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Chapter 895: Condensing the Wheel

    Chapter 895: Condensing the Wheel

    Yi Yun sat in front of the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone cross-legged, and he entered an ethereal state. His consciousness was fully immersed in the Purple Crystal's world. He was oblivious to everything going on around him.

    With two years of hard work, he was already standing inside the treasure vault!

    It was a brand new world at less than thirty feet from the long-haired man.

    This was a world that the long-haired man had grasped, the nomological world of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    While standing less than thirty feet away, the nomological fragments around Yi Yun shimmered.

    This experience was too precious.

    Yi Yun focused attentively as he seized the opportunity to comprehend the laws floating around him.

    Within thirty feet, he could see the runic patterns on the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence very clearly. The nomological fragments also appeared within his reach, but they also depleted his mental energy very quickly.

    Although Yi Yun had a greater mental energy capacity than before, it would just take him a few days before he was expelled from the mental world.

    Yi Yun repeated this process day after day.

    He did not find it boring at all. He could see new nomological fragments every day.

    The long-haired man's repeated creation of the world and the process of producing the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was something that Yi Yun watched over and over again.

    Slowly, Yi Yun went from being a bystander to being a participant.

    He felt as though he had become one of the nomological fragments. It was like he would condense into runic patterns with the rest to form the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    As days passed, Yi Yun felt as though he had transcended the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence and become the long-haired man.

    His consciousness overlapped the long-haired man and he began following the long-haired man in his producing of the world that had transformed from a spear, as well as the process of condensing the laws.

    At the moment that the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was condensed, countless illusions of demons and gods appeared as they assaulted Yi Yun's mental sea.

    In a trance, Yi Yun saw war break out throughout the 12 Empyrean Heavens. The Luo clan was destroyed by the Fey Phantasm Sect and he was unable to find Lin Xintong to the very end of his life. Finally, he died filled with regrets…

    Mental demon!

    Yi Yun exhaled. After he began to truly grasp the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence from the long-haired man, it also brought mental demons with it.

    Just after having this thought, Yi Yun saw himself still in the Cloud Wilderness in a blink of an eye. He had become the leader of a tribal clan, living together with Jiang Xiaorou in a ordinary but rich life. He led his tribesmen in hunts and after returning, he would see Jiang Xiaorou's warm smile as well as the blissful expressions of her gently dabbing the sweat off his face.

    Yi Yun was slightly stunned as he shook his head.

    Another mental demon. The martial path that he had taken had a long series of footsteps that existed in reality. It was not something that a mere mental demon could wipe away.

    Illusions constantly appeared as the demonic voices constantly whispered in Yi Yun's ears, but Yi Yun focused on gathering the nomological fragments.

    A runic pattern was formed, but there were countless other runic patterns…

    Days passed and the Void Flower quietly produced a bud before it silently bloomed into a flower.

    Six years had passed and it was time for Lan Xiaomo to return to the Primordial Space once again.

    At the beginning, she would take note of Yi Yun, but slowly, she began ignoring him.

    Over the six years, he did not say a word, like he was a stone statue.

    And with the passage of time, she felt that Yi Yun's expression began to resemble a stone. Even his aura was the same.

    She glanced at the Fey God Stone in front of Yi Yun before looking back at Yi Yun.

    That's right, it was exactly identical to the Fey God Stone! Two stone blocks!

    Lan Xiaomo had such a thought. In fact, Lan Xiaomo did not realize that the reason why she made such an association was because Yi Yun had began to possess an aura from primordial times, just like the Fey God Stone.

    Just as Lan Xiaomo was about to begin meditating in front of the Fey God Stone, she heard some White Fox clan's disciples talking within the Primordial Space. Upon focusing on the conversation, Lan Xiaomo froze.

    The White Fox clan's Third Prince, Bai Yueqing, was coming here!?

    This news surprised Lan Xiaomo. She had previously heard that Bai Yueqing had accompanied the young elites of the White Fox clan at the White Fox clan trials.

    After all, Princess Luo Huo'er was currently in the White Fox clan trials. Lan Xiaomo believed that Bai Yueqing would stay with the White Fox clan trials till it ended and she never expected him to come to the Luo clan.

    However, the two clans' training grounds were both in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven. It was not difficult if one had an advanced spirit cruiser to travel from one clan's training ground to another either.

    Just thinking of Bai Yueqing coming made Lan Xiaomo somewhat nervous.

    It was obviously not because she liked the Third Prince. He was a noble and perfect person, so as a little fox with an impure bloodline, she was not worthy of liking him.

    Lan Xiaomo was somewhat reverent of the Third Prince and she was also apprehensive towards him. After all, he was the future heir to the White Fox clan's throne.

    "Is His Highness coming here to understand the situation with Princess Xue'er's trial? I heard that His Highness had previously made a bet with Princess Purple Spirit, so he is probably mindful of the outcome. He would pay attention to Princess Xue'er, the Shadow Twins, Senior Brother Wufeng's progress, and maybe the Luo clan's Jian Zhu If not, His Highness would not make a special trip here."

    "There's no hope for me. His Highness probably can't even be bothered to pay any attention to me." Lan Xiaomo's tiny head stooped downwards.

    As she glanced at Yi Yun beside her, she suddenly felt like they were in the same boat

    A few days later, the clear chime of bells echoed in the sky above the Luo Divine Hall.

    Following that, countless spatial ripples appeared as the space was immediately torn apart. From within, a gigantic ark slowly appeared.

    This ark was completely white as jade. The runes that lingered around it emanated a magnificent aura.

    Its bow had an extremely exquisite golden bell. It shook gently in the wind, and every shake immediately produced a chime that echoed throughout the sky. And the chimes tore apart the space in front of it. The chaotic laws around it were also forcefully calmed by the chimes.

    It was the Celestial Sound Ark, the mount of the Empress Dowager of the White Fox clan. Only such a spirit cruiser could shuttle through the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.

    On the bow stood a line of people. A man and woman stood right in front, while there were White Fox clan beauties standing behind them in an identical fashion. Their figures and height were exactly the same at a glance.

    Such a bevy of girls would attract attention anywhere, but in front of the man and woman, they paled in comparison.

    The man was extremely handsome. He wore a fox-fur robe as his white hair drooped down to the ground. His slender eyes seemed to be smiling. As for the woman, her beauty was peerless. Her skin was as white as snow, and there was a red dot in her glabella. She had an extremely sexy bearing.

    "Third Prince."

    Seeing the people from the White Fox clan arrive, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi stepped forward and greeted them lightly. There was not much of an expression on the two Elders' dry and cold faces.

    The two Elders were focused on their cultivation and they were uninterested in the political intrigue.

    "Elders, you have worked hard." The Third Prince said with a beaming smile.

    At the same time, he gave a junior's greeting. He knew that Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi had a slight chance to improve in their lives to become Supremacies.

    Although the likelihood was low, the statuses of these two Elders would be very different if they managed to take that step.

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