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Chapter 905: Nomological Sword

    Chapter 905: Nomological Sword

    After witnessing Princess White Fox's terrifying combat strength, the Luo clan disciples no longer had any demands for Jian Zhu. They did not wish for Jian Zhu to have a fast slaying speed, all they wished was for Jian Zhu to kill the third Ancient Fey.

    However… wasn't it easier said than done? The third Ancient Fey was too powerful.

    And at this moment, Jian Zhu had just managed to kill the second Fey dragon. In the blink of an eye, Jian Zhu and Princess White Fox had a huge gap separating them.

    "I wonder how it will be when Yi Yun faces the third Ancient Fey." Yi Yun had slain the second Ancient Fey before Jian Zhu. His battle with the third Ancient Fey was about to begin. All the Luo clan disciples were looking forward to Yi Yun's performance.

    If Yi Yun could slay the third Ancient Fey at a passable speed, the gap would not be too great.

    From Yi Yun's previous performance, there was still some hope for him to achieve this.

    The White Fox clan disciples took a dim view towards the eagerness of those disciples.

    The Luo clan disciples did not know the terror of the Eye of the Skyfox.

    At this moment, a few figures were ejected in succession.

    Their faces were pale as they gasped for breath.

    One of them was Ran Xueyi.

    He had managed to slay the first Ancient Fey, and he had injured the second Ancient Fey!

    Such a result was a great improvement from the one seven years ago.

    Ran Xueyi did not believe that he had done too badly. Although he was injured all over, he was very satisfied with his results!

    After he was ejected, he had appeared behind a few Luo clan disciples. Having just experienced a fierce battle, the extremely excited Ran Xueyi did not notice what these Luo clan disciples were doing. He said, "What a pity. I nearly killed the second Ancient Fey!"

    Just as he finished saying that, Ran Xueyi noticed that the Luo clan disciples were looking upwards.

    Looking up, he was taken aback. A projection?

    That meant that their battling process had been seen by the crowd, including the Elders and the White Fox clan's Third Prince?

    Ran Xueyi's face seemed to burn. The words he had just said had an exaggerated embellishment to them. He had failed to even severely injure the second Ancient Fey, let along 'nearly killing' it.

    He had exaggerated it so as to trample on Yi Yun, but he never expected that the battle process could be seen by all!

    Ran Xueyi felt like he wanted to find a hole to burrow himself into. He gaped as he racked his brains to justify himself before he suddenly stared upwards with widened eyes.

    What was this?

    The enlarged scene placed in the middle was not Jian Zhu or Princess White Fox's, but… Yi Yun’s!?

    The figure standing above the surface of the sea was that Yi Yun!?

    What gave him the right to be enlarged? Why was he in between Princess White Fox and Jian Zhu!?

    He hurriedly began to look for the position of his battle projection. Although he had already been ejected, the images were still there.

    Was he actually given such a tiny corner? Who would pay any attention to such a small picture!?

    And at this moment, a Luo clan disciple that heard Ran Xueyi's words leered at him and casually said, "That's pretty good."

    It was fine if the disciple did not say that, but when he said that, the already embarrassed Ran Xueyi's face flushed a deeper red. All that was left in his heart was anger.

    Indeed, no one had paid attention to him at all!

    Luo Mo was ejected after Ran Xueyi. He quickly noticed the projection above them. When he saw Yi Yun's enlarged projection, he was also taken aback.

    "That is… "

    "Yi Yun's battle has begun." A Luo clan disciple said, interrupting the about-to-speak Ran Xueyi.

    "He is now beginning his second battle, right? What's there to see?" Ran Xueyi said with a livid expression.

    He did not plan to focus on Yi Yun, but with such an enlarged picture, it was just too harsh on the eyes.

    He had worked so hard, cultivating for seven full years, so as to regain the position that should have belonged to him today. However, when he was ejected, he realized that he had been placed in the corner. His above average result had not been seen by anyone. As for Yi Yun's battle scene, it was placed right in the middle.

    "Second? That is now his third battle!" The Luo clan disciple said.


    Ran Xueyi did not dare to believe his own ears!

    He stared at Yi Yun's battle screen with widened eyes. At this moment, Yi Yun's battle had already begun.

    In the rough waters of the black sea, there were severe storms brewing across the surface of the sea. And in this storm, Yi Yun was holding a sword in his hand. On the surface of the sea, a large but strange fish loomed. Its eyes were extremely cold, and it was staring at Yi Yun, who was above it, while hiding in the dark waters.

    Ran Xueyi's body trembled. He had already faced the second Ancient Fey, but the aura that was exuded by the strange fish was no doubt far greater than the second Ancient Fey’s.

    Furthermore, with the strange fish surfacing, Ran Xueyi realized that Yi Yun was battling the Ranyi Fish. It was his ancestor!

    Killing my ancestor?

    Although it was just a wisp of the Ancient Fey's aura, it still was rather depressing for Ran Xueyi. Furthermore, what had happened to Yi Yun's strength?

