of a bowl. The auric charm of the Fey Gods contained within it was not even a tenth of the other Fey God Stones before it.

    But even so, Yi Yun took a look at every Fey God Stone. However…

    "Oh? Why are there Chaos Stones other than the twenty-seven Fey God Stones?"

    Yi Yun noticed that there were three rustic stones floating among the Chaos gasses.

    These three rocks were about five to six square feet. They were larger compared to the Penetrating Star Rock, and on the surface, they had patterns that looked like ripples. They were engraved by the flow of Chaos gasses over billions of years.

    "Are those three Chaos Stones?" Yi Yun asked Luo Mo.

    He shook his head, indicating that he was uncertain as well.

    With a slight probe, Luo Mo could not sense any auric charms of a Fey God. He said, "It should be an ordinary Chaos Stone. A Chaos Stone that was formed at the beginning of the Universe is still very valuable, even if it fails to seal in the auric charms of Fey Gods. Furthermore, it's such a large Chaos Stone."

    Although Luo Mo said this, Yi Yun still felt that something was amiss. These three Chaos Stones gave him a special feeling.

    And previously in the jade slip that Elder Duanmu passed him, only the twenty-seven Fey God Stones were introduced. These three were excluded…

    "Senior Duanmu, what are they?" Since Luo Mo did not know, Yi Yun could only ask Elder Duanmu.

    Elder Duanmu was sitting in the nebulous fog as he said, "I can't give you an answer."


    Elder Duanmu did not use a Yuan Qi voice transmission. So when everyone heard this, they were surprised. Even Elder Duanmu, the guardian of the Luo Divine Hall, did not know what the three divine rocks were?

    "Are they not Chaos Stones?" Luo Mo was somewhat perplexed. From his probing, the three stones were ordinary Chaos Stones.

    However, Elder Duanmu said, "They are more profound than ordinary Chaos Stones. As to why they are profound, no one in the Luo clan knows. Actually, not even the Luo clan, even in the other clans of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, there is probably no one who can exactly explain what mysteries these three divine rocks hold… "

    When Elder Duanmu said this, everyone was astounded. Even the other clans of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven did not know?

    But if everyone could not understand, how did they determine that it was profound?

    Elder Duanmu seemed to guess the thoughts of everyone as he said, "I believe that all of you know that there were twelve Fey Gods at the birth of the Universe!?"

    Everyone nodded. They obviously knew about the twelve Fey Gods, the ancestors of everything.

    "Yi Yun, tell me. What are the twelve Fey Gods?" Elder Duanmu said again.

    "Yes, Senior." Yi Yun had been to Mt. Azure Billow, and he had entered the Ancient Fey Edifice. In the Ancient Fey Edifice, there were twelve columns, each carved with the twelve Fey Gods. Yi Yun had obtained an Entering Motion and two Hibernation Awakening ratings there.

    "The twelve Fey Gods are… "

    "Embodiment of pure Yang, the first Fey God — Extreme Yang Illumination."

    "Embodiment of pure Yin, the second Fey God — Extreme Yin Nether Glow."

    "Amalgamation of the 3000 Great Dao, the third Fey God — Empress Earth Dao Tree."

    "The ancestor of dragons — Dragon Emperor."

    "The ancestor of all birds — Seven-colored Phoenix."

    "Fish and bird in one — Kun Peng."

    "Humanoid Fey God — Heavenly Man."

    "The river of time — River of Forgetfulness."

    "The embodiment of space — Solitary Nothingness."

    "There are a total of nine great Fey Gods. But for the remaining three, it was left vacant in the Ancient Fey Edifice. Back then, Lord Cang Mang's explanation was… that the identities of the final three Fey Gods are impossible to confirm. Although many mighty figures have managed to infer their existences, they are unconvincing. Hence, the final three Fey Gods are a mystery."

    Upon saying this, Yi Yun took a careful look at the three gigantic Chaos Stones. "Does Senior mean that… ?"

    "That's right." Elder Duanmu nodded. "Amongst the twelve Fey Gods, the existence of the last three Fey Gods are still unknown. However, no one doubts that there were twelve Fey Gods at the birth of the Universe. The reason is because… of the traces left behind in Chaos Stones!"

    "There are Chaos Stones that seal the auric charms of the Fey Gods scattered in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. There are a total of twelve types of Chaos Stones. The first nine allow us to meditate over their profoundness, resulting in us being able to deduce the true form of the Fey Gods."

    "As for the final three, it is difficult to deduce any of their mysteries. Hence, amongst the twelve Fey Gods, there are three vacancies!"

    Once Elder Duanmu said this, everyone was enlightened.

    Many of them were previously curious as to how people were so certain of the existence of the twelve Fey Gods at the formation of the Universe, and the birth of life. So, it was because of the Chaos Stones.

    However… If the mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven could not comprehend the last three Fey God Stones, there was no way they could.

    The three Fey God Stones were useless no matter how large they were.

    At this moment, Elder Duanmu said, "These three Fey God Stones are stored in the Primordial Space as a symbol. It's considered a form of worship for the twelve Fey Gods. None of you need to care about them! In fact, out of the twelve types of Fey God Stones, the last three are considered by everyone to be the most profound of all Fey God Stones. However, their values are lower than any of the previous nine."

    What Elder Duanmu said was rather reasonable. Since no one could comprehend them, their values were obviously low.

    Yi Yun nodded his head while thoughts went through his head. Since so many predecessors were powerless against the three Fey God Stones, Yi Yun did not believe that he could create a miracle.

    He was just about to abandon the three Fey God Stones when out of a curious coincidence, Yi Yun stopped when he turned around. As he looked at the three Fey God Stones, a sense of disquietude filled him. Hesitating for a moment, he opened the Purple Crystal's energy vision.

    And this act of his made Yi Yun see an inexplicable scene.

    The three gigantic Chaos Stones had disappeared and replacing them were three magical items…

    The closest object to Yi Yun was a black cubic object that was spinning. The black cube had runes that covered its surface, and it was like it had absorbed all the light around it. Even the space that was suppressed by Chaos gasses was distorted by it. It looked mysterious and ancient.

    The thing furthest from Yi Yun was a blood-colored bead. It exuded a boundless bloodthirsty aura. Even with the energy vision, a glance at it made Yi Yun feel like he was plummeting through a blood pool in hell.

    And in between the black cube and the blood-colored bead, there was a purple crystal. It looked like it was sculpted from amethyst.

    Upon seeing the purple crystal, Yi Yun was completely dumbfounded. He held his breath as his heartbeat stagnated.

    Isn't that the Purple Crystal that had always been hidden in his body!?

    Yi Yun subconsciously pressed down on his chest. In the position of his heart, the Purple Crystal quietly lurked. With each heartbeat, it gave a faint energy fluctuation that spread throughout Yi Yun's body…

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