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Chapter 913: Outcome of Battle

    Chapter 913: Outcome of Battle

    As the cold seawater washed against Yi Yun’s skin, Yi Yun experienced the raining blood while feeling an inexplicable sense of calm. It was most likely the comfortable feeling after experiencing a life and death battle.

    This was the first time that Yi Yun used the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence in true combat. Throughout the entire battle, although he had only barely conjured a weakened form of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence at the final moment, Yi Yun’s body seemed to attain a familiarity with the laws of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    He was taking advantage of the serenity of the moment to digest the realizations that he was receiving.

    The blood rain quickly disappeared, but the smell of blood continued to linger in the air, as though there were strands of blood floating across his face from time to time.

    Yi Yun refused the chance to battle the sixth Ancient Fey. In his present condition, he was already unable to carry on.

    As such, after Yi Yun’s Fey Refining Rock array battle ended, he was transported out of the independent space.

    The moment he exited the Fey Refining Rock array, Yi Yun sensed everyone’s gazes being fixed on him.

    The gazes were extremely complex.

    There were looks of shock, fear, envy, and worship. One strike would more or less result in some feelings of disbelief. The process of Yi Yun killing the fifth Ancient Fey was like a dream to them.

    If Yi Yun had only slain the fourth Ancient Fey, the Luo clan disciples might have surrounded Yi Yun while congratulating him. But now, Yi Yun had instantly killed the fifth Ancient Fey. Furthermore, there was a killing aura emanating from Yi Yun’s body. Although the Nine-tailed White Fox’s blood had vanished, for some reason or another, people still felt a faint sense of blood lingering around Yi Yun. Such an aura prevented anyone, even the Luo clan disciples, to make conversation with Yi Yun. The area fell into temporary silence.

    At this moment, Elder Shi was the first to speak. He said, “Yi Yun, your results in the Fey Refining Rock array are impressive. The rewards promised by the clan will be handed to you very soon.”


    Upon hearing Elder Shi mention rewards, the young elites present were filled with envy. The rewards were no trifling matter. All the Fey empires and large sects of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven would gather the best resources to nurture the geniuses under them. Now, Yi Yun had clearly reached the point where the Luo clan would focus on nurturing him.

    “Thank you, Senior.” Yi Yun said, while having walked to a corner. He wanted to further ponder on the insights gained from the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

    And at this moment in time, the deadlock in Princess White Fox’s battle had broken. Princess White Fox, who had used all her strength, had managed to defeat the fifth Fey dragon!

    However, Princess White Fox had barely managed victory. Not only had she expended all her stamina, she was also severely injured. Her tenacity was the only thing that kept her going to slay the fifth Fey dragon with great difficulty.

    If this were any time in the past, the White Fox disciple would have shouted out in excitement while receiving Princess White Fox, as though they were receiving their goddess of war.

    But now, although they were cheering for her, it was much more subdued. This resulted in the first few people to cheer realizing the lack of an atmosphere. Seeing how it was meaningless to cheer, their voices also lowered.

    Princess White Fox, who was originally stunning in every way, had only managed to equal Yi Yun’s results.

    But in terms of killing speed, as well as the shock of annihilating the Nine-tailed White Fox into a blood mist with one strike, Princess White Fox was far inferior to Yi Yun. As such, the White Fox clan themselves lacked the mood to even cheer.

    After slaying the fifth Fey dragon, Princess White Fox had already reached her limit.

    “Choose your opponent!” After the fifth Fey dragon died, the cold voice of the array resounded in Princess White Fox’s ears.

    “I give up.”

    Princess White Fox took a deep breath. She was already a spent force, so it was meaningless to persist on.

    With a flash, Princess White Fox appeared in the hall.

    Immediately, everyone’s gazes was focused on Princess White Fox.

    Princess White Fox had an indifferent character to begin with. She walked her own martial path, and she did not concern herself with how others looked at her. But even so, she guessed that her slaying of the fifth Ancient Fey should have astounded the White Fox clan geniuses.

    But from the looks of it, their reactions seemed to be a bit different from what she expected.

    A few White Fox disciples were cheering for her, but there were people who had odd looks.

    Princess White Fox was slightly surprised. What had just happened?

    She looked around and she saw Jian Zhu, Wufeng, the Shadow Twins, Yi Yun, Luo Mo and company, who had all entered the Fey Refining Rock array with her. They had all come out. She was the last, and also the one that had lasted the longest.

    This was not odd since she fought the longest, the number of Ancient Fey that she killed was most likely the most as well.

    As for the others, it was not Princess White Fox being haughty, but according to the difficulty of the array, she was absolutely sure that other than her, the rest could not even slain the fourth Ancient Fey, much less the fifth. It exceeded the limits of their strength.

    Being able to kill the first three Ancient Fey was already an excellent outcome.

    These people having been eliminated ahead of her was within her expectations, but… why did they have such weird expressions?

    Furthermore, she noticed that some people were looking at Yi Yun, which made her involuntarily glance at Yi Yun as well. Yi Yun had expended a great deal of energy. His Yuan Qi was nearly drained, but he was uninjured. This shocked Princess White Fox. Typically, with the stamina of a warrior being drained to such levels, be it offensive or defensive strength, they would be weakened, so it was not easy to be unharmed.

    “Xue’er, you did well.” Bai Yueqing said with a sullen face.

    However, his words did not sound anything like he was praising Princess White Fox. Clearly, he was in a terrible mood.

    “It was alright. My strength can only reach this stage. There should still be progress in the future… ” Princess White Fox answered with some questions on her mind. She looked at Nongying and transmitted her voice, “What just happened? How many Ancient Fey did Jian Zhu kill?”

    Could it be that Jian Zhu’s results had exceeded her expectations, which resulted in this effect?

    “Three.” Nongying answered slowly with a voice transmission.

    “That result is normal. The fourth Ancient Fey is indeed rather difficult. It’s not surprising to not succeed in killing it. What about the others?” Princess White Fox had casually asked, but she never expected Nongying to give her an answer that left her astounded.

    Nongying answered, “Sister, Wufeng and I were nothing to talk about, but for Yi Yun, he… also killed the fifth Ancient Fey, just a while ago… ”


    Princess White Fox’s eyebrows pricked up. “Yi Yun killed the fifth Ancient Fey?”

    “Yeah… he was faster than you… Actually… he only used one move, instantly killing the fifth Ancient Fey. Besides that… ” When Nongying reached this point, she revealed a wry smile, “What he killed was the Nine-tailed White Fox that had conjured its Nine-tailed Domain… ”

    The Nine-tailed White Fox that had conjured its domain? An instant kill with one move?

    Princess White Fox was completely flabbergasted. She looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. Her cherry-shaped lips opened slightly, and they did not close for a long period of time.

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