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Chapter 903: Golden Crow Spreads its Wings

    Chapter 903: Golden Crow Spreads its Wings

    Yi Yun's increase in strength was just too ridiculous. What had happened to his body over the past seven years for him to be able to kill the first Ancient Fey so quickly?

    With everyone looking at him, Elder Duanmu stretched his hand out and waved it with a deadpan expression. Immediately, the projection returned to the moment that the battle between Yi Yun and the Ranyi Fish unfolded.

    Boom! The Ranyi Fish raised its fish tail and slammed the surface of the sea. A monstrous wave immediately surged straight at Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun did not bat an eyelid. He raised the sword in his hand as Yuan Qi surged around him, even the sword, which could only be considered an ordinary weapon, emitted a dazzling golden shimmer.

    A glaring radiant sun appeared above Yi Yun's sword.

    "Boom!" Yi Yun charged into the wave, sword and person as one amidst burning pure Yang flames.

    Wherever the sword's blade passed, large amounts of sea water was evaporated, and during this period of time, Yi Yun had charged into the Ranyi Fish's body with the sword in hand!

    The Ranyi Fish had grasped water-elemental laws. Its body could separate like water. However, when Yi Yun slashed with his sword, the aura around the blade distorted. Large amounts of pure Yang flames spread out as the Ranyi Fish cried out in pain. Its water-elemental flesh and blood were being burnt and evaporated by the pure Yang flames!

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    As the pure Yang energy gathered together, a terrifying explosion happened. The Ranyi Fish's body was torn apart from its head, splitting into two!

    That was it!?

    The disciples were appalled. There were no tricks. He had burned the Ranyi Fish to a crisp with a single strike, just using pure Yang laws!

    It was no wonder that Elder Duanmu had evaluated it as being swift and clean.

    Yi Yun's strength had improved so much over what it was seven years ago.

    "Yi Yun's perception is astonishing. He is able to mutate his spirit during the meditation process. Now, from the looks of it, his pure Yang laws have also been enhanced. Could it be that his spirit's mutation has allowed his pure Yang laws to take another step forward?" A Luo clan disciple asked.

    It was not strange to have some refinements to one's laws brought about by spirit mutation, but this improvement was way too much!

    "I wonder how many Ancient Fey Yi Yun will be able to slay." Another Luo clan disciple commented.

    Yi Yun's current performance was already much better than Wufeng and the Shadow Twin’s. It could be considered as him vindicating the Luo clan.

    And at this moment, a White Fox disciple said, "Wufeng and the Shadow Twins have all killed their first Ancient Fey at almost the same time."

    His voice sounded somewhat wistful. The time that Wufeng and the Shadow Twins had taken to kill the first Ancient Fey were inferior to Yi Yun's timing. They had allowed Yi Yun to steal the limelight for nothing.

    "Hmph, our clan has had four people killing the first Ancient Fey already, and all they have is Yi Yun and Jian Zhu. Besides How is Princess Xue'er someone that they can compare with?" A White Fox disciple had a change in tone as he said proudly.

    At this moment, Luo Mo and Ran Xueyi were still engaged in battle with their first Ancient Fey.

    They were still relatively weaker. It would still take some time for them to kill their first Ancient Fey.

    And at this moment, a White Fox disciple's eyes lit up as he said, "Her Highness has slain the second Ancient Fey!"

    Slain the second one? How long has it been!?

    Everyone's eyes immediately moved away from Yi Yun as they looked at the zoomed in projection of Princess White Fox.

    In the picture scroll, Princess White Fox was floating mid-air. In front of her was another dead dragon!

    She had really slain it Everyone found it incredulous. They were still immersed in the shock of the first Ancient Fey being slain, but they never expected Princess White Fox to slay the second Ancient Fey so quickly.

    Immediately, they had an odd feeling that maybe the second Ancient Fey was not much stronger than the first?

    However, they looked at Jian Zhu, whose projection was beside Princess White Fox's. At this moment, Jian Zhu still had a redoubtable aura. His every strike was as fast as lightning. Everyone saw countless sword Qi wrapped around the figure and attacks flashing at the dragon's claws.

    After every flash, large swaths of blood would burst out of the dragon's body.