    Seven years ago, Yi Yun was still inferior to him!

    And now, after receiving better cultivation resources and arduous cultivation for seven years, he was inferior to Yi Yun?

    Ran Xueyi had not seen Yi Yun's battle process with his own eyes, so he found it unacceptable.

    At this moment, Yi Yun moved!

    Against the terrifying weather and the Ranyi Fish that hid in the sea, Yi Yun charged down with the sword in his hand!

    The sword's blade slashed the dense rain apart. A blank and white mark emerged out of the rain. With the white mark, Yi Yun thrust his sword straight at the Ranyi Fish.


    The Ranyi Fish opened its huge mouth as seawater immediately flowed into it. Following that, it spat out the seawater as a gigantic column of water burst out of the surface of the sea. It came flowing at Yi Yun while blotting out the sky.

    The force of the water column was redoubtable, enough to topple a mountain.

    However, Yi Yun did not have any intention to dodge such a water column.

    Inferno Golden Wheel!

    Golden light suddenly burst forth from Yi Yun's body.

    In between the dark seawater, a blazing inferno exploded.

    The water column was slashed apart by Yi Yun!

    The seawater was split into two. And at this moment, the seawater suddenly surged back.

    The terrifying power made the watching disciples hold their breaths. Once the seawater halves hit each other, wouldn't the person in the middle be instantly reduced to a meat pulp?

    But at this moment, Yi Yun still did not retreat!

    The sword in his hand trembled and suddenly, countless mysterious runic patterns appeared on the sword's body.

    This was one of methods of using the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. After seven years of meditation, Yi Yun was now testing the power of his sword!

    "Nomological fragments?" Seeing Yi Yun's move, Fairy Red Fox was taken aback. Did Yi Yun gain nomological insights from the unknown Fey God Stones?

    With a nomological sword in hand, Yi Yun slashed at the Ranyi Fish once more!

    Yi Yun's slash was not only targeted at the Ranyi Fish's body, but its water-elemental laws as well!

    The Ranyi Fish flipped around in the water as the two tumultuous water columns surged straight at Yi Yun.

    "Disintegrate!" With golden light scintillating, the sword's blade flashed across them!


    Numerous tiny wounds appeared on the Ranyi Fish's gigantic body from its head to tail.

    It was obviously one strike, but the effects of its attack was rather odd.

    If it was a warrior that was weaker than the Ranyi Fish, their bodies would be instantly diced into countless tiny meat pieces, they would die without a doubt.

    The Ranyi Fish's fish stiffened and following that, the tiny wounds began to heal!

    Upon seeing this scene, the Luo clan disciples, who were staring intently at the battle projection, found it regretful.

    This strike was unable to slay the Ranyi Fish.

    Ran Xueyi's mind went blank!

    Yi Yun was already so strong!

    Even if Yi Yun was unable to slay the third Ranyi Fish, he was still much stronger than himself.

    Against Jian Zhu, or even if Luo Mo had such an improvement, he would feel only envious, but he would never doubt himself.

    He stared blankly at the battle projection.

    At this moment, the infuriated Ranyi Fish nearly stirred the entire sea as water columns burst straight into the sky.

    These water columns were splattering water droplets everywhere. Just being in their vicinity meant injury, touching them meant death!

    Yi Yun's previous strike was very powerful!

    But against the Ranyi Fish, that strike was not enough.

    Princess White Fox had summoned the Eye of the Skyfox, while Yi Yun He did not have any especially powerful Ancient Fey bloodline, nor did he have any bloodline heritage.

    At this moment, Yi Yun stretched his hand out and waved it. Around him, 999 flying sabers that shimmered suddenly appeared.

    Thousand Snow saber array!

    Yi Yun looked at the Ranyi Fish. If one wasn't enough to slay it, what about a hundred or a thousand?

    Although they didn’t have the true power of the Thousand Snow flying sabers, with nomological augmentation, the flying sabers made by the Luo clan could still produce an explosive attack.

    Cha! Cha! Cha!

    As though it was snowing, snowflakes began fluttering towards the Ranyi Fish. All of the flashing brilliance contained a murderous blow. Every flying saber had a runic pattern!

    This was a saber array constructed from nomological fragments.

    "This array contains more than a thousand laws, so it can crack your water-elemental laws!" Yi Yun followed straight behind the saber array and he thrust his sword forward


    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    With the dazzling brilliance exploding, it was like there was a temporary moment of silence in the world. Immediately following that, there was a gigantic boom as the Ranyi Fish's gigantic snake mouth burst open. Blood and seawater splattered everywhere!

    The water columns that the Ranyi Fish was controlling collapsed beside Yi Yun. In the dark billowing waves, Yi Yun stood high in the air. Standing above the Ranyi Fish's corpse, he held a sword in his hand and there was blood still dripping from its tip.

    The third Ancient Fey was dead!

    "Snap!" Bai Yueqing's fan was fiercely closed!

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