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Chapter 891: Three Fey Gods

    Chapter 891: Three Fey Gods

    The black cube, the crimson bead, and the purple crystal that emitted strange energies…

    What Yi Yun had always seen in his energy vision was energy in the form of points of lines and dots for everything. However, these three objects were completely different. Even in the energy vision, Yi Yun could clearly see the individual objects as a whole, as well as the mysterious textures on their surfaces.

    However, Yi Yun knew very well that the three divine artifacts he saw in his energy vision were just projections because of the portion of the original auric charms that were sealed in the Chaos Stones.

    Based on this inference, the Purple Crystal in his body was one of the twelve Fey Gods?

    To be precise, the Purple Crystal, along with the crimson bead, and the black cube were three of the most mysterious Fey Gods of the twelve Fey Gods that no mighty figure in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had managed to comprehend…

    Yi Yun found it unbelievable that the Purple Crystal was actually a Fey God.

    However, were the twelve Fey Gods living beings?

    Yi Yun would not be surprised if the Empress Earth Dao Tree, Dragon Emperor, Seven-colored Phoenix, Kun Peng, and Heavenly Man were living beings.

    But Yi Yun would find it hard to imagine if one claimed that Extreme Yang Illumination, Extreme Yin Nether Glow, River of Forgetfulness, and Solitary Nothingness were living beings.

    Extreme Yang Illumination's shape was just a circular black-colored plane, while Extreme Yin Nether Glow was a white-colored ring.

    River of Forgetfulness was just a river of time, while Solitary Nothingness was just an endless void.

    Instead of calling them living beings, it was better to call them amalgamation of laws.

    As such, Yi Yun would not be surprised if the Purple Crystal was considered to be an amalgamation of laws.

    Yi Yun had a deep appreciation for the Purple Crystal's power. Now that he discovered that the Purple Crystal was one of the twelve Fey Gods, Yi Yun found the Purple Crystal even more profound and mysterious.

    What law did this Purple Crystal, that was born out of the Chaos along with the Universe, amalgamate from?

    As for the crimson bead and the black cube, what were they?

    Yi Yun fell silent. His eyes were completely fixated on the Chaos Stones that had a portion of the Purple Crystal's auric charm sealed within.

    "Junior Brother Yi, why do you keep standing in front of the three Fey God Stones? Don't tell me that you are interested in them?"

    Luo Mo previously believed that Yi Yun had only asked out of curiosity. But by the looks of it, Yi Yun was very interested in the three Fey God Stones.

    "A bit."

    Yi Yun nodded, surprising Luo Mo, who said in response, "Junior Brother Yi, didn't Elder Duanmu just say… Those three Fey God Stones may contain the auric charms of the last three Fey Gods, but even the mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven were unable to sense it, much less us."

    "The jade slips previously recorded twenty-seven Fey God Stones, but it excluded these three. It is apparent that the predecessors of our Luo clan do not believe that these three Fey God Stones are of any value."

    Although Luo Mo had been defeated by Yi Yun at Empress Luo's banquet, he did not bear a grudge on Yi Yun. Instead, he gave Yi Yun some advice. From Luo Mo's point of view, Yi Yun was too young and he might make a bad choice on the spur of the moment.

    After all, the best Penetrating Star Rock and Three God Seal had been chosen by Princess White Fox and company. The remaining Fey God Stones were greatly inferior. He believed that Yi Yun, being young and impetuous, might feel indignant with missing out on the opportunity, and he decide to go for broke by choosing the three Fey God Stones that even the mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven failed to comprehend. If that was the case, he was just harming himself.

    Yi Yun did not respond to Luo Mo's words. He was already completely immersed in the world of the Fey God Stones.

    He felt as though he was wrapped in the core of the Fey God Stones. The gigantic purple crystal was floating in front of him, and the tinier Purple Crystal Origins was spinning in his heart, making it seem like a shadow of the gigantic purple crystal.

    "The purple crystal sleeping in my body should be the true embodiment of the Purple Crystal."

    Yi Yun was slowly able to confirm that the auric charm sealed in one of the Fey God Stone was identical to the Purple Crystal's.

    That meant that a true Fey God was sleeping in Yi Yun's body!

    Among the twelve Fey Gods, the last three Fey Gods were very different to the first nine Fey Gods. As for the their exact differences and connections, they were beyond Yi Yun's comprehension.

    Although Yi Yun possessed the Purple Crystal, what he had was highly concentrated Origins laws. It was impossible for Yi Yun to gain any insights from the Purple Crystal itself.

    However, the Fey God Stone… it had a tiny portion of the Purple Crystal's laws that had been diverted away and were recorded in the Fey God Stone in detail.

    Although this portion of laws was a tiny ratio of the Purple Crystal Origin's overall laws, it was like a vast sea to Yi Yun. It was enough for him to study them for years.

    Yi Yun had a hunch that it was as though this Fey God Stone only existed for him.

