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Chapter 906: Nine-tailed White Fox

    Chapter 906: Nine-tailed White Fox

    Bai Yueqing still found Yi Yun slaying the second Ancient Fey acceptable. After all, Jian Zhu, Wufeng and company had also managed to do the same. But now, Yi Yun's slaying of the third Ancient Fey was not much slower than Princess White Fox's.

    Yi Yun was already on a completely different level when compared to Jian Zhu!

    Be it Jian Zhu, the Shadow Twins or Wufeng, they could still easily cope with the second Ancient Fey, but they would be embroiled in a tough battle when facing the third Ancient Fey. This meant that Yi Yun had transcended the second-tier like Jian Zhu, and he had truly entered the first-tier level of existence. Even if he was still inferior to Princess White Fox, he was still qualified to be her opponent.

    At this point, Bai Yueqing had no reason to ignore Yi Yun.

    Bai Yueqing felt fidgety as he said to Elder Duanmu, "Yi Yun has really surprised us. He will begin to fight the fourth Ancient Fey at the same time as Xue'er. But isn't his opponent, the Ranyi Fish, a little weak?"

    The joy on the Luo clan disciples' faces sank. Bai Yueqing obviously meant that the Ranyi Fish was not as powerful as the Fey dragon and that Yi Yun was actually still much weaker than Princess White Fox.

    And when Ran Xueyi heard this, he felt a stiffness in his chest. He truly wanted to vomit blood.

    Yi Yun was slaying his ancestor, but now, his ancestor was prejudiced as being not strong enough.

    The words that he had said in front of Yi Yun had now turned into a joke. Furthermore, Yi Yun had never even targeted him. He no longer had the qualification to compete with Yi Yun.

    "Since you think the opponent is too weak, a change would do." Elder Shi suddenly said as he waved his hand.

    The crowd did not know what Elder Shi had done, but at this moment, Princess White Fox's battle with the fourth Ancient Fey had begun.

    The fourth Ancient Fey's strength was several times stronger than the third one. And before the battle, a minute of preparation time was given to the trial-takers, but that time was just too short. It was not even enough for them to catch their breaths.

    Against the fourth Fey dragon, Princess White Fox immediately summoned the Eye of the Skyfox.

    Under the gaze of the Eye of the Skyfox, some of the fourth Fey dragon’s power was restrained at the moment it appeared.

    Obviously, Princess White Fox was using her true strength right from the beginning so that she could end the battle fast.

    The Eye of the Skyfox, the finger tap and the shattering law required her to expend a great deal of Yuan Qi in order to maintain them. As for the fourth Fey dragon, its body was extremely powerful. If it became a battle of attrition, Princess White Fox would probably be bogged down.

    "Well done." Bai Yueqing was very in favor of the battle strategy that Princess White Fox employed.

    However, when he looked at Yi Yun's battle scene, his expression had changed drastically.

    Yi Yun was standing on the corpse of the Ranyi Fish when he suddenly saw the scene around him become blurry. Following that, he suddenly appeared above a layer of clouds.

    The Ranyi Fish's corpse had vanished.

    The clouds were white and speckless. The sky was azure blue and there was a lingering mist that elevated one's spirit.

    Yi Yun thought for a moment, what was going on?

    At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly sensed the emergence of a shadow behind him.

    He immediately turned around and he was surprised to see a gigantic fox coldly staring at him.

    The fox was silverish-white in color and it had nine long tails. It had a lofty attitude and it was standing on the layer of clouds. It seemed to have an air that belittled trivial existences, while it nonchalantly looked at Yi Yun, who was beneath it.

    The Ranyi Fish had changed into a Nine-tailed White Fox!?

    As Yi Yun looked at the Nine-tailed White Fox in front of him, he was filled with questions. He did not understand why the Ranyi Fish had changed into a Nine-tailed White Fox.

    In the Tian Yuan world, the Desolate race had a White Fox Sacred Spirit, but compared to the Nine-tailed White Fox in front of him, its aura could be as different as the difference between night and day.

