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Chapter 914: Death Reclusion

    Chapter 914: Death Reclusion

    Anyone who killed the third round Ancient Fey onwards in the Fey Refining Rock array would receive rewards.

    However, these rewards were nothing much considered to the reward given to the person who came in first.

    Yi Yun and Princess White Fox had both defeated the fifth Ancient Fey, but Yi Yun had finished earlier. With this reason, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi, who were biased towards the Luo clan disciples, obviously determined that Princess White Fox had narrowly lost. Hence, Yi Yun clinched first place.

    The reward for being first in the Fey Refining Rock was an Ancient Fey bone. But even Ancient Fey bones were of different qualities.

    The Ancient Fey bone Yi Yun previously obtained at the Black Wind Valley trials was a peripheral part of the Ancient Fey’s skeleton. The amount of Ancient Fey energy it contained was not much.

    Better Ancient Fey bones came from areas such as the sternum or spine — core parts of the Ancient Fey’s torso. These spots were where large amounts of energy of the Ancient Fey were deposited in the skeleton.

    As for the Ancient Fey bone rewarded to the person who came in first, it was also a peripheral part. The only difference was that it contained a tiny bit of bone marrow.

    An Ancient Fey’s skeleton contained immense energy, but the essence of an Ancient Fey did not lie in its skeleton but in its blood marrow.

    After an Ancient Fey’s death, its blood marrow would dissipate into the ether, returning to the Universe. Only an extremely tiny portion would be left within the skeleton.

    This reward was something all geniuses from large family clans would desire. Their family clans might be influential, but it was also not easy obtaining an Ancient Fey bone that contained bone marrow, much less giving it to them.

    The better the reward Yi Yun obtained, the worse Bai Yueqing’s mood became.

    The reason he came to the Luo clan trials was because he wanted to see Princess White Fox’s performance so as to get some reassurance for his bet.

    However, before he even received any assurance, he ended up getting so infuriated that he had to suppress his anger. The suppression nearly caused him to suffer from internal injuries.

    “Because of the Third Prince’s arrival, my Luo clan’s disappointing disciples must have been imperceptibly motivated. Finally, they managed to squeeze out a bit of potential. Thank you Third Prince, it must have been hard on you.” Elder Shi said.

    The corner of Bai Yueqing’s eyes twitched. Elder Shi might be a man of few words, but he had a strong sense of retaliatory streak in him. All Bai Yueqing had done was to question if the Ranyi Fish that Yi Yun had chosen was not as powerful as the Fey dragon, but this remark had been constantly on Elder Shi’s mind.

    “Heh heh, not really…”

    “I wonder how many more days does Third Prince want to stay?” Elder Shi said again.

    Stay further? Bai Yueqing no longer had the mood. If he stayed any longer, he felt like he would really suffer a mental collapse.

    Bai Yueqing quickly bade farewell. When he came, he came swaggering, but when he left, he left in a hurry. His spirit cruiser quickly tore through the void and vanished above the Luo Divine Hall.

    Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi stood in midair while watching this happen. Elder Duanmu stroked his beard and said, “Senior Brother, the closer it is to your breakthrough reclusion, the more I find you becoming petty.”

    “Before a reclusion, one’s state of mind is extremely important. One should act as one pleases. Furthermore, this reclusion will last to my death if I fail to break through. Even the Heavens do not know if I’ll be able to come out alive. In that case, why must I worry over so much?” Elder Shi said.

    Elder Duanmu’s lips quivered but he did not say anything. All he did was let out a sigh.

    “There’s no need for you to sigh. Although I am determined to enter a death reclusion, it is still in preparation. I’ve been pursing martial arts my entire life. Being a Supremacy is the ravine that stops me in my martial path. One is willing to die in the evening if the truth could be heard in the morning. As long as I probe it, I’ll die without regrets.” Elder Shi said.

    “No wonder you think so highly of that kid’s martial heart.” Elder Duanmu said.

    Elder Shi did not say a thing. In the past, he only found Yi Yun mildly interesting, but after Yi Yun killed the fifth Ancient Fey, he began to truly pay close attention to Yi Yun.

    “The little fox isn’t bad too. Unfortunately, she’s not from our Luo clan.” Elder Duanmu added, “But, it’s no big deal. She can definitely become one of us.”

