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Chapter 896: Losing Control of the Situation

    Chapter 896: Losing Control of the Situation

    "For Your Highness to make the long trip here, it's presumably because you are concerned about Princess Xue'er and the young disciples of the White Fox clan, as well as their results." Elder Duanmu said lightly.

    Despite the fact that the two Elders remaining reclusive in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, they had some information of the bet between the White Fox clan's Third Prince and Princess Purple Spirit. Seeing the Third Prince, Bai Yueqing come to the Luo Divine Hall, the Elders obviously knew what his intentions were. He was probably feeling uneasy and he was here to check on their results.

    "Elder Duanmu, you sure enjoy joking." The Third Prince chuckled in a bid to liven the atmosphere.

    However, when he saw Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi's stiff faces, the words that he was about to say were abruptly swallowed back. He felt that whatever he wanted to say would be meaningless.

    He didn’t know how many millennia the two old fogeys had lived. They were stuck at the threshold of becoming a Supremacy and they had odd personalities. With them being reclusive in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven, they probably had not joked for more than a hundred thousand years. Bai Yueqing found such people, who only dedicated their lives to martial arts, rather boring.

    "How is Princess Purple Spirit?" While walking towards the Luo Divine Hall, Elder Shi started a rare conversation.

    "Princess Purple Spirit is doing very good. This Prince had long heard of Princess Purple Spirit's amazing talent, and it was truly amazing in person. With such a rich Ancient Fey bloodline, it is no way inferior to the richness of Xue'er's White Fox bloodline. Other than bloodline, Princess Purple Spirit's perception and qualifications were all perfect." Bai Yueqing waved his jaded fan and he pretended to say those words in a relaxed fashion.

    However, as he spoke, his expression did not look too good. The muscles around his mouth appeared to be twitching.

    Back then, Bai Yueqing believed that he would be happier the more Luo Huo'er revealed her talent. The blood lineage that he would get from a marriage alliance would be better as a result and it would also affirm his suitability for the throne.

    However… it later turned out that Luo Huo'er's performance was too good, to the point of it being heaven-defying. It made Bai Yueqing unable to sit still.

    With Luo Huo'er's personality, she could not withhold herself, even during the White Fox clan's trials. She practically turned it upside down.

    For instance, the Nomological Ladder to Heaven. The Luo clan disciples struggled to climb upwards. Each level was extremely arduous.

    But for Luo Huo'er, she was vivaciously bouncing upwards on the Nomological Ladder to Heaven without even stopping. One of the best geniuses left behind in the White Fox clan to hold the ground suffered such a setback from Luo Huo'er that he did not even dare show his face.

    Luo Huo'er's talent was just too high, making the Third Prince helpless at suppressing her. With that, how was he able to convince the arrogant Luo Huo'er? If he could not, what was there to talk about marriage?

    Seeing that he was losing control of the situation, the Third Prince made a special trip to the Luo Divine Hall to witness Xue'er's progress.

    "Princess Purple Spirit's talent is indeed astonishing."

    Elder Shi did not pay attention to the Third Prince's expression as he nodded his head in satisfaction. He had seen Luo Huo'er when she was young. Although he and Elder Duanmu did not participate in the struggle for the throne, as Elders of the Luo clan, they still had some affection for the talented girl in the royal family.

    The Third Prince gave a wry smile but he needed to respond regardless of how reluctant he was.

    Back then, he had sounded definite during the agreement on the bet, but now, from the looks of it… victory seemed rather uncertain.

    "Where is Xue'er? Is she in the middle of a trial?" Bai Yueqing asked out of concern. Xue'er was of greatest importance.

    "She's currently meditating over laws in the Primordial Space. In a few days, the disciples in the Primordial Space will switch. Third Prince, you will be able to enter during that period." Elder Duanmu said.

    The Third Prince smiled and he began waiting.

    Time was ephemeral in cultivation.

    When the door to the Primordial Space was reopened, the disciples that had to switch opened their eyes. Reluctantly, they walked towards the entrance.

    "The amount of insight that I gained this time is so little. I wonder if I have reached a bottleneck. Sigh."

    Lan Xiaomo looked up and scrunched up her face. She held her tiny head as though she was having a headache.

    She glanced at Yi Yun and noticed that he was still motionless like a rock. It was unknown if he ever woke up in the middle.

    "I wonder if the Third Prince is already here." Just as Lan Xiaomo headed to the entrance, she exclaimed, "Your Highness!"

    She noticed a man and woman walking towards the Primordial Space's entrance. The silver-haired handsome man dressed in fox-fur was looking at the Primordial Space.

    "It's indeed not bad. Meditating here will gain you double the results with half the effort. By seizing this opportunity, the effects would be better than cultivating outside for fifty or even a hundred years." Bai Yueqing said praisingly.

    "The White Fox clan has a similar training ground as well." Elder Duanmu said.

    "My White Fox clan has the Nomological Ladder to Heaven, so it is different to your esteemed clan's Primordial Space. They each have their different characteristics." Bai Yueqing said modestly.

    The Nomological Ladder to Heaven was a long ladder formation build by dozens of Fey God Stones. It was situated in the void, having different characteristics but similar purposes as the Primordial Space.

    Just like the Luo clan, the White Fox clan's resources would be allocated based on strength. Without a doubt, Luo Huo'er had taken the bulk of it.

    And here, Princess Xue'er had also taken the bulk of it. From this point of view, neither side truly suffered. Both sides were using the most stringent methods to pick the best talents before nurturing them with the best resources. As such, the gap between top talents and weaklings would only magnify.

    "Princess Xue'er is over there. She is currently meditating with the Three God Seal." Elder Duanmu said.

    Bai Yueqing saw Princess White Fox through the nebulous fog. At this moment, she was standing there motionless. Her beautiful figure seemed to be frozen.

    However, everyone who managed to kill the first Ancient Fey in the Fey Refining Rock array had double the meditation time. Hence, it was still not time for Princess White Fox to switch.

    "Xue'er is currently in meditation, so there's no need to disturb her. This Prince will just wait here." Bai Yueqing said indifferently.

    "Go ahead then, Third Prince." Elder Duanmu said nonchalantly.

    As Bai Yueqing stood there, he naturally become the focus of attention. Many members of the White Fox clan were in no rush to leave the Primordial Space as they stepped forward to bow to him.

    Bai Yueqing revealed a gentle smile as he would occasionally give them words of encouragement so that the White Fox clan disciples would leave with a smile.

    Lan Xiaomo saw this from afar. Although she worshiped the Third Prince, she did not dare go up to speak to him. She lowered her head and prepared to train outside.

    "In that case, the person to be noted in the Luo clan is Jian Zhu." Bai Yueqing nodded as he looked at the youth named Jian Zhu standing in front of the Penetrating Star Rock.

    Bai Yueqing was listening to the Shadow Twins' description of the situation regarding the Luo clan disciples.

    "That's right. After Jian Zhu, it's Luo Mo and Yi Yun." Nongyue suddenly said, "They had previously each killed an Ancient Fey. Yi Yun barely did it and you can call it an internecine assault."

    "Internecine assault? Then that's just average."

    Bai Yueqing shook his fan gently.

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