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Chapter 901: Dao Domain

    Chapter 901: Dao Domain

    A roaring wave instantly appeared beneath Yi Yun's feet. Looking at the gigantic fish that had a snake's head, Yi Yun took a light breath and stretching out his hand, saying, "Come sword!"

    Thirty seconds later, the battle began!

    At this moment in Astral Palace, everyone was waiting silently.

    Bai Yueqing waved his fan and suddenly said with a smile, "Elders, it's truly boring to just wait here while doing nothing. Why don't you project the scenes of their battles?"

    "Battle projection?" Elder Duanmu glanced at Bai Yueqing. This Third Prince of the White Fox clan sure was troublesome.

    Many formation arrays had the ability to project the scenes that were happening within. As this Fey Refining Rock was much more exquisite than other formation arrays, it could obviously do so as well. Before activating the projection, only the people who controlled the formation array, like the Luo Divine Hall Elders, could see what was happening.

    Upon hearing Bai Yueqing's suggestion, all the disciples’ eyes lit up. The people like Princess White Fox, who entered the trial, were geniuses much more talented than them. If they could watch the battles, they might be able to learn a thing or two.

    "That's right, Elders. Why don't you open up the formation array and let everyone have a look?" Fairy Red Fox said with a smile.

    "There’s no harm in doing so." Elder Shi nodded with a deadpan expression. Immediately, he sent an incantation into the Fey Refining Rock.

    Above the heads of everyone, ripples began appearing in the night sky. As though it was a picture scrolled being rolled opened, the figures of Princess White Fox and company were projected on this gigantic panorama. Everyone could see them, as though there was a membrane separating them. It was like they could see into another dimension, with everything being extremely lucid.

    It was unknown how much energy was expended for such an array.

    Bai Yueqing immediately looked at Princess White Fox. He wanted to witness the improvement of Princess White Fox. As for the others, he was not interested at all.

    "The Princess chose the… Ah! Could it be the Fey dragon!?" A White Fox clan disciple suddenly exclaimed.

    The Fey dragon was the one that Elder Duanmu summoned when they first step into Astral Palace. It had given all these disciples a great shock.

    The strength of most of the Ancient Fey were equally brutal, but a few of them were exceedingly strong. This Fey dragon's aura was much more powerful than the Ancient Fey that they had chosen.

    Princess White Fox actually chose to do battle with the Fey dragon?

    She was standing on withered land filled with yellow sand. Dark and oppressive clouds hung in the sky as lightning constantly flashed. As for the gigantic dragon, its figure was looming within the clouds.

    In comparison to the horrifying phenomenon and the gigantic Fey dragon, Princess White Fox's figure appeared extremely weak.

    "Interesting. Jian Zhu chose the Fey dragon as well." Elder Duanmu suddenly said.

    Everyone quickly scanned through the twenty disciple's figures and they saw a black-clothed Jian Zhu standing in front of a gigantic dragon.

    The two top geniuses of the two clans had spontaneously chosen the same Ancient Fey at the Luo Divine Hall trials?

    All the disciples were excited. What was a confrontation? This was it!

    Both geniuses were facing the same Ancient Fey. How far could they go?

    "Elder Duanmu, please project Xue'er and Jian Zhu's projection together." Bai Yueqing said with a smile.

    Everyone was eagerly looking forward to the battles of the two geniuses. However, Princess White Fox's figure on the projection was too far from Jian Zhu's, so it was inconvenient to watch both.

    Elder Duanmu pondered for a moment before enlarging Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu's projection into the middle. The remaining people were relegated to the corners of the picture scroll.

    "The battle begins." Elder Duanmu said while looking at the picture scroll.

    The two dragons roared simultaneously and they charged out of the clouds!

    Dragons came from the clouds, while tigers accompany the winds. With the two dragons moving, the black clouds rumbled immediately, as the world discolored!

    The dragon's head approached Princess White Fox as though it was a hill. The dragon's terrifying might and its indifferent eyes made the disciples outside the array involuntarily hold their breaths.

    Princess White Fox floated up as her graceful figure stood mid-air. She reached out her fair jade-like hand, and gently tapped out at the charging dragon.

    Upon tapping, a sacred and massive phantom image of a fox appeared in front of her out of thin air. The fox head's fur was silver and it had slender eyes. Its gaze was cold, as though it had seen the passing of time. Across space, the disciples watching the battle felt their bodies being penetrated by its gaze.

    "It's the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox!"

    "How strange." The Luo clan disciples were alarmed, but the White Fox clan disciples were extremely excited. This Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox was also an Ancient Fey!

    The fox looked at the dragon, as a strange glint flashed in its eyes. The dragon came to a halt, and its indifferent eyes seemed to glaze over.

    At this moment, the phantom image of nine white fox tails suddenly appeared behind Princess White Fox. Taking a step forward, with a gentle tap like before, a fissure appeared in the eyes of the dragon's head, before it cracked open.

    The dragon roared before exploding, splattering blood everywhere!

    The first dragon, dead!

    "It's spatial dimension laws!" Fairy Red Fox's eyes lit up.

    Not only that, there were also whitish-silver bolts flashing around Princess White Fox. It was as though she was isolated by the bolts in another dimension.

    "Xue'er has attained Dao Domain." Bai Yueqing snapped his fan and slowly said, "Because of the laws that she has grasped, the space around her becomes a spatial domain. This is a manifestation of Dao Domain."

    "Third Prince is right." Elder Duanmu's tone could not hide his appreciation. "Low-level disciples do not pay attention to nomological insight because laws are too distant to them. However, once martial arts are cultivated to a certain stage, one would have reached the end without laws. Only laws can open up the path to a higher level. It can even reach the core of the Universe's birth, Origins. At this stage, you would be on the same existence level as the Universe. With you being the Universe, that is the true extreme of martial arts."

    Elder Shi lightly said, "That's too hard. Even Supremacies are unable to grasp the laws of Origins."

    "That's right. To be able to grasp a single Heavenly Dao laws, that would allow you to become a Supremacy. At your level, it is already extremely talented to be able to attain Dao Domain." Elder Duanmu said.

    They were studying the laws in the Empyrean Heavens so they could reach the level of Heavenly Dao, allowing them to become Supremacies.

    "Dao Domain, Great Dao, Heavenly Dao, Chaos, and Origins. The grasping of laws is extremely difficult. The Dao Domain is just the beginning. But those who have yet to attain Dao Domain are equivalent to not having even started." Elder Duanmu looked at the disciples as he bluntly said.

    Not even started When the disciples heard this, they felt the immense gap. They too had studied the laws, so they obviously knew about their difficulties. Princess White Fox was able to draw out the auric charms of the Fey Gods from the Three God Seal. After months of an epiphanic process, she had attained her Dao Domain!

    With her Dao Domain, just a single strike of hers was enough to kill the Fey dragon!

    This attack was extremely profound and terrifying!

    This was the terrifying aspect of laws. It directly mobilized the laws of the world in battle. It was equivalent to using the powers of heaven and earth.

    This was truly something that they had no hope of chasing up to.

    And after that, there was Great Dao and Heavenly Dao. To what extent was their difficulties?

    "Jian Zhu has also killed the Fey dragon" A disciple suddenly said.

    So fast? Did Jian Zhu also attain the Dao Domain!?

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