    Elder Duanmu stroked his beard as a smile flashed in his eyes.

    This time, Elder Shi opened his mouth. “Yea.”


    White Fox training ground. Celestial Platform.

    The Celestial Platform was made of countless floating rocks.

    This independent space was extremely special. It did not have any land to it. Rocks of all shapes and sizes were floating in the air. The small ones were the size of millstones, just enough for one person to stand on, while the big ones were hundreds of feet wide.

    The rocks that formed the Celestial Platform were powered by an array formation, forming a ladder platform that reached the heavens. The higher one went, the more difficult the trial became.

    At this moment, Luo Huo’er had already broken through to the 19th level!

    This was a boulder about a hundred feet across. The higher one went on the Celestial Platform, the more chaotic the laws became.

    The difficulty here had already halted the progress of most of the trial-takers!

    Only a few trial-takers, for example, Xuan Junyue, were still struggling in the 15th and 16th levels.

    There was a glimmer of hope for Xuan Junyue to reach the 17th level.

    He looked up at the boulder. Although it was just the distance of one level, every level up had a steep rise in difficulty in the Celestial Platform.

    At this moment, Luo Huo’er was sitting on a boulder at the 19th level to meditate.

    The disciples who were lacking in strength could not even sit here properly. The chaotic laws might even cause their Yuan Qi circulation to turn turbulent, causing them to die by exploding.

    Luo Huo’er was sitting here, dressed in a thin dress. Her hair had turned fire-red in color, while her pupils had turned scarlet red, as though they were dancing flames.

    The 19th level was somewhat difficult for Luo Huo’er. However, awakening her bloodline made it trivial.

    This was because her Ancient Fey bloodline was extremely rich. The Ancient Fey were born out of the Universe itself, so their insights into laws were very high.

    Everyone else was trying their best to move up another level, but Luo Huo’er was extremely laid back. She was in no hurry and was even planning on sitting here for some time.

    Since no one could exceed her, why did she need to rush herself? She might as well take a good rest.

    At this moment, a fire-red charm suddenly flashed in front of her.

    The Celestial Platform was a training ground of the White Fox clan, but as a princess of the Luo clan, a heir designate, Luo Huo’er obviously enjoyed certain privileges. This voice transmission charm was one of her privileges.

    Luo Huo’er was somewhat surprised. What matter was so urgent that a voice transmission had to be sent to her during her trial?

    At the moment the voice transmission charm shattered, a voice entered Luo Huo’er’s ears.

    “What, Little Yun is that awesome!?”

    The information in the voice transmission was regarding Yi Yun’s performance at the Luo Divine Hall’s trials.

    Luo Huo’er stared in surprise. Yi Yun had killed the fifth Ancient Fey using a lesser time than Princess White Fox!

    Luo Huo’er had seen Princess White Fox’s talent. Princess White Fox was definitely no ordinary person, so although Luo Huo’er was proud, she still thought highly of an opponent like Princess White Fox.

    “Little Yun actually beat Princess White Fox…” Luo Huo’er found it incredible.

    Yi Yun had truly given her one surprise after another after their reunion in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

    “Little Yun did very well. That male seductive fox will definitely lose the bet he suggested. Who knows if that little fox princess will end up having Little Yun to accompany her on her travels. I wonder what expression a particular brother of mine will have when he learns of this matter.” Luo Huo’er’s delicate face revealed a sinister smile.

    However, as she smiled, she suddenly smacked her palms.

    “Aiyah, that’s bad! If this keeps going, what happens if I were to lose to Little Yun? Wouldn’t that be so embarrassing? I have to rush up!”

    The White Fox Elder that was monitoring the situation of the trial suddenly sensed motion on the 20th level of the Celestial Platform!

    Luo Huo’er reached the 20th level?

    The White Fox disciples, who had already suffered terrible mental setbacks, immediately noticed that Luo Huo’er’s strength suddenly rose sharply…Could it be that she was not using all her strength previously?

    The White Fox disciples had tears flowing down their faces!

    They were also elites of the White Fox clan, but participating in a trial with Luo Huo’er was masochism. Those who did not have a resolute mind might receive such a heavy blow that tore them to pieces.

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