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Chapter 912: 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence

    Chapter 912: 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence

    With his two minutes of resting time over, the scene in front of Yi Yun was still the deep blue sky and endless clouds.

    “Choose your opponent!” The emotionless voice of the array resounded in Yi Yun’s ear.

    Yi Yun took a deep breath.

    “I choose the… Nine-tailed White Fox!”


    The clouds opened up as the gigantic head of the White Fox emerged from the clouds. Its pair of black eyes were cold and emotionless as they reflected Yi Yun’s face.

    At the moment the fifth Ancient Fey — the Nine-tailed White Fox whose strength escalated once again — appeared, it was like it had become the only thing that existed in this world.

    The turbulent aura from its body was like roaring waves, hitting Yi Yun’s body and mind.

    Yi Yun clenched the long sword in his hand. This was his final battle in the Fey Refining Rock array!

    “Why is Yi Yun’s opponent still my White Fox clan’s ancestor?” Bai Yueqing frowned slightly.

    As the Nine-tailed White Fox was the White Fox clan’s totem, Bai Yueqing found it uncomfortable for it to be used as an opponent in the Fey Refining Rock array. Previously, Bai Yueqing was questioning if the Ancient Fey that Yi Yun had slain was too weak, resulting in Elder Shi changing the Ranyi Fish to the Nine-tailed White Fox. Bai Yueqing could only blame himself. Why did he have to shoot his mouth? But now… it was happening again?

    Bai Yueqing looked at Elder Duanmu, but Elder Duanmu threw up his hands and said, “Don’t look at me. Yi Yun chose the Nine-tailed White Fox himself. It has nothing to do with me.”

    Yi Yun chose it?

    Bai Yueqing faltered for a moment. He did not choose a weak Ancient Fey, but he ended up choosing the powerful Nine-tailed White Fox? Did Yi Yun find it insufferable enough? Although Yi Yun had won the previous battle, it was a Pyrrhic victory. If he were fighting the Ranyi Fish, how could he have expended that much energy?

    “Your Highness, it might have something to do with Yi Yun knowing that it’s impossible for him to kill the fifth Ancient Fey, so he’s going for broke. By choosing the Nine-tailed White Fox, it might look better even if he were to lose.” Someone from the White Fox clan said.

    But Bai Yueqing harrumphed.

    “Even if he knows he will lose, choosing a weaker one will reduce his suffering. Unless he plans to admit defeat straight away… If not, once the battle begins, he might be severely injured by the Nine-tailed White Fox and it might even affect his future cultivation.” Bai Yueqing said lightly.

    On the contrary, he was hoping that Yi Yun would not be defeated too early. That would be too boring.

    “That punk! For him to dare choose the Nine-tailed White Fox as his fifth Ancient Fey, he really doesn’t know how the word death is written.”

    Bai Yueqing slowly opened his hand fan, seemingly restoring his usual calm composure. After all, in the projection scene to the side, Bai Yueqing had seen the hope of Princess White Fox slaying the fifth Fey dragon. Even if she failed, she was able to severely injure the fifth Fey dragon at least. The gap between Princess White Fox and Yi Yun would still be large.

    Just as Bai Yueqing was thinking this, he noticed Yi Yun, who was in the middle of the dark blue sky, wave his hand, discarding rows of flying sabers.

    The shiny flying sabers shimmered with fearsome cold beams, but they were discarded just like that.

    “Splash! Splash!”

    As the flying sabers dropped into the sea, they stirred up tiny ripples but those quickly disappeared.

    “He even discarded his sabers?”

    Bai Yueqing was stunned. Yi Yun had lost more than a hundred flying sabers in the fourth battle, and logically speaking, he should have requested for the corresponding number of flying sabers to mend the saber array from the Fey Refining Rock array. But now, he had even discarded the remaining flying sabers?

    “Is Yi Yun planning on throwing in the towel?” A White Fox disciple said.

    Bai Yueqing frowned and said, “That punk sure is crafty. With his stamina weakened, he will directly admit defeat. Although this can prevent risk of severe injuries, it will weaken his martial resolve. His martial resolve will lack the warrior’s courage against all odds and an indomitable momentum!”

    Bai Yueqing was feeling extremely upset. Yi Yun had just shown off a moment ago, but now by admitting defeat, he could retire after winning some merit. All the benefits were his!

    Furthermore, if Yi Yun was planning to admit defeat, what did he summon the Nine-tailed White Fox for? Was he teasing him?

    Just as Bai Yueqing was having such thoughts, he suddenly saw a cold glimmer appear in Yi Yun’s palm.

    Those are… flying sabers!?

    “Cha! Cha! Cha!”

    Yi Yun stretched his hand out as flying sabers shot out from Yi Yun’s body as they floated midair, with their tips pointing in every direction.

    There was an estimated hundred sabers.

    He did not discard all of them?

    What was going on? Yi Yun had 800 flying sabers, and he had deliberately discarded about 700, leaving a hundred behind. What was he planning to do?

    A typical saber array would be flawed at the moment it lacked a single saber. But now, there was less than 10% of Yi Yun’s saber array left. How was this even usable!?

    Just as people were feeling perplexed, the Nine-tailed White Fox roared and attacked Yi Yun!

    The Nine-tailed White Fox would not wait for Yi Yun.

    At the moment that the Nine-tailed White Fox attacked, a halo expanded around its body. The surrounding space was distorted by the divine light.

    It was a domain again!