    "Junior Brother Yi, Elder Duanmu has been waiting for a long time. Are you done choosing?" Luo Mo asked. Only then did Yi Yun awake from the Purple Crystal's illusionary realm. He nodded and said, "I'm done choosing."

    Luo Mo gave Yi Yun a worried glance. No matter how he looked, Yi Yun had a confident expression. It did not seem like it would bear any good. Realistically speaking, by missing a chance at the Three God Seal and Penetrating Star Rock, one should not look that happy…

    Since he had already given Yi Yun some advice, he wished that Yi Yun would heed it.

    Out of the nebulous fog of Chaos, Luo Mo said, "Elder Duanmu, I will choose the Lit Star and Seven Star Rock for fifteen days each."

    "Alright!" Elder Duanmu was not surprised at Luo Mo's choice. He recorded it down and looked at Yi Yun.

    "What about you?"

    Yi Yun did not immediately answer and instead asked Elder Duanmu, "Elder Duanmu, I would like to inquire about a matter. The rules set by Elder Duanmu previously… those disciples that managed to kill the first Ancient Fey are allowed to stay in Primordial Space for sixteen hours a day, and those disciples who failed to kill the first Ancient Fey are only allowed eight hours. Is the rationale behind this rule a result of there not being enough Fey God Stones?"

    The trial-takers present did not expect Yi Yun to ask such a question.

    Wasn't this obvious… ? He just needed to choose a few Fey God Stones, but he had lingered inside the nebulous fog of Chaos for so long. Furthermore, when he came out, he had to ask such an obvious question?

    Elder Duanmu nodded and said, "Yes!"

    "If that is the case, I would like to ask. If I were to choose a Fey God Stone that no one else chooses, can I stay in the Primordial Space for the whole time without coming out?"

    Yi Yun's question confounded all the trial-takers present.

    What was the meaning behind Yi Yun's words? His strength was not considered very strong, and he had barely managed to kill the first Ancient Fey through an internecine struggle. He had paid such a heavy price to have a selection opportunity just second to Luo Mo. Was he planning on leaving aside the Seven Star Rock, Lit Star, and the Four Side Slab for some scrap?

    Some of the Fey God Stones in the Primordial Space were the size of bowls, so the laws that they contained were obviously limited. No one wanted them, so was Yi Yun going to choose them?

    Everyone could not comprehend him. Even Princess White Fox looked curiously at Yi Yun.

    "That's right! If no one chooses it, there is no problem for you to stay in the Primordial Space all day." Although Yi Yun's question was odd, Elder Duanmu answered him seriously.

    "Thank you Elder Duanmu." With the given permission, Yi Yun was overjoyed. This was truly a pleasant surprise. This meant that he could stay in the Primordial Space all day.

    "Then I've already chosen. I'll choose the three Fey God Stones condensed out of the three unknown Fey Gods!"

    Yi Yun's voice had bold undertones as it reverberated throughout the area. Everyone was stunned hearing Yi Yun's choice.

    Elder Duanmu had just introduced the three Fey God Stones to be something that even mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven failed to comprehend. Was Yi Yun mad?

    Ignoring Yi Yun, even Princess White Fox, as well as young elites who were far more outstanding than her could not compare their nomological insights with a mighty figure of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. The difference was greater than night and day!

    If Yi Yun was attempting to comprehending something that even mighty figures could not comprehend, wasn't that like an ant trying to shake a tree? What a laughable act of overconfidence!

    "Junior Brother Yi, you really chose it… " Luo Mo stared at Yi Yun and he was at a loss of words. He had a hunch previously and had advised Yi Yun. However, Yi Yun seemed obsessed to tread the road of no return. "Junior Brother Yi Yun, I know you aren't happy that you couldn't choose the Penetrating Star Rock and the Three God Seal, but the Lit Star and Seven Star Rock aren't that bad either. It's enough for the two of us to study it. You can just complement me on the time."

    Luo Mo sighed and shook his head. He found it regretful. Yi Yun's results were very good, but he had wasted an opportunity. It made the people who had worse results than Yi Yun luck out.

    And indeed, Luo Mo saw Ran Xueyi's excited expression, on the brink of bursting out laughing.

    "Hahaha! The Heavens are truly helping me! Yi Yun actually abandoned the Seven Star Rock and the Four Side Slab. I'll be free to study them!" Ran Xueyi clenched his fists. He felt indignant to have lost to Yi Yun before because he believed that he was stronger than Yi Yun and that he had only lost because he had avoided doing battle. It had particularly embarrassed and aggrieved Ran Xueyi.

    But now, with the Seven Star Rock and the Four Side Slab, he could diligently reach Yi Yun’s level. In time to come, he would leave Yi Yun in the dust.

    On the road of martial arts, the most taboo thing was to think too highly of one's self. Yi Yun had clearly entered the path that would lead him astray.

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