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Chapter 892: The Blooming of the Void Orchid (Part 1)

    Chapter 892: The Blooming of the Void Orchid (Part 1)

    "Yi Yun, are you certain about your choice?" Elder Duanmu paused for a long time, but he noticed no changes in Yi Yun's intentions. "This choice is not just a few months of meditation time. In the future, the ratio will still be the same as your previous choice. I will look at the results of your cultivation in seven year’s time. That is to say in the upcoming seven years, each of you will study your own Fey God Stone. Unless you are willing to exchange, there will be no further changes. But I believe that for you, Yi Yun, no one will exchange with you. I'm asking you one last time, are you certain?"

    When Elder Duanmu said this, everyone looked at Yi Yun.

    Seven years! The Luo Divine Hall trials lasted for eighteen years. The seven years took up nearly half the amount of time. This was the important stage at which one lay their foundations. It was no joking matter. If he chose the last three Fey God Stones and failed to gain any insights, Yi Yun would have wasted seven years!

    Without any exaggeration, the seven years was sufficient to impact Yi Yun's future achievements.

    Everyone believed that Yi Yun would flinch, but unexpectedly, Yi Yun nodded without hesitation and said, "Senior Duanmu, I'm certain!"

    Elder Duanmu's eyebrows pricked up and he seemed somewhat upset, but he still recorded Yi Yun's name down.

    Everyone had the right to make their own choices during the Luo Divine Hall trials, but at the same time, they had to be responsible for their own choices.

    Furthermore, Yi Yun's performance may be good, but he was not the most important Luo clan disciple that Elder Duanmu valued the most.

    The person that Duanmu valued the most was Jian Zhu!

    It was not bad if a genius who would attain greatness in the future out of a hundred Luo Divine Hall trials.

    At the trials, Jian Zhu was the person who was worth expending effort to nurture. As for the others, they were just icing on the cake. Even if Yi Yun were to persist in error, he would not continue to persuade him.

    Yi Yun returned to the group and as he was walking back, Ran Xueyi was already striding forward into the nebulous fog of Chaos. The excitement on his face was unconcealed. To Ran Xueyi, this was like a gift that fell into his lap.

    And this gift lasted for seven years!

    "Junior Brother Yi, although I do not know why you gave this opportunity to me, I still have to thank you." Ran Xueyi said with a beaming smile.

    Yi Yun obviously knew what was on Ran Xueyi's mind. He was showing gratitude on his lips, but he was probably treating him like a retard in his heart.

    Yi Yun could not be bothered to humor Ran Xueyi in hypocritical politeness. He just remained silent and he pretended not to hear him.

    Ran Xueyi was not annoyed either as he happily entered the nebulous fog of Chaos to choose the Fey God Stones he wanted to study.

    Unsurprisingly, Ran Xueyi had chosen Seven Star Rock and Lit Star.

    After Ran Xueyi, people entered the nebulous fog of Chaos to choose their Fey God Stones. Soon, the twenty-seven Fey God Stones were selected. Even the remaining Fey God Stones that were the size of bowls had their meditation schedules filled.

    It was fortunate if one could enter the Primordial Space. Even a bowl-sized Fey God Stone thathad a true Fey God's auric charm sealed within it. As for most of the trials' disciples who did not even have a chance of entering the Primordial Space, they could only stay in the front hall of the Luo Divine Hall to meditate over Ancient Fey Stones that were inferior in quality.

    Comparing an Ancient Fey with a Fey God was like comparing night and day.

    "Alright, all of you have made your choice. Next, you are free to cultivate." As Elder Duanmu said this, he snapped his fingers. A gray item the size of a rice grain appeared, it was a seed.

    "I will grow a Void Orchid here. When seven flowers bloom, I will come and see the results of your cultivation!"

    As Elder Duanmu said this, the Void Orchid seed began to take root and sprout in the void. It was a fascinating plant that could grow in space.

    A flower would bloom every year, so seven flowers meant seven years.

    "The first batch of disciples who do not get a chance to mediate with a Fey God Stone, please leave the Primordial Space for now. The Luo Divine Hall has already prepared residences for you. Around your residences, there are some array formations that can help test your strength!"

    "In addition, the continent on which the Luo Divine Hall lies is extremely extensive! The further you go, the more primordial and chaotic the laws are."

    "If you want to gain nomological insights, you can also walk deeper into the Primordial Space. However, the depths of the Primordial Space are extremely dangerous. You might encounter a variety of unexpected objects. So act according to your own ability and do not venture too deep or you might die outside! In previous Luo Divine Hall trials, it is common for disciples to disappear. Many of the times, there corpses that couldn’t even be found. All the best!"

    As Elder Duanmu said, he led the disciples, who were not temporarily not allocated a Fey God Stone, out of the Primordial Space.

    Instantly, the Primordial Space only had twenty-eight people left.

    The first twenty-seven Fey God Stones had a corresponding person matched to it, while Yi Yun had the last three special Fey God Stones.

    The teleportation nexus of the Primordial Space was temporarily sealed. There was not a sound in the entire Primordial Space, as though it was a forgotten world.

    The Void Orchid grew silently, while the twenty-seven gray Fey God Stones quietly floated in the nebulous fog, as though they were mysterious tombs.

    Princess White Fox was the first to walk in front of the Three God Seal. She immersed her consciousness into the Fey God Stone as she connected her consciousness with the three Fey Gods' auric charm.

    She silently stood in the void as her white dress fluttered. Her long hair danced as its shimmered with electric flashes. Her head was tilted up slightly, as though she was listening to something, while revealing the beautiful contour of her neckline.

    Seeing Princess White Fox begin to meditate, Jian Zhu also walked in front of the Penetrating Star Rock and he sat down.

    Everyone went forward and Yi Yun's location was in the deepest depths of the nebulous fog.

    The Primordial Space was filled with the gasses of Chaos. These gasses were the Origin gasses at the formation of the Universe. It was also not easy to gain any insights from this Chaos gasses. The young elites present, including Yi Yun, were not at that stage.

    Yi Yun sat in front of the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone.

    Beside Yi Yun was a girl from the White Fox clan, who was meditating with the twenty-seventh Fey God Stone. Looking at the pathetic Fey God Stone in front of her, she muttered to herself, "Sigh, my Fey God Stone is way too tiny."

    Her name was Lan Xiaomo. She was not tall and she had navy blue long hair. She was different to purebreds of the White Fox clan, which also indicated that her bloodline was not pure.

    In the previous trial, Lan Xiaomo had barely been qualified to enter the Primordial Space.

    However… compared to her Fey God Stone, Yi Yun's appeared worse.

    Lan Xiaomo could not help but look to her side. Out of curiosity, she secretly probed the gray black cube Fey God Stone to the left of Yi Yun.

    And without any surprises, she did not sense anything. The Fey God Stone felt empty, as though nothing was in there.

    "Can anything be figured out from such a thing?"

    Lan Xiaomo blinked her dewy eyes and she could not comprehend why. Yi Yun did not look dumb either.

    "He might gradually give up. No one has the patience to stare at an empty rock for several years. Although the seven years would be a waste, he still has this extensive land mass to gain deeper nomological insights. Although the speed of cultivation is far inferior to mediating with a Fey God Stone, it is at least barely passable."

    With this thought in mind, Lan Xiaomo immersed her consciousness into the bowl-sized Fey God Stone as she entered a deep meditative state.

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