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Chapter 902: Slaying the Ranyi Fish

    Chapter 902: Slaying the Ranyi Fish

    "Oh?" Everyone was still feeling amazed by Princess White Fox's strength when they heard that Jian Zhu had also slain the Fey dragon. Immediately, they looked over at him.

    All they saw was the Fey dragon in front of Jian Zhu turning into a corpse as it slowly disappeared.

    They missed it!

    Everyone was feeling wistful as the killing speed was just too fast. He was a few seconds slower than Princess White Fox. They were pondering about Princess White Fox's Dao Domain and were fully focused it, so they had failed to notice Jian Zhu's killing processing.

    At this moment, Elder Duanmu waved his hand as Jian Zhu's projected image flashed. The scene was rewinding itself.

    "If you want to watch it, go ahead. All the scenes are recorded in the array formation." Elder Duanmu said lightly.

    Everyone felt excited for the opportunity to see Jian Zhu's slay the Fey dragon properly.

    At the beginning of the battle, Jian Zhu held his bone sword while facing the dragon that was a hundred times bigger than he was. He slowly took three steps forward.

    Every step caused his aura to rapidly rise.

    When his final step was taken, Jian Zhu's aura had reached a cumulative maximum. At this moment, he could not abstain from attacking, even if he did not wish to attack because the killing intent would end up harming him!


    Like a pale moonlight suddenly flashing past, everyone felt the horizon in front of them disappear for an instant. Only the Elders, Bai Yueqing, and Fairy Red Fox were not affected. They could clearly see that Jian Zhu had grabbed the bone sword behind him and stabbed forward instantaneously.

    At that instant, his actions accelerated extremely quickly. There was nothing fancy except for its speed.

    With the bone sword stabbing forward, the sword's blade seemed to disappear in the process. Immediately following that, the dragon's head appeared in front of him! At such a close distance, the dragon had opened its mouth, intending to swallow Jian Zhu's sword. But the sword's blade had torn straight through its throat with sword beams tearing the dragon's body apart, killing it in one strike!

    That was it!?

    Everyone stared at the projection with widened eyes. Jian Zhu's strength as well as his will seemed to gather around his strike. Yet, with the Fey dragon's powerful defense and lifeforce, it had failed to withstand the strike. This amount of destructive power was appalling!

    Compared to Princess White Fox's elegance, Jian Zhu's savage slaying of the Fey dragon gave them another form of shock!

    Bai Yueqing pricked his brows slightly. The bone sword was so fast that it had nearly broken through the limitations of space and time?

    "Jian Zhu might not have gained insights in other nomological Dao Domains, but he has attained his own Heart of the Sword. Using the Heart of the Sword to form one's own Dao is also a path. The 12 Empyrean Heavens have Divine Lords of the Sword as well. Through their swordsmanship, they form their own Dao, allowing them to receive the Divine Lord Royal Seals as they destroy all obstacles." Elder Duanmu said as he stroked his beard. "Jian Zhu is not bad. It's no wonder that he is fancied by Supremacy Gulan."

    His voice was not very loud, but when all the disciples present heard this, they felt powerless and frustrated.

    The Divine Lord Royal Seals were too far for them. They were Dao Marks formed from laws at the birth of the Empyrean Heavens. The entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven only had seventy-two Divine Lord Royal Seals. A few of them had seemed to have gone missing. Even most Supremacies did not have the qualification to wield a Divine Lord Royal Seal.

    Those who could wield the Divine Lord Royal Seal were peerless mighty figures who surpassed Supremacies. If a Supremacy were to be able to attain this step, it would be even more terrifying. They were the freaks amongst Supremacies. And when such a person surpassed a Supremacy, they would become part of the top figures of the Empyrean Heaven.

    This kind of legendary figure was neither within sight nor within reach for them. Just the level of Supremacy was somewhat of a legend to them.

    To form one's Dao through the Heart of the Sword… Although one wasn’t mastering the laws of the Universe, one would immerse themselves in the sword for decades to eventually hone their Heart of the Sword and establish their own Sword Dao. For someone to be able to wield the Divine Lord Royal Seal, it was enough to prove how terrifying Sword Dao could be.

    "It's impressive, but even with the Heart of the Sword formed, it is still far from a nomological Dao Domain." Bai Yueqing said with a smile.

    Princess White Fox had attained her Dao Domain through an epiphany while meditating with the Three God Seal. As for Jian Zhu, he had yet to reach the Dao Domain.

    In terms of combat ability, Princess White Fox had yet to use her full strength clearly.

    Jian Zhu was still much weaker than Princess White Fox.

    Bai Yueqing was never worried about Jian Zhu. He was only nonchalantly watching Jian Zhu's growth. He was certain that no one in the Luo Divine Hall trials could pose the slightest threat to Princess White Fox. It was only Luo Huo'er at the White Fox trials Just thinking about Luo Huo'er made Bai Yueqing's brows twitch involuntarily.

    "Princess White Fox is already battling the second Fey dragon!" The disciples were watching with rapt attention. Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu had each killed the first Fey dragon. The disciples were all astounded, but they failed to gain any insights from the battles. They had to watch carefully during the second ones!


    As soon as the second Fey dragon appeared, it stretched one of its large claws out. Wherever the dragon claw passed, the void would tear open! Black spatial rifts appeared with raging spatial storms within.


    The disciples standing in Astral Palace could not even beat the first Ancient Fey, so they did not even have the chance to see the second Ancient Fey.

