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Chapter 904: Eye of the Skyfox

    Chapter 904: Eye of the Skyfox

    The Golden Crow Aspect Totem was glaring as the pure Yang flames pervaded everyone's vision. Even though it was just a projection, everyone could feel as though waves of surging heat were coming at them in a suffocating manner. This was the power of laws. When pure Yang laws achieved a particular realm, it was enough to penetrate array formations, creating true oppressive feelings.

    Everyone held their breaths. Yi Yun had really slain the second Ancient Fey!

    He had clearly slain the first Ancient Fey later than Jian Zhu, but he had slain the second Ancient Fey faster than Jian Zhu!

    They had witnessed the battle process between Jian Zhu and the dragon. It was extremely intense.

    As for Yi Yun being able to slay the second Ranyi Fish at such a fast speed, didn't that mean his offensive strength was much stronger than Jian Zhu's?

    This had subverted the knowledge of everyone.

    "Impossible!" A White Fox disciple exclaimed subconsciously.

    Just as his voice faded away, he saw Bai Yueqing's eyes glance at him. Immediately his heart skipped a beat as he shut his mouth in a hurry.

    Bai Yueqing's eyes had flashed a hint of displeasure.

    He could ignore the fact that the Luo clan disciples were surprised, but even his own clan's disciple had joined in in making a mountain out of a molehill.

    So what if Yi Yun had slain the second Ancient Fey? Princess White Fox was still leading.

    However, what was going on with Yi Yun? It was normal for his strength to increase, but how did his strength increase by so much?

    Bai Yueqing did not like Yi Yun, to begin with. In the past, Yi Yun was just a trivial character, someone Bai Yueqing belittled. Hence, he did not find him an eyesore.

    But now, Yi Yun had surpassed Jian Zhu. He was right in front of him, in hot pursuit behind Princess White Fox!

    Although there was still a gap between Princess White Fox and Yi Yun, the gap was smaller than it was seven years ago. This meant that Yi Yun's rate of improvement exceeded Princess White Fox!

    How could this make Bai Yueqing happy!? In his eyes, Princess White Fox was not only strong, her cultivation speed was also very fast. She was someone no one should be able to reach.

    "Haha, this child, Yi Yun, is truly not bad." Elder Duanmu mused. Even a smile that appeared on his blank face appeared cold.

    He had previously thought highly of Jian Zhu. But for Yi Yun, he was really mistaken.

    Yi Yun had given him a pleasant surprise!

    Elder Duanmu had not paid too much attention to Yi Yun's battle from before. Only when Yi Yun was about to slay the Ranyi Fish did it catch his attention.

    Yi Yun's killing of the first Ranyi Fish could only make Elder Duanmu feel slightly appreciative of him. However, by slaying the second one, Yi Yun made Elder Duanmu look upon him in a very different light!

    "It's indeed not bad. With his cultivation realm, it's truly not easy to reach such a stage. It appears that the improvement in his laws was nothing trivial. Elder Duanmu, can you replay the battle process of Yi Yun again?" Bai Yueqing asked.

    "Yi Yun is about to begin his battle with the third Ancient Fey. Why don't you just continue watching if Third Prince is so interested?" Elder Duanmu said dismissively.

    "Yes, it's also perfect to watch it along with Xue'er's battle." Bai Yueqing said. A cold look flashed in his eyes. How could he be interested in Yi Yun? He was only feeling unhappy and wanted to see how strong Yi Yun had become.

    No one had believed that Yi Yun was capable of killing the second Ancient Fey before Jian Zhu. Therefore, the people who saw the battle process was limited to Elder Duanmu. Maybe Elder Shi, who did not say a word, had also seen it.

    "Elder Duanmu, please project Junior Brother Yi's battle image towards the middle." A Luo clan disciple said.

    Elder Duanmu waved his hand and the scene beside Princess White Fox on the picture scroll abruptly changed. It was the battle scene of Yi Yun. As for Jian Zhu's projection, it was lined to the side with all three scenes displayed side-by-side.

    Bai Yueqing frowned slightly once again. By lining three people side-by-side, he could ignore the fact that two of the three spots were taken up by the Luo clan, but Yi Yun was taking up the middle.

    At this moment, Princess White Fox and the third Fey dragon was already under way.

    Princess White Fox's tapping with her finger this time did not appear as relaxed as before. Her movement was extremely slow. Although she tapped gently on the void, it was as though she was crushing down with a pressure that was no different than a huge mountain gave. As her finger slowly landed, everyone could feel the coagulated nomological aura through the array formation.

