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Chapter 899: End of the Seven Years

    Chapter 899: End of the Seven Years

    After Princess White Fox had entered an epiphanic state, a few months had quickly passed. During this period, the meditation time for Princess White Fox was up.

    However, Princess White Fox did not wake up. An epiphany was something that you chanced upon, so even though her time was up, no one disturbed her. The time that she spent could be made up later.

    About seven months later, Princess White Fox finally awoke from her epiphany.

    Her body had a converged radiance as she exuded an indescribable aura.

    People found her more perfect than before. Her beautiful eyes were as deep as the night, with electric bolts constantly flashing around her. She gave people a deep sense of mystery.

    The White Fox clan was inordinately beautiful to begin with. Regardless if they were men or women, they possessed a special charm, but this charm could not be seen on Princess White Fox. There was no need for that charm because just her flawless beauty was enough to naturally attract the attention of others.

    Bai Yueqing walked towards her with a smile. He asked, "Xue'er, what's the outcome of your epiphany? How far have your nomological insights gone?"

    Princess White Fox responded with a smile, and this smile made countless disciples fall into a momentary daze.

    "The result is still pretty good, but it needs a period of consolidation. Brother, you came here for me… probably because Princess Purple Spirit's results at the trials are outstanding?" Princess White Fox did not directly answer him, but she responded with a question.

    Bai Yueqing felt somewhat helpless. Princess White Fox always had such a character. She would not rush to a conclusion, unless the matter was certain. It was terrifying just thinking of her being in a epiphanic state for seven months, but even so, she kept quiet about it.

    However, it was an epiphany in front of the Three God Seal, a rare opportunity that happened in ten thousand years, so how bad could the insights gained be?

    However, Bai Yueqing had a headache once Xue'er mentioned Luo Huo'er. From news that came from the White Fox trials, Luo Huo'er's progress was divine. Even the Elders that presided over the training grounds were impressed.

    "This Prince has indeed underestimated Princess Purple Spirit's talent. However, Xue'er, you have given me a pleasant surprise. It appears the bet might not be lost… " Bai Yueqing said with a smile.

    After all, the bet between the two clans depended on the overall result.

    "The bet is meaningless to me, but the trials here are very useful to me. I'll do my best." Princess White Fox said.

    Bai Yueqing nodded. He knew Xue'er might appear soft, but her heart was firm in her pursuit of martial arts.

    "Then This Prince is relieved. You do not have any opponents here. Supremacy Gulan's disciple is much weaker than you. Although Yi Yun managed to mutate his spirit, making it take form, he is still not a threat to you." Bai Yueqing said.

    Yi Yun had a mutation in his spirit?

    "Is that so? He actually managed to receive something." Princess White Fox looked at Yi Yun with her beautiful eyes.

    "His talent is not bad, but it is incomparable to yours." Bai Yueqing lightly said.

    Regardless of how powerful Yi Yun was, he was only the cream of the crop amongst ordinary geniuses. He was not someone who would catch his attention.

    However… why hasn't Yi Yun woken up yet?

    Even Princess Xue'er's epiphany had ended. It was unknown what Yi Yun was gaining insight on. For him to meditate for so long over a mysterious Fey God Stone that mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven failed to do so, had he gone down the wrong path?

    After Princess Xue'er woke up, she left the Primordial Space, so Bai Yueqing naturally did not stay in it any longer. There were few people who paid attention to Yi Yun. During this period, only Lan Xiaomo would look at Yi Yun to see if he had woken up while meditating with her Fey God Stone.

    However, Yi Yun was just like the Fey God Stone in front of him, having turned into a cold rock.

    The Void Orchid began to bloom, and when the seventh flower bloomed, the entire Void Orchid produced a strange glow.

    Seven years was like a tree ring to the Void Orchid. Elder Duanmu had set the time to be seven years, which also happened to be the moment that the Void Orchid would enter a full bloom.

    On this day, after the Void Orchid emitted a strange glow, the Primordial Space's teleportation nexus gradually lit up.

    All the disciples woke up from their meditation.

    "Sigh, I only grasped a tiny bit." A disciple looked at the Fey God Stone in front of him, being somewhat unwilling to leave it and being somewhat frustrated.

    Many people had the same reaction as him. With the constant rotation throughout the seven years, the time allocated to them was too short. Although they had gained something, they felt that there were many unsatisfactory areas.