    The dragon roared angrily as its attacks turned more violent.

    Countless spatial rifts appeared around the dragon's claws as black clouds loomed. The dragon's might was formidable. The crowd could not help but hold their breaths while watching this.

    These disciples began to imagine themselves facing this dragon. They would probably last less than a minute, or maybe be defeated in less than half a minute!

    Jian Zhu attacked with great ferocity, but he could only attenuate the dragon by adding new wounds to it. It would probably take a period of time before he could defeat it. He was unable to reach the point of killing the first Ancient Fey with a single strike.

    Only Jian Zhu's battle was in line with the crowd's imagination.

    As for Princess White Fox, the speed at which she killed the first and second dragons seemed completely indistinguishable.

    Even her gestures… even the moves were the same!

    Was… that truly the second dragon?

    "Her Highness is indeed awesome!" A White Fox disciple said in admiration as he leered at the Luo clan disciples.

    What was the point of comparing the slaying of the first Ancient Fey? Their Princess White Fox had already slain the second one!

    Bai Yueqing listened to the battle of tongues of the two factions, but he remained silent.

    Slaying the first Ancient Fey was nothing much, even if it was done in one strike. By being able to slay the second Ancient Fey with the same strike, that was strength!

    Princess White Fox, who had attained Dao Domain, had an immense increase in strength. She had completely integrated the laws into her moves already, and she would become stronger when facing the strong!

    "The third Ancient Fey begins." Bai Yueqing said as he flapped his fan.

    Boom! Boom!

    A thousand-foot long dragon descended.

    The dragon claws appeared first, but while it was still mid-air, a large fissure had appeared on the ground!

    Compared to the second dragon, these disciples could still maintain their composure on the surface. After all, it was just watching an array formation's projection.

    However, at the instant when the third dragon appeared, they could not help but take a step back!

    The powerful dragon's might was already projected out of the array formation!

    It was difficult to imagine how terrifying it would be to face the dragon themselves.

    Princess White Fox's delicate figure stood there silently. She observed the dragon and then stretched out her slender hand.

    Everyone was astonished. Why was it the same move again!?

    At this moment, Jian Zhu was still engaged in battle with the second dragon. The Shadow Twins and Wufeng had each begun battling the second Ancient Fey.

    It was not that no one was paying attention to their battles. While looking at Princess White Fox, the crowd would also take some time to look at their performances.

    The White Fox disciples would look at the Shadow Twins and Wufeng from time to time. They were similarly looking forward to the moment when the three geniuses would be able to make up for the loss to Yi Yun.

    As for the Luo clan disciples, they were eagerly looking forward to Jian Zhu killing the second Ancient Fey and for him to catch up to Princess White Fox's progress. If not, the gap would only become bigger.

    Jian Zhu's bone sword had an alarming destructive power. The dragon's body was already plastered with wounds!

    It was bleeding so much blood that it formed a river on the ground.


    As Jian Zhu struck out again, the dragon gave an unwilling roar as it began to stagger!

    "Just another two or three more strikes will kill it!" The Luo clan disciples' eyes lit up.

    Princess White Fox's battle with the third Ancient Fey had only just begun. This would mean the gap wasn't too great!

    At this moment, Elder Duanmu suddenly said in astonishment, "How did he kill the second one so fast!?"

    "Elder Duanmu, what do you mean fast ? Also, it's not even dead yet… " A Luo clan disciple just spoke when he noticed that Elder Duanmu was not looking at Jian Zhu's direction.

    The Luo clan disciple traced Elder Duanmu's gaze and he saw that in the projection, Yi Yun was floating above the surface of the sea. Beneath his feet was a gigantic Ranyi Fish's corpse that was floating on the sea surface. The water had been dyed red.

    This Ranyi Fish had been split into two from the middle. Its innards were consumed by flames, as large amounts of lifeblood had been evaporated. It looked like it was grilled completely, making it evident how terrifying the attack was! And behind Yi Yun, a three-legged Golden Crow bathed in pure Yang flames had its wings spread out as it screeched.

    The scene of Yi Yun having a foot on an Ancient Fey corpse, and a Golden Crow with its wings spread behind him was reflected into the eyes of everyone, not to be forgotten in time to come.

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