    As for the Nine-tailed phantom image behind Princess White Fox, they were constantly swirling around as they engaged in a battle with the Fey dragon.

    The ground began to fissure. Even rifts began to appear in the sky as spatial storms appeared everywhere.

    The third Fey dragon was able to distort the space around it just with its body's strength.

    It appeared as though it could annihilate an entire world if it indulged in its rampage.

    Princess White Fox's finger finally managed to press down fully with her finger!


    As though an invisible barrier shattered, a bloody scar appeared on the Fey dragon's head.

    The bloody scar slowly tore open from a thin crimson line. Immediately following that, the Fey dragon experienced a pain that made it produce an incensed roar!

    Princess White Fox frowned slightly.

    Her strike had failed to instantly kill the third Fey dragon!

    Everyone finally managed to understand what had happened from watching this process. Princess White Fox's finger had changed the laws of a tiny volume of space at the gigantic dragon's glabella.

    Even though it was a tiny volume of space, it was enough to instantly kill the first and second dragon. This was the terrifying power of laws.

    In a battle against humans, if the laws of a tiny volume inside the opponent were changed, the opponent could be killed even without a direct attack.

    If the opponent were warriors with poor nomological insights, they might die without even knowing how.

    This was the great difference in martial arts — having nomological insight or not. It was like a gigantic ravine that separated people.

    However, Princess White Fox was unable to slay the Fey dragon in a single strike. As her palms were held together, her thumbs pointed at one another as four of her fingertips on each hand touched the corresponding fingertips on the other. Her hands formed a triangle where a fox's eye emerged out of it.

    "Eye of the Skyfox!" Bai Yueqing immediately could not compose himself!

    After Princess White Fox attained her nomological Dao Domain, she was able to summon the Eye of the Skyfox!

    The Eye of the Skyfox was the coagulation of the Skyfox bloodline in her body. By resonating with the dispersed Nine-tailed Skyfox aura in the Universe, she was able to summon the Eye of the Nine-tailed Skyfox. Without sufficient perception and talent, it was difficult for Princess White Fox to achieve this at her cultivation realm.

    However, she had managed to summon it!

    Upon seeing this eye, the Luo clan disciples felt as though the world around them had disappeared. The eye appeared to constantly expand in front of their eyes. Eventually, it filled everything they could see.

    Dong! Dong! Dong! Intense palpitating heartbeats could be heard in their ears, while their blood was boiling as though they would explode to their deaths.

    Suddenly, what seemed like a gentle breeze blew past them, jolting these disciples awake immediately.

    "Don't stare at it." Elder Duanmu said. As he looked at the Eye of the Skyfox, he said, "This is the Nine-tailed Skyfox race's avatar. I've previously seen your father use it before. It is pretty good for Princess White Fox to be able to produce a Eye of the Skyfox at her present realm."

    "Father had once summoned the Eye of the Nine-tailed Skyfox to annihilate a faction. The faction lost themselves in madness as they slaughtered one another. Xue'er still has a long way to go." Bai Yueqing said humbly.

    The disciples did not dare to stare at the Eye of the Skyfox any further. It was too strange. The White Fox disciples were unaffected by it due to the White Fox bloodline they had. Instead, they looked in Princess White Fox with arduous passion.

    First, it was her nomological Dao Domain, and next, it was her Eye of the Skyfox. What Princess White Fox had achieved truly left others in the dust.


    A blazing white light shot out from the Eye of the Skyfox, stabbing straight into the Fey dragon's glabella!

    The Fey dragon's body quivered as its amber eyes glazed over, as though it had lost its sanity. And at this moment, Princess White Fox tapped her finger out once again. As she did so, Princess White Fox seemed like a white flower that gently floated in the wind before arriving in front of the Fey dragon.

    Despite her tapping at such a close distance, the Fey dragon did not put up any resistance even when her finger landed on its forehead.


    The entire Fey dragon's head sank downwards with the position of Princess White Fox's finger at its center. Its skull fractured as blood splattered!

    The third Fey dragon was dead!

    This strike had a stifling effect on others. Such an oppressive Fey dragon had its skull shatter and sink the moment it was gently touched by Princess White Fox. She looked just like a soft and light flower that floated around! The impact such a bloody battle scene had given them was staggering. They were rendered speechless for a prolonged period of time.

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