    The Nine-tailed White Fox was conjuring its domain!

    This was the domain of the fifth Nine-tailed White Fox, a domain that was on a completely different level to the fourth Nine-tailed White Fox’s. Yi Yun had expended 30% of his stamina and his all in order to crack the Nine-tailed Domain. It was nearly impossible for him to crack a stronger domain this time!

    The domain expanded and enveloped Yi Yun. Once he was devoured by the domain, the outcome was decided!

    At this moment, no one knew what Yi Yun was planning to do. He did not dodge the domain, nor did he throw in the towel.


    In an instant, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi suddenly burst out, like it was a torrential flood that surged in all directions.

    People could sense that Yi Yun’s energy was rapidly being depleted!

    The remaining 70% of Yuan Qi was sucked out in a split second till almost nothing was left, as all of it surged towards —

    The hundred flying sabers in front of him!

    The hundred flying sabers were injected with immense energy as their bodies began to hum and vibrate, as though they were about to explode!

    Yi Yun held his hands together as the hundred flying sabers flew towards Yi Yun’s body. At this moment, they were gathered around him, and mysterious runes emerged on the saber blades. These runes were dark and moving in and out of existence. As though no matter how one focused on them, it was impossible to see the runic patterns on the runes!

    A hundred flying sabers merged as one, forming a circular shaped saber array that spun at a rapid rate.

    Yi Yun used all his energy to push the circular saber array out!


    Space seemed to tear apart as the saber array smashed towards the Nine-tailed White Fox’s gigantic head!

    The Nine-tailed White Fox had already been conjured. Inside the Nine-tailed Domain, as long as the domain was not taken down, the Nine-tailed White Fox would nearly be invincible!

    The Nine-tailed White Fox roared as it sent a claw at the flying sabers. The saber array was clearly reflected on the spinning saber array.


    With an explosion, the saber array shattered along with the noise!

    The hundred flying sabers shattered under the powerful explosion!

    Upon seeing this scene, everyone held their breaths. It was over!? That was a strike that drained Yi Yun of his remaining 70% energy?

    In a thousandth of the time that it took to blink, the thought that just aroused to which they did not even have time to react, they saw that faint black runic lines left behind where the shattered saber array was.

    The saber array had been broken, but the mysterious runes augmented on the blades were left behind?

    The runes, when aligned together, were still in the shape of a circular disk. It looked like a gigantic wheel!

    The wheel was revolving. Despite the fierce collision, its rotation speed became uncannily slo, as though time had come to a standstill.


    The Nine-tailed White Fox let out a scream as it clawed at the wheel, but the moment its claw touched the wheel, its claw was torn apart by the slowly revolving wheel!

    Flesh and bone separated as blood splattered everywhere!

    The Nine-tailed White Fox screamed. The look of fear finally flashed in the depths of its cold and emotionless black pupils. It wanted to retreat, but the black wheel seemed to traverse across space and time, appearing right in front of the Nine-tailed White Fox’s body.

    “Wo! Wo! Wo!”

    As though a spatial black hole had formed inside the Nine-tailed White Fox’s body, the Nine-tailed White Fox, which had merged as one with the Nine-tailed Domain, had its body minced by the spatial black hole. Its innards burst as blood sprayed everywhere!

    The Nine-tailed Domain began to tremble violently. It was on the verge of collapse!


    The Nine-tailed Domain exploded, while the Nine-tailed White Fox’s body was torn apart. Minced meat mixed with fresh blood flew in every direction.

    Yi Yun, who had completely exhausted himself, was sent flying back from the blast. His body was covered by the fox’s blood and minced meat. It was like he had crawled out of Shura Hell.


    Yi Yun fell into the sea. The sea had been dyed red. His last bit of energy was only sufficient to ensure that his body floated on the surface, or he would have sunk.

    He floated on the surface of the sea in a sprawl, welcoming the sensations of the red rain — the blood of the Nine-tailed White Fox — that bombarded him.

    Pada! Pada! The blood that was still warm had a special feeling when it hit his face.

    It was over!

    The fifth battle was also Yi Yun’s final fight. The moment the battle began, Yi Yun used his trump card.

    As with the remaining Yuan Qi he had left, Yi Yun was only able to barely summon the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. If he had used any other move before summoning the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, it would make it difficult for him to have any more Yuan Qi left to continue on.

    And it was because of this, Yi Yun did not even have the strength to move his fingers after that one strike.

    He looked to be in like he was a sorry state, but outside the Fey Refining Rock array, the scene of him weakly floating above the red sea surface was forever engraved in the minds of the crowd. Even many years later, after some of these young elites had achieved greatness, they still found it difficult to forget this scene —

    The youth that used flying sabers had used a hundred flying sabers that were remnants of a whole to kill the fifth Nine-tailed White Fox that appeared in the Fey Refining Rock array in a near-impossible situation.

    How did he do it?

    There was total silence. Even Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi stared at the projection with their mouths agape. There was no reaction to what had just happened.

    And beside Yi Yun’s projection, where Princess White Fox was fighting, it was already at its most intense moment. However, no one was paying any attention to her, like they had forgotten about her.

    In their vision, there was only Yi Yun, who was facing the sky while he bathed in the rain of blood.

    Regardless of how intense Princess White Fox’s battle was, it was not as shocking as Yi Yun’s instant kill!

    Yes, an instant kill. Against Yi Yun, the fifth Ancient Fey, which was so powerful that it made one lack the courage to resist, was… instantly killed!

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