    Now, through watching the projection, they only felt their bodies stiffen slightly!

    And this was just them watching a projection. If they were standing where Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu were, it was obvious how immense the pressure that they would feel while facing the second Fey dragon!

    This made many people depressed. From the looks of it, despite their seven years of hard work, they were still no match for the Ancient Fey. It would be pretty good if they could kill the first Ancient Fey.

    Just as everyone's focus was fixated on Princess White Fox, someone suddenly let out an exclamation.

    "Senior Brother Yi seems… to have also killed an Ancient Fey."

    The person who spoke was a White Fox clan disciple and she was none other than Lan Xiaomo.

    She had also inadvertently swept her gaze past Yi Yun. This was probably because she would tend to look at Yi Yun's stone-like figure over the past seven years. She now had a sense of familiarity with him, so just a scan would allow her to notice him.

    Now, everyone was watching Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu's battle with the second Fey dragons. That was the exciting thing, so no one had the mind to watch the battles of others. Furthermore, Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu's battle scenes were projected right in the middle. The other disciples were relegated to the edges to serve as a border. Even Lan Xiaomo was initially focused on Princess White Fox, but she had inadvertently noticed Yi Yun.

    Lan Xiaomo's words gave quite a number of people pause.

    Yi Yun had also killed an Ancient Fey!?

    They hurriedly looked around the projection. Where… was Yi Yun!?

    There was a total of eighteen disciples along the edges. The images projected were just too tiny. The disciples who were not familiar with Yi Yun had to spend some time before they could find him out of the series of projections.

    When they saw Yi Yun, the Ranyi Fish beneath his feet had sunk into the water, leaving a tiny portion of its body above the water surface.

    "Junior Sister, you must be mistaken. Isn't it alive?" When a disciple saw this Ranyi Fish, he immediately lost interest.

    "He really killed it. That is already the second fish!" Lan Xiaomo hurriedly argued.

    She had just seen the Ranyi Fish's corpse vanish!

    The corpse that was divided into two had released a shower of blood!

    "The second one?" The disciple was astonished.

    If this was already the second Ranyi Fish, then wouldn't it mean that the time that Yi Yun took to kill the first Ancient Fey was not much slower than Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu!?

    It was no wonder that this disciple's first reaction was that Lan Xiaomo was mistaken. Yi Yun was weaker Luo Mo and Ran Xueyi seven years ago, but now he was able to kill the first Ancient Fey in a few seconds?

    Wasn't it said that he only had a spirit mutation, and had no nomological epiphany?

    "It's indeed the second Ranyi Fish." Elder Duanmu said, affirming Lan Xiaomo's words.

    Elder Duanmu was somewhat surprised as well. The speed at which Yi Yun slew the Ranyi Fish was much faster this time. The speed at which his strength improved was very exaggerated.

    "Yi Yun was able to kill a Ranyi Fish in the past. This time, he isn’t injured and the battle was finished swiftly and cleanly. With his spirit mutation, his judgment in battle has become more precise." Elder Duanmu spoke with a hint of praise in his tone.

    Upon hearing that Yi Yun had already slain the first Ancient Fey, Bai Yueqing's gaze sank, but he did not say a word.

    Beside Bai Yueqing, the other White Fox clan disciples were feeling displeased.

    If it was Princess Xue'er, she was within sight but beyond reach, so it was fine even if they were no match for her. They were not on the same level after all. It was like commoners looking at nobles. They did not feel the need for comparison. But Yi Yun was not much stronger than them, to begin with. He was like their neighbor, but he had suddenly become a wealthy merchant. This feeling was naturally unpleasant.

    "Yi Yun actually managed to kill the first Ancient Fey in such a short period of time? How did he do it? He was only a few seconds slower than Princess White Fox!" A Luo clan disciple said.

    His words stirred the displeasure of the White Fox clan disciples. The manner in which it was said made it appear as though Yi Yun was on the same level as Princess White Fox, so how could they accept it?

    "Hmph, don't compare him with Princess Xue'er. They are not on the same level at all. Against the first Ancient Fey, Princess Xue'er did not even have the opportunity to use her full strength. Furthermore, what Princess Xue'er killed is a Fey dragon. As for Yi Yun, he only killed a Ranyi Fish. Although the Ranyi Fish is powerful as well, it is much weaker than a Fey dragon. Towards the end, the gap between Princess Xue'er and Yi Yun will only expand, and she will leave Yi Yun far behind." A White Fox disciple said.

    His words made the Luo clan disciple, who had spoken, frown. You don’t even have the qualification to partake in the battle, so how dare you say that Yi Yun was inferior to Princess White Fox?

    However, despite it sounding unpleasant, the Luo clan disciple had to admit that the gap between Yi Yun and Princess White Fox was not trivial. Her starting point was just too high.

    Seven years ago, the others had struggled in their battles with an Ancient Fey, including Yi Yun, who ended with an internecine outcome. As for Princess White Fox, she had killed two Ancient Fey herself, and she had even seriously injured the third one!

    Now, Princess White Fox had had an epiphany of the Three God Seal, forming her Dao Domain. Her strength was formidable and it could not be compared!

    "Well… Elder Duanmu, can you replay Junior Brother Yi's battle scene?" The Luo clan disciple from before requested. Everyone was interested when they heard this. They too were curious as to how Yi Yun had slain the first Ancient Fey so quickly.

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