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Chapter 894: Two Years

    Chapter 894: Two Years

    Everyone was cultivating in the Primordial Space, so silence pervaded it. After swallowing a relic to recover his mental energy, Yi Yun began to regulate his breathing to process the relic.

    Lan Xiaomo looked strangely at Yi Yun. Why did he look so eager at such a barren rock?

    She really could not understand him.

    She knew that Yi Yun must have drained too much mental energy before. It was reasonable. With such a large Fey God Stone, with no obvious point of insertion, it was certain that one's mental energy would drain extremely quickly while meditating with it.

    Lan Xiaomo stopped pondering about the matter as she continued meditating with the twenty-seventh Fey God Stone.

    Although it was a bowl-sized Fey God Stone, it was still extremely arduous mediating with it! Lan Xiaomo found the laws that were contained within, numerous and profound, but the insights she gained were limited.

    She felt vexed from having to choose the worst Fey God Stone previously, but thinking about it now, it was not necessarily a good thing. The most difficult stones, the Penetrating Star Rock and Three God Seal, were probably only things that absolute geniuses like Jian Zhu or Princess White Fox could gain any insights from…

    Of course, what was more difficult than the Three God Seal and the Penetrating Star Rock was the three special Fey God Stones beside her.

    During this time, she had discovered that Yi Yun had immersed himself in the Fey God Stone once again. Without the consideration of him being able to gain any insights, just his mental energy consumption was extremely high and rapid.

    Previously, when Yi Yun had learned the Shadow Twins' footwork, Princess White Fox had also praised him. But why did such a talented person choose to break his head over these crappy stones?

    Yi Yun was completely immersed in the Purple Crystal. He felt as though a door to a brand new world had opened in front of him.

    The long-haired man stood there with the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence in hand. It was the amalgamation of countless fragmentary laws of Origins.

    Yi Yun had never expected to see Chaos Stones that had the Purple Crystal's auric charm sealed within them in the Luo clan's trials.

    Yi Yun had gone from an inconspicuous tiny world — a tiny Cloud Wilderness — to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven one step at a time. The further he walked, the tinier he felt.

    Against the vast cosmos, the lives of people were like ants. It was like how bacteria did not know what it meant for the first and last day of the month, or how mole crickets did not know the seasons. What was a mortal's life to the Universe? Yi Yun did not want to remain like a speck of dust in the Universe. He was determined to pursue a high level of martial arts, and now, with the path towards a more magnificent world under his feet, how could he waste time?

    Yi Yun gritted his teeth as he desperately withstood the pressure from the long-haired man.

    He seemed to proceed along a road filled with thorns where his mental energy was constantly stabbed by the thorns. As he endured the pain coming from his soul sea, he went through great effort to move forward.

    Here, he could not rely on the Purple Crystal, nor could he rely on anything else. He could only persist on with his will.


    Just as Yi Yun discerned a tiny contour of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, he was sent back to the Primordial Space as his mental energy was completely drained.

    "There's progress! As long as there's progress." Yi Yun was not daunted. Swallowing another relic, he began to recuperate once again.

    For the long-haired man to reach such a stage, he must have undergone an extremely long period of cultivation, with immense fated luck and perseverance to be able to gain insights of the laws of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, so how could it be easy?

    As his mental energy being drained again and again, and with him meditating to recuperate again and again, Yi Yun's soul sea was like a reservoir that was constantly being drained and refilled.

    Lan Xiaomo, who was beside Yi Yun, witnessed the entire process of Yi Yun meditating in front of the Fey God Stone.

    From her point of view, Yi Yun seemed to fall into a trance. He was huffing and puffing, with cold sweat pouring down his face, but he looked extremely eager.

    Is this Senior Brother fine… ?

    Lan Xiaomo gave Yi Yun a worried glance. Others were meditating in silence, but why was Yi Yun undergoing so many changes, as though he was fighting a war?

    Lan Xiaomo shook her head. She could not be bothered any longer because her time in the Primordial Space was up.

    Even the weakest Fey God Stone had a full schedule. Hence, she needed to rotate the usage of it with two other people. She had already agreed with the other two to have a meditation time of a month each.

    With her having to leave the Primordial Space soon, Lan Xiaomo gave the Fey God Stone a reluctant glance before walking towards the teleportation nexus…

    The passage of time was unfathomable.

    The Void Orchid was growing. It went from sprouting to producing a bud before blooming into a flower

    One year's time had passed.

    Yi Yun gave up on sleep and food. He had lost count of the number of attempts that he made.

    The Soul Nurturing Relics that he used to restore his mental energy were quickly used up. He later used World Stones to exchange with others, and he eventually bought some from the Luo Divine Hall's treasury.

    But by now, the rate at which Yi Yun consumed Soul Nurturing Relics had decreased because his mental energy had become extremely rich and immense!

    The long-haired man in the Purple Crystal had a monstrous aura. Under the impact of such an aura, Yi Yun's mental energy become more coagulated as well. He felt that his mental energy was improving, so even when he was expelled from the Fey God Stone, he would immediately recover his mental energy and enter the world again.

    From the point of struggling to his limits to be able to see a contour of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, Yi Yun had slowly managed to discern the complicated runic patterns on the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    He was slowly closing the gap between him and the long-haired man. He was even able to discern the entire process of the long-haired man conjuring the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    There was no sense of time in enlightenment, but Yi Yun knew that he was constantly proceeding forward.

    And in his mental world, Yi Yun had finally reached a distance of thirty feet from the long-haired man!

    At thirty feet, every single additional step was extremely difficult.

    The powerful impact that came from the laws of Origins were like surging waves that assaulted Yi Yun's soul sea. However, such impacts made Yi Yun feel extremely excited. This was truly an opportunity that one could not ask for.

    The runic patterns of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence became clearer. Yi Yun felt like he was beginning to come into contact with the boundary of being able to gain insights from it.


    The mental world instantly shattered as Yi Yun opened his eyes once again.

    He looked at the Void Flower. The second flower was halfway through blooming.

    In a blink of an eye, nearly two years had passed.

    At this moment, Lan Xiaomo had happened to awake from her meditation. She was accustomed to Yi Yun who was attempting to gain insights constantly.

    Lan Xiaomo believed that Yi Yun would soon give up, but to her surprise, he persisted on for two years.

    Lan Xiaomo was an animated and lively girl by nature. She could not stand loneliness so, in this silent Primordial Space, she would observe the scenes of the disciples around her cultivating.

    She noticed that Yi Yun's meditative state with the Fey God Stone was slowly becoming longer.

    He would only be in meditation for less than an hour in the beginning, but now, he could continue in meditation for ten days!

    To be able to face a stone of unknown value for ten days at a go for two years, it was unimaginable…

    At this moment, Yi Yun took a deep breath as he closed his eyes while regulating his breathing.

    "It's about to begin again." Lan Xiaomo shook her head. For the past two years, she had never seen Yi Yun speak, it was as though he was a dead corpse just sitting there.

    The others would leave the Primordial Space so as to confirm their comprehension outside.

    It also included Lan Xiaomo herself. Her month-long meditation was almost over. She too needed to go into the deeper depths of the land mass so as to combine meditation and actual combat, despite the amount she managed to understand being very little…

    It was universally accepted that by combining meditation and actual combat, one's progress was the fastest. As for Yi Yun, he did not verify his comprehension. Was he not afraid of gaining a wrong understanding?

    Furthermore, his combat power would not increase as a result!

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