    "Yi Yun meditated for the longest. Who knows if he gained anything?" A disciple looked at Yi Yun.

    "That's an unknown Fey God Stone, so how can it be easy? But even if he did not gain anything, his spirit has mutated, and he might be stronger than us." Another disciple said in envy.

    Inside the mental world.

    Over the past few years, Yi Yun was in constant meditation in the state of the long-haired man's consciousness overlapping, while conjuring the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    Each nomological fragment slowly condensed into a runic pattern. With countless runic patterns forming together, it became the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    When Yi Yun sketched out the final runic pattern, he gently placed his hands together. The runic patterns began to spin as though they were in a whirlpool, as they surrounded and enclosed him within.

    Numerous phantom images of gods and demons flashed. With a loud bang, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence appeared beneath Yi Yun's feet!

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The long-haired man instantly collapsed after transforming into a purple beam of light.

    However, before the long-haired man disappeared, Yi Yun saw a fuzzy shadow in the deep depths of the mental world.

    The figure looked blurry, but he could vaguely tell that it was a woman. Her body was beautiful and her aura was ethereal. She looked like a goddess that came from ancient times.

    Her back was facing Yi Yun, with black hair cascading down her back. Yi Yun tried his best to discern anything, but failed. Instead, he felt a stab in his mental consciousness.

    This was the first time that Yi Yun encountered such a situation after his spirit mutated!

    What a terrifying aura!

    At this moment, the woman suddenly stretched out her slender hand.

    Following that, she quickly dabbed her fingers nine times in the air.

    Nine ripples formed nine flower petals!

    The nine flower petals condensed together, turning into a tiny Nine Transformations Red Lotus.

    This red lotus appeared to be lacking in power, but Yi Yun could sense terrifying nomological fluctuations from the red lotus.

    Out of the 3000 Great Dao, there were countless laws. However, laws too were ranked. The five elements — Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth — were commonly seen laws. For example, the Luo clan was proficient in fire-elemental laws. Sabers had nomological saber Dao, while swords had nomological sword Dao. Time was a law in itself as well. To be able to grasp any of these laws —not simply proficiency — but total mastering of it, was an accomplishment in martial arts.

    And above these laws, there were laws of Origins, like Yin-Yang, Life-Death and Chaos, that were superior. These laws were almost equivalent to Heavenly Dao. Typical warriors could not even understand them. To these warriors, these laws truly existed, but they were ephemeral and impossible to grasp, let alone master.

    However, Yi Yun sensed that this red lotus contained laws of Origins!

    Who was this woman?

    Yi Yun found it unbelievable. The man's appearance in the Purple Crystal at the beginning had already astonished Yi Yun. His aura was terrifying to the point of it exceeding the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner’s.

    But on further thought, this man must have been the former owner of the Purple Crystal, so Yi Yun could understand it.

    But following that, who was this black-haired woman?

    It appeared as though a long misty river of space and time separated him from her, preventing him from seeing clearly.

    The Purple Crystal was too mysterious, but how many more secrets did it have?

    However, at this moment, his mental world was shattered. Yi Yun opened his eyes and he realized he was back in the Primordial Space.

    At the moment that he opened his eyes, it was as though his eyes were like a kaleidoscope, with infinite runic patterns flashing through them.

    "Senior Brother Yi, you have awoken… Ah!" Lan Xiaomo turned her head and she happened to see Yi Yun's eyes. Her eyes immediately glazed over, but she soon regained her consciousness. She hurriedly looked at Yi Yun's eyes again.

    It was now normal…

    Was that spirit energy? Every disciple already knew that Yi Yun's spirit had mutated.

    Purple Crystal… Yi Yun took a deep look at the Purple Crystal Fey God Stone in front of him before standing up.

    Yi Yun's long hair cascaded down from his back as the glint in his eyes remained converged. He was like a scion of the mortal world, with a bearing that seemed beyond elegant.

    "Why do I feel like Senior Brother's aura has changed… ?" Lan Xiaomo thought in her heart, but she subconsciously spoke as well.

    Yi Yun smiled and he did not respond.

    At this moment, Lan Xiaomo looked at the tiny Fey God Stone in front of her. Thinking back to the time when she was repulsed by this Fey God Stone, but after seven years…

    "I kind of miss you now. Boohoo." Lan Xiaomo felt as though she had feelings for the Fey God Stone.

    "Time is up. It's time to leave." Lan Xiaomo shook her head as she walked towards the teleportation nexus.

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