    The Desolate race's Sacred Spirit possessed the bloodline of the Nine-tailed White Fox, but it did not manage to mature properly.

    But the being in front of him was the condensation of a real Ancient Fey's aura. It was very strong! It was much stronger than the Ranyi Fish!

    "This is also good." A glimmer of fighting spirit flashed in Yi Yun's eyes.

    Although the Ranyi Fish was good, its water-elemental laws were restrained by his pure Yang laws. He was truly in need of a more powerful opponent in order to affirm several of his theories

    "Elder Shi, what's the meaning of this?" Outside the Fey Refining Rock array, Bai Yueqing looked at Elder Shi unhappily.

    Was the switch of Yi Yun's battle opponent to the Nine-tailed White Fox a result of Elder Shi's wave of his hand?

    This Nine-tailed White Fox was the ancestor totem of his White Fox clan!

    "The Nine-tailed White Fox's strength is on the same level as the Fey dragon’s. Furthermore, Yi Yun will have to face a fourth-level Nine-tailed White Fox immediately, lacking any prior combat experience. This will offset the advantage that he had gained from the previous three rounds." Elder Shi appeared as though he did not see Bai Yueqing's ugly expression.

    The Nine-tailed White Fox was also an Ancient Fey, so it was obviously selectable for battle.

    Bai Yueqing's expression was ugly. The ancestors of others could be slain, but his ancestor could appear in the Fey Refining Rock array as well?

    As for facing the fourth-level immediately What Elder Shi was saying was clear. The difficulty of Yi Yun's fourth battle is more difficult than Princess White Fox’s. This was clearly smacking Bai Yueqing in the face because of his statement from before.

    "Elder Shi… " Bai Yueqing could not help but utter.

    "Why, does Third Prince have any comments about my arrangements?" Elder Shi nonchalantly glanced at Bai Yueqing.

    Bai Yueqing fell silent. The Elders had no interest in power struggles, so they did not care about his status as Third Prince. Furthermore, if he were to ascend to the throne, it would still result in him not being able to directly offend these old fogeys, who could very likely become Supremacies. Even if the chances of them becoming Supremacies were minute.

    The picking of the White Fox clan's ancestor incensed Bai Yueqing.

    "Hmph, that old bastard is digging a grave for Yi Yun. If Yi Yun were to fight the Ranyi Fish, he might be able to last for a while, but the battle against the Nine-tailed White Fox has a much higher difficulty. He will only be defeated faster and embarrass himself even more!" Bai Yueqing thought to himself as he looked at Yi Yun's figure on the picture scroll.

    As a descendant of the Nine-tailed White Fox, how could he not know about its terrifying strength?

    He was waiting to see how Yi Yun would die

    The minute of preparation time was up!

    Yi Yun and the Nine-tailed White Fox's battle begun. Half of the Nine-tailed White Fox's body was hidden in the clouds as it revealed its gigantic head like it was a god. Its cold eyes were focused on Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun brandished his sword as runic patterns shimmered on it.


    A resplendent sword beam tore through space and it instantly arrived in front of the Nine-tailed White Fox. As for the Nine-tailed White Fox, it remained motionless. All it did was stare at the sword beam that Yi Yun produced with cold eyes that lacked any color.

    It was such a silent stare…


    The sword beam Yi Yun produced shattered directly!

    Yi Yun was alarmed as he retreated several hundred feet.

    A single sword beam had been shattered by a single stare of the Nine-tailed White Fox!?

    What sort of stare was it?

    "It's the Eye of the Skyfox, the Eye of the Skyfox!" Upon seeing this scene, the White Fox disciples were immediately excited.

    Previously, Princess Xue'er had summoned the Eye of the Skyfox, and now, the Nine-tailed White Fox had used it.

    This was a true Ancient Fey. Even though it was just a wisp of the Ancient Fey's soul essence, the Eye of the Skyfox that it used was the true Eye of the Skyfox. It was even more powerful than the Eye of the Skyfox produced by Princess Xue'er, which relied on the power of her bloodline!

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